The Cumberland Gap Broadcasting Company

WMIK: 1970's

EBS Actual Emergency Notification UPI Wire Service Copy 1971

Here is a list of audio from the 1970's.

Andy Miltich Interviews Senator Marlowe Cook, August 1974

Denny Estes Checking...1977

Denny Estes News Report on 1977 Flood

Jimmy Branham News Report on 1977 Flood

Tom Morris 1977 Basketball Promo Number 1

Tom Morris 1977 Basketball Promo Number 2

Richard Fox News Intro 1972

Richard Fox Weather 1972

Richard Fox Promo 1972

Richard Fox Lewis LP Gas Spot 1972

Richard Fox Station ID 1972

Denny Estes 1978

WMIK Station ID by Chuck Owens from August 1974

Chuck Owens News Intro 1995

John Cawood's Tobacco Hour Intro from the 1970's!

Richard Fox's 1972 WMIK Station ID

Richard Fox's 1972 Partial ID

W.W. Nails Outro with the Rhodes Sisters from the Mid-1970's and Announcer Jimmy Branham

WMIK's Eric Gulley made several airchecks during 1971 and 1972. The jingles, parts of airchecks and other bits and pieces from that time period are below.

56 Station ID

Big 56 Jingle

Community News Jingle

Eric Gulley Aircheck No. 1

Eric Gulley Aircheck No. 2

Eric Gulley Aircheck No. 3

Fun One Jingle

Fun Time Jingle

Music Power Jingle

Reaching Out Jingle

Thor Bahrman, short newscast

Weather Jingle