We Remember Our Friend


The Voice of WMIK


"Until We Meet Again"

Obituary from Middlesboro Daily News

John's WMIK Photographs

John's Quartet Photographs

The Crusaders Quartet: Earl Young, Sam Gilbert, Elmer Mason, John Cawood

Crusaders Quartet: Victory is Coming

Crusaders Quartet: I Just Can't Make It by Myself

The Crusaders Quartet: John Cawood, Bobby Jackson, Elmer Mason, Sam Gilbert and Mary Alice Jackson

Crusaders Quartet: Lead Me To That Rock

Crusaders Quartet: That Sweet Home By and By

Crusaders Quartet: Peace Like a River

Crusaders Quartet: That Glorious Day

The Peacemakers Quartet: Ralph Haley, John Cawood, Earl Young, Rev. Damon Patterson and pianist Miss Barbara Ellis

The Peacemakers Quartet: I've Been With Jesus

The Peacemakers Quartet: Never Let Me Go

The Peacemakers Quartet: When I Stand


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