Custom Figure Guide: Make Steel Wolverine Claws

With the advent of Apoxie Sculpt and Fixit sculpt you can defiantly use that instead of the old Plastic Welder. It's easier to position the claws and you won't need the magnets. Also you can use Sail Needles for a thicker Wolverine claw as show *here*. This is one of my older guides and will be updated eventually.

Well here we go! First the guidelines: Be careful! The items you will be working with are sharp, flammable, have bad fumes, and can injure you if you're not careful. The Devcon Plastic Welder releases fumes (So use Apoxie Sculpt or Fixit instead) and you should have a fan going or adequate ventilation. Set out a workspace, and work on cardboard or something that can be cut upon. Be careful when clipping the Bobby pins, pieces can fly out and hit your eye. Be careful when filing the claw tips, you're going to make them sharp. Don't breathe in the dust when sanding/filing the hardened Plastic Weld. Ok with all that out of the way you're ready to begin!

And there you go. I defiantly suggest you practice this technique on other figures before cutting up your Wolverine figure. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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