oh, the places you will go

this is a really good "friends" site... the best one i've seen so far, and i must say, i am addicted to it!! if you check out the "goofs" page, you can see where i contributed!!

tattoo by yurkew
the best place you could ever go for quality tattoos and body piercings... "the tattoo shop your parents told you to go to..."

benchwarmer bob's sports cafe
where i work... have been there for about 2 years now... fun people

schieks palace royale
where katie and i got hired on 10/7... easiest "interview" i've ever had! lol (ask me if you're curious) perkins
where i spend at least an hour almost every night!!

The Buffy Cross & Stake
the ultimate page for any buffy fanatics like me out there...

3lw zone
a great site for 3lw fans...

my website for any and all burnsville high school alumni!

kyle's website, a.k.a. doctor chester's site of boom... his first website, but ti's still in the making...

american idol2.com is a really good website for fans of "american idol 2" go kimberly caldwell!!

hotmail free web-based e-mail... i have used hotmail ever since i have had the internet... awesome service

body modification e-zine or bme for short... if you are considering any type of body mods, you should check this site out for free pics and stories

my story about when i got my tongue pierced

fizuck a site made by a friend of a friend... cool stuff he's got there...

9/11 tribute the ultimate tribute to 9/11/01... i cry everytime i watch it

am i hot or not? my hotornot.com page... please rate my highly!!

my face the jury page face the jury... i think it's a little nicer than hotornot.com, but that's my opinion...

lyrics a great place to find lyrics to almost any song

my 9/11 tribute yahoo created this living tribute to 9/11, and this was my contribution

vickysjokes.com this is some funny shit... pictures and flash animations and what-not... you will have fun at this website!

cosmopolitan i love this magazine!! it is my "must-have" read...

twin cities gas prices helps you figure out where the best places for gas are... not too helpful if you don't live in mn though...

merry christmas!! for all the ladies...
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