2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Weapon Mod Guide

Welcome to another one of my customizing figure guides. Here we will be adding wrapping to the handles of your TMNT 2012 figure's weapons. We will be working with sharp X-acto knives and superglue for this guide. The reason we're adding fabric and not paint to the weapons is because they are made from the dreaded 'unpaintable waxy plastic'. It resists paint and most types of glue...however Loctite's Plastic Bonder System gets around that with the special primer pen that allows you to glue that waxy plastic. You'll need to pick up some craft ribbon, the thinner the better, at your local Walmart or Michael's Crafts/JoAnn's Crafts.

Adding chain to Mikey and Don's weapons is easy too. Just snag some craft chain at either of those retailers I mentioned earlier or steal some from an old Spawn figure. Cut the solid plastic chain off but leave one little plastic link that you can drill a hole through and attach the real chain. This will allow you to swing their weapons around and looks pretty neat. Another trick is painting the blades of the weapons. Take some fine 600 grit sandpaper and go over the surface of the blade. Then use Sharpie's new Metallic marker and the silver lays down very nice. It's not completely permanent and can be rubbed off with force but sticks better than acrylic or enamel paint in this case.

TMNT 2012 weapon mod

TMNT custom

TMNT weapons

Well, that's the end of the guide and I hope you enjoyed reading. Remember to take your time, practice often, and soon you'll be customizing figures with the best of them.

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