my baby girl

we have known each other for the majority of our lives, and even though we have the other 3 girls, i think that you and i will always have a special bond. my very first memory was when you and david got married at my house that summer a looooong time ago! remember that? brian married you, and we thought we were so funni... then you and he got divorced... then married again at your house! what were we thinking?!

how about that week that we spent together in mexico?? that was probably the best time i had there that i can remember! oh my goodness... the puppies, the boiz, meeting the mcdonald's (those girls from burnsville), and of course, the beach! i hope we get a chance to go again this year...

of course, there's all the great times we had together last year during the school year! halloween in madison/mad-town, watching you gals cheer, going to stargate with you, perkins, just chillin in your dorm, listening to margaret cho... and just being the goofy girls that we are!

even this summer, in the little times we've gotten to hang out before you left, and this past week, were some of the best times i've had this summer... like taking you to uncommon grounds, going to the 90's and seeing the drag show, having fun at cheer clinics, the "welcome home from college" fiesta at my house, the state fair... too many to mention!

i was so excited for you to come home last weekend, but at the same time, i was sad, cuz i knew that you would be leaving in one week again! i remember when you left earlier this summer, i cried... then tonight, when i thought i wouldn't get to see you before you left for uwec, i kept fighting back tears at work! even though it's about an hour and a half distance between us, i'm glad that you don't go somewhere further away, like uw-madison, or ndsu, or iowa state, or anything like that. but we will still stay close, through our cell phones, visits (since we both have cars!), and of course, AIM...

i luv you so much baby-doll... you are the one person i can totally be real with... i can be depressed and sobby, or happy and hyper, or just pms-ing and bitchy... (even though we both kinda pms around the same time by now) and no matter what, we never seem to have any huge conflicting problems. that's one of the reasons you are my baby-doll. you are one of the most infectious personalities i know; you can meet someone for the first time and just talk to them like you have known them for awhile already! i really hope that you decide to move back here next year, and we can get a place together... that would just be awesome..! i couldn't think of anything that would make me happier right now... but even if you decide to stay in wi, you know i'll still be here and love you... cuz that's what we do... love each other... so that's why i made this page for you... it's a small "going-away" present, even though i will keep it up here on my webpage for a loooooong time. the only time i'll take it down is when we stop being friends, which will never happen. i believe in soul mates, and i think you are one of mine.

"a true friend is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart"

"i'll be there to protect you
with an unselfish love
i'll respect you
just call my name
and i'll be there..."
-"i'll be there"

"and i never thought i'd feel this way
and as far as i'm concerned
i'm glad i got the chance to say
that i do believe i love you

and if i should ever go away
well, then close your eyes and try
to feel the way we do today,
and then if you can remember,

keep smiling, keep shining,
knowing you can always count on me
for sure
that's what friends are for

for good times and bad times
i'll be on your side forever more.
that's what friends are for

i never thought i'd feel this way
well you came and opened me
and now there's so much more i see
and so, by the way, i thank you.

and then for the times when we're apart
well, then close your eyes and know
these words are coming from my heart
and then if you can remember

keep smiling, keep shining
knowing you can always count on me
for sure
that's what friends are for

in good times and bad times
i'll be on your side forevermore
that's what friends are for"
-"that's what friends are for"

"you have a cool mommy!"
-your favorite!