Metallic/Worn Armor Painting Guide

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Hey everyone and welcome to another one of my custom action figure tutorials! This week we'll be taking my own step-by-step approach on painting worn battle armor and working with metallics. You can find tons of other painting/metallic tutorials out there, especially on a lot of the custom and Gundam forums I have listed on my Links page. That being said this guide covers only the specific steps and techniques I personally use, so please treat it as a set of guidelines only. The demo custom is my 6" Marvel Legends scale Fallout 3 Power Suit. You may remember I made a Sigma 6 scale one that was 8", and most of the same techniques I used there are applied to this guide.

We'll be using these paints for this guide:

Buy Testors Model Master acrylic paints

Buy Formula P3 paints by Privateer Press

Games Workshop paints

Vallejo Model Color

The main paints that can be used to replicate the paint style on this figure are: Testors paints Gunmetal, Flat Black, Flat White, Dark Gray, and clear blue. Formula P3 Quicksilver/Vallejo Silver, and Games Workshop Mithril Silver, Tin Bitz.

Ready to begin?

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