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Maychorian Links

Christian Sites

Answers in Genesis
Fox's Books of Martyrs
Veggie Tales
Big Idea
New Tribes Mission
The Bible Answer Man

Christian Music

My radio station, WLAB
My other radio station, WBCL
Praise and Worship Workshop
Lotsa cool music links

Writer's Resources
For the storyteller in you.

Quotable Quotes on Writers and Writing
Inkspot: Writing Resources
Planet Esme
Writing Assessment Services
Del Rey's Writing Workshop for Sci-Fi and Fantasy
English Resource Center at

Star Wars

Star Wars Interactive Story
Star Wars fan fiction--and lots of it
Official site
Somebody's idea of a good time
Classic Star Wars movies in a whole new way

Humor Sites

Mark Lowry! He's funny! Really!
Eric Snider! He's funny too! Kind of!
MiSTing Archive
Peter's Evil Overlord List
Dave Barry
Steven Wright Quotes
Mallard Fillmore

Tolkien and Lewis

Directory of Tolkien images at
The JRR Tolkien Information Page
The Grey Havens
Rolozo Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings
Gallery of Tolkien-Inspired Art
Into the Wardrobe

Friends' Pages

Mark's Page
Dave's Page
Paul's Page
Ben's Page
David's Page
Jessica's Page
James's Page


Schola Tutorials
Escondido Tutorials
Oxford Tutorials
History on the Internet
Brittanica Online

What won't fit anywhere else

The Hamster Dance of Doom!
My brother's page