you know you are from burnsville if...

1. you frequented cedarvale lanes or burnsville bowl (probably both) and galactic bowling was a highlight of your weekend.

2. the only roads you care to know are 35w, hwy 13, burnsville pkwy, cty rd 5, cty rd 11, mcandrews, and 42

3. you either have had, or have attended a birthday party at grand slam

4. you have participated in the snowball at skateville

5. you have spent many a night at mystic lake and have heard it referred to as "mistake lake"

6. you hate edina and everyone from it, and refer to them as "cake eaters"

7. you have thought about seeing your picture be #2 on the bhs wall of distinguished alumni

8. you participated in bac sports and every year one of the biggest announcements was your team's color, followed by the fight for the numbers

9. the firemuster was marked on your calendar

10. you know what south metro sports is and had your burnsville jacket embroidered there

11. you laugh behind the backs of the red necks/poor saps from savage

12. you have been stuck in traffic on hwy 13 forever

13. you know what "the zombies" are and have gone looking for them

14. you have taken pictures for some event at the city hall stone water fall

15. you have spent many a winter at buck hill and many a summer at beaver mountain

16. you have been known to catch some rays at crystal lake beach

17. the mall of america is your shit, but you hold a special place in your heart for burnsville center

18. you have seen the christmas light display at the minnesota Zoo

19. you have often loitered at the pet ranch in the bville center

20. you refer to burnsville as bville

21. you have been dropped off at your designated "door" at bville center and have had french fries from one potato two followed by overpriced candy at mr. bulky

22. you know everytime you drive down parkway you say a little prayer that a cop won't see you

23. the construction of tj maxx and more was a big event in your life

24. you know that black dog isnt just a pet

25. you understand the metcalf/nicollet rivalry and also know that eagle ridge isnt even a factor.(stupid fuckers with their climbing wall)

26. you remember mr. movies

27. you have played golf at birnamwood

28. bac games were always followed with a trip to d.q.

29. you have heard horror stories about the red roof inn

30. you have been to q-Sharks and the former establishment cinema cafe

31. you have been to ocb and know what I mean when I say that

32. you hate and get stopped at every red light on 42

33. you know people who have gone mudding

34. you have been to benchwarmer bobs

35. you know what class acts is

36. you are amazed by the fact that in the middle of july there is a mountain of snow in the back of the burnsville ice arena

37. you know what the garage is

38. you know what "the fire" is and probably know someone who knows someone who knows the guy who did it.

40. you have had at least one teacher who was rumored to be a child molester

41. you hated apple valley but you know for damn sure the guys were hotter

42. ff you played bac sports you made sure your team was stacked with "traveling" players who could be easily identified with their "traveling" team's shorts or socks

43. you have woken up at least one of your friends and taken them to a highclass breakfast at perkins and/or taken them out for a surprise dinner at friday's or outback with the whole gang waiting

44. you have "your" gas station and sometimes even "your" pump. you will only buy your gas, cigarettes, and candy from this station... usually sa, oasis, or amoco.

45. you know the complicated hierarchy that is involved with the seating in the bhs gymnasium/stadium friday nights

46. you know what/who sparky is

47. you have gotten your hair done for a dance at a magical place called cole's or oliver thein. you have helped your date pick out a tux at desmonds or gingiss, the only local choices available

48. you have made out/fought with friends/been asked out underneath the "pates staduim" bleachers know what the "pit" is, and you recall the days when there was a fountain in it instead of a merry-go-round

50. you have traveled all the way to jakes or deja vu upon turning 18 to see some naked ladies

51. you have graduated from d.a.r.e. in the mraz center. your class was the coolest because you won the d.a.r.e. bear like 8 times

52. you remember the diamondhead mall and how empty and depressing that shit was before it turned into the empty and depressing branch of bhs

53. you were hazed

54. you curse the day you signed up for kids of summer

55. project kids was your surrogate mother until about 3rd grade

56. you know who shelly robles is and played a sport with one of her kids

57. you've had or heard of the dreaded, smelly and oh so lesbian phy-ed teacher ms. soice.

58. you've cruised the night on 42 and hung out at the mcdonald's

59. jr. high dances were the big event

60. you laugh whenever someone mentions the words "chaska" or "rosemount"

61. you have spent many a late night at wal*mart because there wasn't anything else to do

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