Custom Action Figure Guides and Tutorials by Jin Saotome!

Here you'll find all my guides and step-by-step tutorials for making custom figures. Some are figure-specific while others focus on general knowledge or techniques that can be applied to all customs. Keep in mind these are just guidelines to help you on your way to learning and understanding the techniques. Take what you need from them and add your own techniques and touches. That way you'll make customs unique to you and your work will stand out as your own. Some of the guides towards the bottom are pretty old and it shows in the pics. I need to update them when I have time. Any eBay links on my site contain my Ebay Partner Network affiliate links so when you click on them or buy something you'll be helping me out! Hope you enjoy the guides!


1. Basic Figure Painting Guide *START HERE*
2. The Paint Wipe
3. Painting Metallic/Worn Armor
4. Painting Eye and Flesh Tone
5. Basic Transformers Painting Guide
6. Fixing Joint & Paint Rub


1. Basic Action Figure Customizing *START HERE*
2. Make Basic cut/magnetic Joints
2012 TMNT weapon modding guide
Adding articulation to your Skylanders figures

Using hot glue for energy effects and more
5mm posts for Transformers weapons or MechTech ports
Turn a Hinge joint into a Swivel hinge
Light up Bioshock 2 Figure Tutorial
Quick and easy Gap Filling

Combine GI Joe upper and Marvel Universe lower body
Combine GI Joe and Indiana Jones bodies
Create Articulated hands for Transformers/robots

Parts-copy with styrene the easy way
Make a Ball Jointed Neck
Create LED Light-up effects

Entertainment Earth

Action Figure Repair

MotU/DCU Figure Ankle Repair
Basic 6" Figure Shoulder Repair

Using Tools and Products

***NEW** Action Figure Using Acetone in customizing
Action Figure Customizing Tools
How to Take Professional Photos
Dremel Stylus Tool Review
Aves Fixit Sculpt Introduction
Aves Apoxie Sculpt Introduction
Make a Figure Base/diorama

Collecting Tips

**NEW**Midnight Walmart Case Opening

Character Specific Guides

Light Up Movie Barricade Tutorial
Transformers Real Gear Meantime Watch Tutorial
Bendy Venom/Carnage Tendrils Guide
Wolverine Steel Claws Guide
ML Archangel Tutorial

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