Aves Fixit-Sculpt Guide

It's customizing time again! Aves Studios has come out with something really spectacular, it's called Fixit-Sculpt and I've just received some. Let me tell you I am VERY pleased with the results and will be using it from now on. Head to Aves Studios to read about their new product and order it. You can also Buy Fixit Sculpt on Amazon if you wish.

You'll probably want some sculpting tools to work with as well right? Pick out a set from the links below to buy. I have a set of the 6" long double-sided kind. There's some neat carving ones with the hollow section in the middle for carving, and your basic dental picks that are very useful. They're fairly inexpensive and will last a very long time. Find a set on Amazon, in Hobby Lobby, or Walmart.

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