The album cover is from the 1965 Folkways release, "The Phipps Family."

The Carter Family and the Phipps Family from the book, "The Country Music Story"

The Story of the A.L. Phipps Family of Barbourville, Kentucky

The A.L. Phipps Family from Barbourville, Kentucky played music on WMIK during the early 1950's and into the 1960's. Their music was very much like the Carter Family whom they performed with on several occasions. A.L. and Kathleen Phipps are both gone now but the music survives. I conducted the last interview with A.L. Phipps only a few months before his tragic death. A 1964 edition of the Oscar Brand Show featuring the Phipps Family, Little Poplar Log House, Little Moses and more songs are available below. The transcript of the last interview with A.L. Phipps and other links are also on this page.

A.L. Phipps said during his last interview, "People either love or hate our music..."

I love it!!!

Newport Folk Festival, 1964

The Phipps Family: Little Poplar Log House

The Phipps Family: Little Moses

The Phipps Family: I'm Happy Now

The Phipps Family: I Fell in Love With Jesus

The Phipps Family: Way Over in the Promised Land

The Phipps Family: You Oughta Been there

The Phipps Family on the Oscar Brand Show, "The World of Folk Music" from November 2, 1964

The Phipps Family: Newport Folk Festival of 1964

Below are the gospel songs sung unaccompanied by the A.L. Phipps Family at the 1973 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC.

He Is With Me All the Way

Sinless Summer Land

Wonderful Jesus

Blessed Jesus Loves You Too

Can the Circle Be Unbroken

A.L. Phipps Last Interview

A.L. Phipps speaks of WCPM and WMIK in his last interview.

A.L. Phipps Recordings List

Pickin' Magazine Article from July 1977: The Minstrels of Pine Mountain

A.L. Phipps biography in the Santa Search


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