WMIK was affiliated with the Mutual Broadcasting System from November 1948 until May 1950. This page has information from that time period and beyond.

52 Mutual Broadcasting System Radio Programs 1948-1950: Some of the First Heard on WMIK!!!

1948-49 WMIK Program Logs, WMIK Radiograms with Mutual Broadcasting System Programming Information

Mutual Network Sponsors from the 1948 Broadcasting Yearbook

WMIK Continuity Copies & Two Early Networks: MBS & LBS

Mutual Broadcasting System Audio, Promos, Program Endings, Clips

1938 Curtain Time

1940 Little Orphan Annie

1941 Henry Morgan 1

1942 Henry Morgan 2

1942 Henry Morgan 3

1942 Henry Morgan 4

1943 Nick Carter

1943 Coronet Little

1944 First Nighter

1945 Double or Nothing

1945 House Mystery

1946 Crime Club

1947 Crime Club A

1947 Crime Club B

1947 Quiet Please

1947 Buck Rogers

1947 Johnny Madero

1948 Hop Harrigan

1951 Nick Carter

Mutual Jingle

Great Talent Hunt-Outro-1948

Music Depreciation-Outro-1948

Mutual Sports Parade November 9, 1948

Mutual Broadcasting System ID: February 1950

Mutual News Reel February 3, 1950

Mutual News, with sounder, from May 26, 1951

Mutual ID: 1955

Mutual ID: 1957

Mutual Special Program Short Intro-1950's

Mutual Special Program Long Intro-1950's

Gabriel Heatter Promo-1961

Fulton Lewis Promo-1961

Cedric Foster-1961

Frank Edwards-1961

Arlene Francis-1961

Whitney Bolton-1961

George Hamilton Combs-1961

Bill Stern-1961

Charles Warren-1961

Frank Edwards-1961

Frank Senghieser-1961

Galen Drake-1961

George Hamilton Combs-1961

Guy Wallace-1961

James McCarthy-1961

Claude Mahoney-1961

Sanford Marshall-1961

Lester Smith-1961

Steve McCormick-1961

Tony Marvin-1961

Van Patrick-1961

Van Deventer-1961

Lyle Vann-1961

Westbrook van Voorhis-1961

News Sounder 1-1961

News Sounder 2-1961

News Sounder 3-1965

News Sounder 4-1965

News Sounder 5-1965

News Sounder 6-1970's

Sports Intro-1961

Sports Intro-1961

The Feeling Is Mutual-1975

Larry King Show 1984