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About Me

What I really look like

Hi! I'm Laura Fischer, and yes, I did this web site all by myself. I also wrote Darkrender all by myself. Since most people create websites to tell about themselves, I thought I'd better tack on a page that's just about me, nothing else.

I grew up in the midwest, and I've been homeschooled since kiddygarden. I really love it. I think everyone should be homeschooled.

This doesn't mean I don't have any friends, or no friends outside of homeschool. In fact, my best friend goes to public school. Mandy Stieglitz and I have been best buddies from diapers. She helped me a lot while I was writing Darkrender. My Maychorian look

I have seven little brothers and sisters. Their names are Peter, Bethany, Andrew, Philip, Talitha, Charity, and Hope. My mother is a professional mommy and my dad is the vice-president of our family's truck company, Fischer Bros Trucking. As soon as they get a web site I'll post it here. Well, you can try this one, but I have my doubts. Maybe the Fischer Brothers Trucking site, maybe not

I enjoy writing, reading, playing piano, surfing the web, and talking to friends. I also enjoy the occasional good movie, but only REAL good ones, like the Princess Bride or the Star Wars trilogy and a select number of others. I also like to cook, and I babysit quite often for my family and others.

Two years ago this May I was baptized into the Apostolic Christian Church, along with my best friend Mandy. That day still ranks among the best of my life, along with the day I surrendered my heart to Jesus at a girl's camp in southern Indiana. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know you are on the road to heaven.

You can email me at or though I loath chain letters. I barely even look at them before I delete them. I have a list of people I send stuff too, usually funny stuff, but occasionally a little something I wrote, such as a poem or a short story. So far nobody has yelled at (flamed) me for this, so I'll probably keep doing it until asked to stop.

Did I mention I have a quirky sense of humor? I do. Sometimes you can tell--it shows through in my writing.

Grace to you!

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