my friend-type people


katie hammer you are such a funny little weirdo, i love having you for a best friend! you and brad are so great together, i am so happy for you guys! you and i need to go out more often! and we still have yet to go fredericks!! don't forget about the cool guys from ny who hit on us in stargate!!
kelly gilbertson you are one of my best friends, and i am so glad that i have someone like you in my life who i can be totally ridiculous with, and yet not feel stupid. "we make me sad" we go through our ups and our downs together, and still know how to be true to ourselves and be completely honest with each other. you make me smile all the time. thank you for being there for me always.
missy fuhrman you are such a sweetheart, and such an awesome friend! i am so glad that you've found someone who makes you so happy, you guys fit together pretty well... i just wish i could meet him!! remember: you need to keep me updated on miflin this year so i can come down there!! (especially since we missed out on partying together on halloween!!)
jenny klausner i know you've been going through some mediocre times lately, but i admire how you still manage to keep a good attitude about things. that's something i really admire about you. you are my best friend, and even though you're really happy out in ec, i'm kinda glad you'll be moving home to mn again... it's so much easier to get ahold of you when i need you! plus, i like having my jenny close to me :-D but really, even though you might feel a little lost lately, you know i'll be here for you to make you smile and help you through it!
hannah stoffs you are such a sweetie, and i'm glad that we've gotten to talk and get to know each other. happy drinks and stealing things from applebee's, that's what it's all about, eh? anyways, i hope things work out with you and your boi in ec, and hope to spend more time with ya! concentrate, hannah, concentrate!!
jeni monasco yay for my j. mo! you are such a qt, and such a fun person to be around. even though we haven't known each other for too very long, i like how i can just look at you and we know what the other is thinking! plus, you're really good at "lefting"!! yay for perkins! (one pancake and a side of hashbrowns!)
betsy fredrickson oh my goodness... so many things to laugh at between us!! "friends"-ology, making up our own line of classes we could teach, all your quotes in my away messages... classic stuff..! and of course, partying it up bville style!! homecoming '03 hehe
rachel craig oh my rae-rae!! i'm so glad we met at pizaul's party! you are such a fun, great chica! and it's nice having someone else to help me job-search with!! you and joel are too cute, and i'm glad i finally got to meet the kid!

boys, boys, boys

andrew fautch my drew, my andy-bear, my rugby-stud! you are just like a huge gust of freash air into my life lately. you know just what to do to make me smile, to make me laugh, or to just make me feel special around you. i'm glad that i was lucky enough to meet you, and i am still waiting for my pictures!
jim mueller i miss you like crazy, jimma! i hope you're really enjoying your time over in england, and hope you do well in whatever you do over there! you are a great guy, and i can't wait till you come back to wi... somehow, sun prairie doesn't seem so far away anymore! hehe... anyway, i better hear from you when you get back into the states, but i hope i talk to you before then, too!
kyle chester the gusty rockin' the campus with the vdub spills, kickin ass in ping pong! it's been a kinda bumpy road, but i'm glad we still can talk on good terms. you make me laugh with all your drunken party stories... like the 5-year senior! haha! anyway, hope everything down there stays big pimpin, and try not to get into too much trouble!
andy highby mad-man-milwaukee, how's life goin over there? i bet it's kinda lonely over there without someone like me to spice things up a little! lol... i know how intimidating i can be, you know... anyway, i hope i can get a chance to see you again some time soon!
justin nienhaus hahahaha! white demon! hahahaha! with that said, i'm glad that you have let me show you that i'm not really the psycho that kyle and mike thought i was. hehe... you are a great guy to talk to, and even when things aren't so great, we can make each other laugh with racist comments or references to paul bunyan and johnny appleseed! haha! keep it rockin up in und.
eric aumock you are a big dork, and i can't believe a weirdo like you is graduating this year! but you're still my brother, so i will say that i am proud of the things you have accomplished, and of the things you have yet to achieve. hopefully, we will get to party it up a little more this year! (p.s. we still ahve lots of fights to duke out!!)
tim klich you are such a cool guy, i'm glad that i decided to talk to you that one day in the caf!! i still can't believe you were ever "one of those fat kids"... you are so damn smart, and i am going to miss you when you leave mds!! you need to call me soon so i know you didn't just fall off the planet!
chad fangel we have been through a lot in the few years that we have known each other. you are one of my best friends, and i am glad that we have so much fun together. I am so happy, knowing that i can always count on you to help me through any problems that come my way, you are a true friend, and i love you for it. i am glad i got to see you over spring break, but i wish you would've called more like you said you would!! loser... oh well, as long as your mom keeps paying me, it's ok!
josh gilpin well big cuz, what's up? lol you are a very interesting person, and i hope that you will get into dunwoody soon, and then i can integrate you into city life! know what that means? girls!! whoa... anyways, i'm glad that we get to talk as much as we do! peace yo, and "get fuzzy"

*i know that i probably left out quite a few people, but i will get right on that and add more to this page! if it is really important to you, drop me a line in my e-mail and lemme know, ok?*

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