WMIK 1948 & 1949

Zeke's Record Shop is from the collection of Richard I. Carey, son of WMIK's Dick Carey. The information on the back of the photograph reads:



The man on the mike is our program director, Hal Bigger.

The man behind the counter looking sleepy is John Hutten,

a combination man.

Behind Hal is the man who owns the place, Chas Dunaway.

Closest to the camera is Don Saladay, our newsman.

Of course, on the left is the stationís new addition, Dick Carey.

We broadcast direct from the shop every day from 4:15 to 5:00 by remote. The Cumberland Gap Broadcasting Company

"Non Sibi Sed Patriae"

"Not For Self, but For Country"

Above is information from WMIK's construction permit entry in the 1947 Radio Annual handbook. You will note the reference to the (WWPN) hearing. At the time, WWPN was only the third station to lose a license (CP). Also, note that the CGBC, Inc. was not the first name for the corporation, but would be used some time before the station went on the air. It is interesting to note that before going on the air in November of 1948, WMIK would eventually give up 560 and file for 1490, not 1450 as stated in the add.

WMIK's First and Second Letterhead's

I found two old letters at the National Archives in Washington. The FCC has moved their oldest files there. The first is probably the original letterhead. You will note Hal Falter's name X'ed out, and the 1490 KC first frequency assignment. The second one was dated 1951.

Below: WMIK's First Letterhead Digitally Repaired

Above is Lige Yeary, Bud Canamar, and John Cawood.

Original Studio Survey and Blueprint

WMIK 1490 Original 302 File!

WMIK Opening Day Photos/other photos/documents

Fred Peck and His Boogie Woogie Boys Page!

Dick Carey


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