Former Employees of the CGBC

Carl Servel, Evelyn Clarkson, and Lee Wilder in front of the WMIK studio

Former Employees Page

This page will eventually record all the employees of the CGBC. If you were an employee, I invite you to email me with the story of your time at the station. It will be included on this page.

The names in RED indicate a biography is present.

1945-The Founders

Neil Barry, president; Dr. U.G. Brummett, vice president; J. Mitchell Alexander, secretary; Sam Mars; Dr. Robert L. Kincaid; Dr. C.K. Brosheer; Dr. A.G Barton; Dr. H.C. Chance; Dr. J.M. Brooks; and Dr. J.H. Brooks.

1948-1949-The Original staff

This information is from an original press release prepared for local newspapers.

Mr. Robert J. Williamson, manager, holds a master of arts degree from the University of South Dakota in radio management and radio speech. He has worked at many stations throughout the mid-west performing both managerial duties and "on the air" work.

Mr. George C. Mendenhall, chief engineer, as commercial station construction engineer and transmitter operator on many different types of operations. It is known that the transmitter and the radiating system of a station is the heart of the entire project. Mr. Mendenhall has proven his ability to excel in this type of work.

Mr. Hal Bigger, program manager, received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of South Dakota in Radio Engineering and Program Direction and Production. Prior to his arrival in Middlesboro he was assistant chief engineer and production manager of KIHO, a 1000 watt basic Mutual station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

John H. Farmer, sales manager, previously worked for Corn Products Sales Agency, New York, New York as sales manager.

Herbert C. Leach, chief announcer, has been in radio fourteen years starting as a musician into announcing and engineering having worked as assistant manager and production in other stations.

(Reprinted from the Middlesboro Daily News, May 17, 1950)

Herb Leach, The "Si Perkins"

Of The Air Returns to M’boro


Daily News Staff Writer

Herb Leach, known to thousands of radio fans as "Si Perkins," came back to Middlesboro last Saturday and is now making his home with Mr. And Mrs. Clyde Francis near the Silver Fleet Transport company garage on Aylesbury Avenue.

Herb will be remembered by Middlesboro folk for his "Si Perkins" broadcasts when he was employed by radio station WMIK as an engineer from November 2, 1948 to February 15, 1949, and suffered a stroke of paralysis while on duty at the radio station. Doctors at the time feared he would never talk or walk again.

Well, the little man (he’s just past four feet in height) is talking fluently now and has the same sparkling personality that endeared him to his radio friends all over America. He talks excitedly about waiting to be admitted to the Veterans Hospital at Johnson City, Tenn., where he will be given treatments to restore the use of his paralyzed muscles. He is yet unable to walk and is carried about from place to place by his husky benefactor, Clyde Francis.

However, once he is seated in a comfortable position, no one would be able to believe that the spirited little man is paralyzed.

Herb and his wife came to Middlesboro on November 2, 1948 from Marion, Indiana and remained here until after his stroke four months later. They then returned to Indiana where under a doctor’s care and the capable nursing of his wife, the little man began his comeback.

herb says he feels Middlesboro is his home though, and no matter where he goes or how long he has to stay, he is coming back home in Middlesboro to live.

When asked if he would like his friends to visit him, Herb said, "I certainly would." So there, folks, is your formal invite to a very entertaining visit.

Fred Campbell, news-editor, has served in this capacity for many stations throughout the mid-west.

Julian H. Pitzer, sports announcer, was formerly assistant football coach, teacher, and local sports writer.

Charles R. Hull, comes to WMIK from Del Rio and has previously worked on the West coast. He is a former member of the Don Lee Mutual network.

John Hutton comes to WMIK from KWKW in Pasedena, California and KASA in Elk City, Kansas as MC.

Bud Canamar was previously with Broadcaster’s Network Studios in Hollywood."

December 1949

(reprinted from: Middlesboro City Directory 1950-51 Copyright 1949, Chas. W. Miller, Asheville, North Carolina)

Felix J. (Bud) Canamar, announcer, wife, Betty E. Canamar, 305 Englewood Road, M’boro, KY

Webster Taylor, program director, Pineville, KY

Mrs. Evelyn R. Rucker, bookkeeper, M’boro, KY

Betty Stanley

Evelyn Clarkson

Carl Servel (Scobetta)

Hal W. Falter, station manager, wife, Betty M. Falter, 104 Brentwood, M’boro, KY

Edward W. Pipes, chief engineer, wife, Jessie T. Pipes, 105 Longworth Road

Edward Pipes-Chief Engineer, 1949-50

Ed Pipes began his radio station engineering at WCRK in Morristown. After Hal Falter became manager of WMIK, he asked Ed to come to Middlesboro. Falter had also been at Morristown. Ed served his country during World War II and later worked for Union Carbide, and attended Mars Hill College. Some of his accomplishments at Union carbide include developing an implant for rats that was used during experiments. While at Union Carbide, he was involved in the development and testing of new and exotic machines, maintenance engineer, and later in charge of the main engineering division. His last assignments before retiring were Engineering Specialist and consultant. Ed was also involved in the Womack experiments and with nuclear fusion. He retired at age 62.

Ed was probably WMIK’s second engineer after George Mendenhall. He remembered an interesting story concerning a shortage of telephone lines for remote broadcasts. He bought several miles of surplus 110B cable and ran it from the studio on light poles under a railroad bridge, and finally ended up at Bradner Stadium, a total of several miles. WMIK was able to use the line until phone service was made available.

Ed lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Long, stenographer, 320 Chester Avenue, M’boro, KY

Vincent A. Lemley, announcer, wife, Dorrenne Y. Lemley, 1403 Cumberland Avenue, M’boro, KY

Charles E. Hunnicutt, librarian, 214 North 20th Street, M’boro, KY

Alex S. Chesley, sales manager, Cumberland Hotel, M’boro, KY

Richard I. Carey, announcer, wife, Margaret N. Carey, 113 Edgewood Road, M’boro, KY

Here is the staff and management of WMIK in December of 1950. The man with the cake is Webster Taylor. Seated next to him is Mrs. Felix Canamar. To Webster's left is country singer Jimmy Ballard, then Tal England, Bill Baker, Maurice Henry, Felix Bud Canamar, Mrs. Billy (Maxine) Williams and Evelyn Rucker.


Maurice K. Henry, manager-owner "Mr. Henry took control of WMIK during the early 1950's with outstanding results. Much of WMIK's success from then until the 1970's must be credited to his leadership."

John Cawood, "For nearly 30 years John was THE Voice of WMIK."

William Bill Baker

Talmidge England

Paul Perry

Dan Fishman

Ron Mendler

Bill Sharp

Frank Folsom

Robert Imhoff

Jack McPhearson

This is Lee Wilder and Tim Holt, western movie star.

Here is Lee Wilder in an early photograph. He had one of the most outstanding voices I have ever heard. Lee went on to work at WMPS in Memphis. His children are preparing information for this page to remember their father who passed away in 1987.

1956 (Reprinted from The Middlesboro Daily News)


8 Years in Middlesboro

Serving The Tri-State Area

This Week as WMIK Observes Its Eighth Anniversary, We Invite You To Meet The Staff

John Cawood-John Cawood spends time on the air daily as well as on the phone. Bulletin Board daily at 8:30 and Singing Convention at 2:30 on Sunday are two of John’s regular programs. Avid football and baseball fans, John is responsible for local advertising on WMIK.

Maurice K. Henry-Maurice K. Henry, general manager of WMIK. Divides a busy schedule between WMIK and The Daily News…interested in community activities-Chamber of Commerce, community Chest drive-and in providing better radio listening for the Tri-State area.

George Watts-Your host for the Sunday Show, The Top Tunes, and Meet the Artist, George Watts helps make your Sundays more enjoyable. A senior at LMU, George spends his off-duty hours at LMU studying business administration.

Estie Williamson-A voice that isn’t heard on WMIK, but whose signature appears on the checks and affidavits as station accountant. An important part of the WMIK team, Estie Williamson is also active in community projects, mainly Business and Professional Women’s Club and the Ground Observer Corps.

Bronell Reedy-Chief Engineer Bronell Reedy is responsible for keeping WMIK on the air, operating efficiently. Native of Middlesboro, married, interested in tennis and chess, Bronell is studying physics at LMU.

Bill Baker-Program and News Director, Bill Baker is on the air every day at noon with complete roundup of late news and is also heard at 1:30 with town and Country Calendar from WMIK’s Pineville studios. Lions Club and Little Theatre occupy a portion of Bill’s spare time. With WMIK since 1950, except for two years with the army.

Chris Rogers-As the morning man, Chris Rogers provides sparkling, cheery music to brighten your day, up-to-the-minute news reports, informative weather summaries, and late sports results every day on WMIK. Chris joined WMIK’S staff from the Cambridge School of Radio and Television. Outside interests include Little Theatre work, the Brooklyn Dodgers and eating Italian food.

Above is Dave Lord Chris and Rogers.

Betty Sue Lee-Youngest member of WMIK’s staff, Betty Sue Lee is receptionist and typist. Graduate of Middlesboro High School, Betty started to work for WMIK in March. An important part of her job at the station is providing materials for the announcers on the air.

Above are Melba Sparks Jenkins and Betty Sue Lee.

Margaret Howard-The Pineville office of The Daily News-WMIK is supervised by Margaret Howard. Gathering news for both WMIK and The Daily News is her chief duty. She also broadcasts daily with Bill Baker on town and Country Calendar at 1:30 from the Virginia avenue Studios in Pineville.

Dave Lord-The newest addition to WMIK’S staff is also an alumnus of Cambridge School of Radio and Television. Married, interested in archery and in providing good music on Western Caravan and the 560 Club daily, Dave Lord helps to make your afternoons more pleasant and keeps you informed with the latest news, weather and provides the top musical selections daily from 560 on your radio.

Here's Bill Baker and Dave Lord, in downtown Middlesboro.

Here is Mrs. Claude Pennington and Mrs. Dave Lord.


Jim Ballard, general manager, owner

Larry Posner, announcer

Thor H. Bahrman, announcer-engineer

At right are Thor and John Cawood in front of studio.

Eddie Shoffner

Harold Mabee

Bob Allen

Buford L. (Larry) Rose

Michael L. (Mike) Rose

Gary Burchett, announcer

Denny Estes, announcer-engineer-sales

Jean DuPont Smith, bookeeper

Paul Braden, announcer

Above is John Cawood, John Brock and Tom Devine; artist unknown.

Tom Devine, announcer-engineer-sales

Middlesboro native, Lee Majors and Tom Devine.

John Brock, announcer

Above are Pat Sutton and Sharon Barton.


Don Stinson, announcer

Harold Mabee, announcer

Kenneth Clark, announcer

John D. Shoffner, announcer

David Alan Peters, announcer

Larry Warf

Roger Whetstone

Mark Steele, announcer

Linda L. Fransisco, secretary

Patsy D. Roy, secretery

Eric Wayne Gulley, announcer

Franlin Payne

Nancy Shortt

Richard Skidmore

Nancy Collingsworth

Kathy Napier

Janet Vanover

John D. Huber, announcer

Larry Steele

Richard Wayne Fox, announcer

Patricia Ann Hurst

Bobby W. Ramsey

Buford Larry Rose

Larry Michael Rose

Patricia Ann (Pat) Sutton

John F. (Jeff) Taylor, announcer

Gary Mills, announcer

Carol Chadwell, secretery

Chuck Owens, announcer-engineer

Chuck Owens began his radio career at WMIK on Tuesday, December 26, 1972 at age seventeen. He had taken the Third Class Radiotelephone test in Atlanta in September. It took an eternity to finally get the license on Thursday Decemeber 23rd from the FCC. A huge snowstorm and unusually cold weather caused Lee County Schools to close for several weeks in January 1973. During that time, he literally stayed at the station. He came in at 6AM with John Cawood and spent time watching everything that John did. He spent time observing every announcer at the station. His first recorded commercial was for Piggly Wiggly and his first live newscast was a farm story about the significance of Hotdog sales in the United States. After a short time at the station, the engineer left for another job. Jimmy Branham took over as chief engineer and Chuck began learning how to keep the station on the air as his apprentice. Chuck also worked with the outstanding engineers, Thor Bahrman and close friend, Frank Folsom. Along with weekend announcing duties, he continued this work schedule until graduation from Thomas Walker High School in May 1974. In June 1974 he began full-time announcing duties at WMIK working from 6PM until 11PM Monday thru Saturday. 1975 was an eventful year. He was married in February, his brother was killed in September. 1976 would be another turning point in his career and life. In March he and his wife filed for divorce. In the Summer, he earned his Second Class and the First Class radiotelephone license. In September of 1976, he ended his first radio job and quit work at WMIK. He and Jim Ballard parted company as friends but the future seemed unclear. The time period from 1976 until 1993 always included work in radio and lots of other jobs. Chuck returned to WMIK as engineer in 1993 when the Binghamtown Baptist Church purchased both stations. After nearly thiteen years, he continues in his engineering duties at WMIK. Total time at WMIK is around seventeen years. Chuck's first love was radio, but his true passion is teaching social studies at Middlesboro High School. Chuck earned his undergraduate degree from LMU in 1991 and his Master's from Cumberland College in 1996. As of February 2006, his total years teaching is seventeen. He also engineers several other stations in the area in his spare time.

Here's a silly looking young man who appears to be very confused. This is Chuck Owens around April of 1973.

Andy Miltich

Donnie Fox, announcer

Rick D. Conley, announcer-sales-sports

Chris Eric Stephens, announcer

Dave Allen Kirby, announcer-sales-sports

William R. Salmon, engineer

Danny L. Bailey, announcer-sales

John Christopher Hargroves, announcer-sales

Kathleen J. Pursifull

Mike Reo Partin, announcer

Jim Branham, announcer-sales-engineer

Lee Hamblin, announcer-sales

Keith Elkins, announcer-sales

Roger Stapelton, announcer

Lewis Kasko, announcer

Chuck Lambdin, announcer

David Manis, announcer-sales

Don DeBiase, announcer-sales

Tom Morris, announcer-sports

Rick Funk, engineer