The Cumberland Gap Broadcasting Company

WMIK: 1960's

WMIK Daily Program Logs November 23, 1962 and March 25, 1963

plus Transmitter Operating log from October 31, 1962

Reverend W.W. Nails audio from the 1960's?

Unknown Announcer and Pepsi Commercial, Who and when???

1960's Coke Commercials Heard on WMIK

1962 Coke!

1964 Coke!

Jan and Dean for Coke!

Lesley Gore for Coke!

The Supremes for Coke!

Roy Orbison for Coke!

Tom Jones for Coke!

B.J. Thomas for Coke!

Several famous folks are pictured above including Jim Ballard, general manager of WMIK, and Colonel Harland Sanders back in 1969. Jim is standing second from left. Amazingly, it appears Sanders is NOT swearing!!! Mayor Chester Wolfe is standing at the extreme right.

John Cawood Day from about 1960