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"Big Mic" November 1948

The Cumberland Gap Broadcasting Company
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Over five years have passed since I began work on these pages. There are nearly 500 photographs and documents, and nearly 200 radio programs, commercials, songs and audio clips. My research has uncovered many interesting facts and personalities of WMIK. Many former employees of WMIK have helped in the effort. It would be difficult to choose one person who helped the most simply because everyone had an important part of the story to tell. Mr. Maurice Henry, former manager and owner of WMIK sent photos and a copy of his autobiography. Dr. Tal England's work at WMIK and in the nuclear energy field is fascinating. Nearly ten years ago, John Cawood and I made a tape recording while John described hundreds of photographs that his wife, Edith, lovingly preserved in several albums. Those pictures and other documents are here.

Finally, very little of what you see on the "WMIK in the 1950's" page could have been completed without the help of Dr. Bill Baker. Bill sent dozens of email messages, photos, and other documents from his twelve years at WMIK. Bill is one of the most interesting people I have ever met, and I want to once again thank him for his continued invaluable help in documenting the many years of broadcasting on WMIK.

There is more to find, but it is evident the easy part is finished. I have posted almost everything that I have on hand. If you worked at WMIK or knew someone who did, please contact me. My email address is at the bottom of this page. Thanks for looking and I hope you find your time here well spent.

VP Richard Nixon comes to Middlesboro in 1959. WMIK was there!

Lee Wilder's 1952 Corporate Identification for the CGBC

Lee Wilder's 1952 WMIK Station Identification

"Johnny" Roventini entertained at WMIK on opening day, November 14, 1948. Johnny came back to the station for an interview in Studio A with Bill Baker during the early 1950's.

Call for Phillip Morris!!!

52 Original Mutual Broadcasting Programs from 1948-1950

Listen to Some of the Very First Programs Heard on WMIK

The Original CGBC History Page This was the first completed page.

WMIK 1948 & 1949 The Beginning of the Cumberland Gap Broadcasting and WMIK

IT'S MUTUAL Everything About the Mutual Broadcasting System NEW!

LBS The Liberty Broadcasting System

WMIK In The 1950's! The Golden Years of Broadcasting at WMIK

WMIK In The 1960's! WMIK the Established Radio Leader in the Cumberland Gap Region

WMIK In The 1970's! WMIK-AM is Still Number 1, WMIK-FM is On the Air

WMIK In The 1980's! WMIK AM & FM Compete With New Media Interests

The CGBC/WMIK Former Employees Page Lots of Photographs on this Page!!!

UPDATE!!! WCPM Its One Year History

WCPM Called "Heaven's Radio Station"

The Original 1948 RCA Microphones

WMIK/WCPM Technical Page: Part 1

WMIK/WCPM Technical Page: Part 2

JOHN CAWOOD'S Pages Including Pictures & Music of the Crusaders Quartet


Preacher Bingham: "God's Warrior Finds Rest"


Yeary and Maxwell Home Movies 1956-1962

WCPM/WMIK Tower Site on US Highway 25E-1960's

The Old WCPM/WMIK Tower Site is where Middlesboro Mall parking lot is off US Highway 25E. This photograph was taken June 2008. Forty years has changed many things!

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