Custom Figure Guide: Adding articulation to Skylanders figures

Welcome to another one of my customizing figure guides. Here we will be adding articulation to your Skylanders video game figures to make them posable. This modding tutorial is a little advanced so you may want to skim over all my customizing guides in general before you start and familiarize yourself with the tools and techniques. We will be working with sharp X-acto knives and high-speed Dremel rotary tools for this as well as superglue. Basically what you're looking to do is cut your Skylander into sections (usually at the assembly lines) and add joints in there. How you do this, well, that's the advanced part. All Skylanders are different and not everyone has access to the same joints. You'll need to use some creativity to get them to move. Have fun!

Well, that's the end of the guide. Hope you enjoyed reading! Remember to take your time, practice often, and soon you'll be customizing figures with the best of them.

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