the joy that is erin


name erin nicole darsow

birthday april 22nd, 1984

age well, if you do the math, that means i'm 20

family mommy, daddy, and bro-eric

location i live in apple valley, but i'm from burnsville

ethnicity korean, and way proud of it

status single

crushes? yeah... a couple...

school none at the moment, hope to go back soon

occupation working between mcdivots and starbucks... mainly starbucks

ride my new 1999 ford taurus, that i practically live in; i have clothes, cds, food and so much other stuff in there...

piercings/tattoos ears(4 in each), navel, tongue, and nose; i also have 4 tattoos... you'll have to find out where they are later!

likes singing, dancing/clubbing, computers, meeting new people, perkins, korean food, music, driving in my big red beast, animals, shopping, warm weather, rap music with lots of bass, cell phones, piercings/tattoos, sports, margaret cho, american idol, "friends", "the o.c.", etc...

dislikes liars, cheaters, snotty people who think they're better than everyone, people who don't know how to tip, messy & loud kids, spiders, slackers, onions, girls who act too easy/slutty around guys, minnesota winters, ugly couples, suck-ups/brown nosers, slow/bad drivers, etc...

turn-ons romanticism, caring, sensitive, fun, funny, good sense of humor, smart, knows how to take care of his body, smells good, good hair, nice eyes, abs are a total plus, chivalry, knowing how to dance/wanting to go clubbing... basically, if you know how to treat someone well, that is the #1 thing!

turn-offs psycho stalkers, 15 year-olds that want to "buy me cloths," immaturity, horn-dogs/perverts, bad b.o. (seriously, cologne and deodorant aren't too much to ask!), meanness, any type of abuse, lying, cheating, being too needy/clingy/jealous, being in bad shape (i like a guy who can take care of himself to some point), laziness, potheads, guys who have to drink every waking moment...


aol screen name koreanprincss