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The Land of Maychoria

Welcome to Maychoria, the personal world of Laura Fischer. (That's me.) I'm always adding stuff. See what's new here. Please stick around and enjoy your explorations.

I realize that I've been getting a lot of visitors lately. And I haven't updated this for a very long time. So I'm adding a new page, called Who I Am and What I Believe that you might want to visit, just to get a feel for my philosophy and all. (Yeah, yeah, I know you are all really interested.)

I'm taking down "Tales of the Seekers," for copyright reasons. If you've been reading it off my web addy and are still interested in what happens, email me ( and I'll be happy to send you more stuff as I write it.

I got a new guestbook. Go sign it!

Serious Quote of the Day!
(Or week, month, whatever.)

~Darkness Seek You~

Calloused heart
Lightless mind
Darkness seek you
Darkness find.

Grasping things
That *seem* to shine
Darkness seek you
Darkness find.

Succumbing to
Temptation's bind
Darkness seek you
Darkness find.

Satan's calling
"Thou art mine."
Darkness seek you
Death find.
-- Ruth Ann Childress

Old Serious Quotes

Nonsense/Humor Quote of the Day!
(Or week, month, whatever.)

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up. --Steven Wright

Old Nonsense Quotes

The Portal Orb
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The Ordering of MaychoriaBackground on the land.
In case you were wondering...Background on the writing.
Maps of Maychoria and Surrounding Territories


Info on me
My Beliefs
Other Writing
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