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Ok, ok I haven't updated in forever. No one loves me anymore because of that. Sorry!! But I'm going to update on my site's one year anniversary (flowers and candy are appropriate). So check back for a Larger Than Life fiasco!! This time I promise.

For those of you mumbling "Damn bitch gotta wait for a goddamn special occasion for every update" I have a 2 step plan to further your enjoyment.

1. Bite me. Hard.

2. Leave

Just joking!! Stay!! Well, leave but come back on October 14, ok?? Good. Love ya. Buh bye!!

As you may have noticed, Ive avoided the issue of Brian's (and Kevin's) engagements VERY much so. ARG!! Hate it!! *bites her lip* But *speaking as though forced* I'm very happy for them *looks away* I said it ok?? Look for a section on that soon...

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