BSB's Exercise Video

Anyone and everyone has to have seen an exercise video. They show ya how to get "thin" and the BSB cashed in on teenage uncertainty. Here's their exercise video, so you can score Brian's hottie arms, AJ's lean legs, Kevin's oh-so-delectable chest, and Nick's cute butt (you know you want it). And maybe, just maybe, Howie will show you some make-up tips...

(Larger Than Life starts playing)

Brian:Hey hey hey!! Me and the fellas here are going to (uses Arnold Schwarzeneggar accent) pump you up!!

Howie:(dancing like and idiot) yeahhhhh!!!

Kevin: first, we'll start with a warm up

(Nick walks in, wearing boxers and a t-shirt)

Nick: hey guys, got any Twinkies?? I'm hungry.(Looks at the camera, confused)

AJ:(kicks Nick)idiot!! This is our exercise video, remember??

Nick: I thought your exercise video was last night when you were taping you and those girl-

Brian: (whispering) do something!!

(Howie jumps in front of Nick, dancing like an idiot)

Howie: (singing) livin la vida locaaaa!! Livin la vida locaaaaaa!!

Kevin: (starts touching his toes) warm.....up...

Nick: exercise?? I dun wanna. No fair...

(Brian leans over and whispers something into Nick's ear)

Nick: really?? I can come over and touch her boobies??

(Howie looks betrayed and stops dancing)

Brian: uuhhhh...ummmm

AJ: alrighty then!! Time to work on the upper body!!

Kevin: warm...up...

Brian: (shakes out of embarrassment) the best way to tone up your arms is push ups (begins doing them, clapping after each one)

AJ: (humps the floor) or this!!

(a phone rings)

(Nick grabs his cellphone, talking quietly for a moment, then he turns back to the guys)

Brian: who was that??

Nick: (looking straight into the camera, a serious look on his face) I don't exercise. I'd rather be fat and screwing fans than wasting my time working out.

Brian: what?? Who was that??

Nick: the Wrights. They always help me with what to say.

AJ: we sued their asses long ago. Hel-lo, Nick, they're trying to ruin your carrer.

(Nick looks confused)

(Howie jumps in front of Nick, dancing like an idiot)

Howie: gettin jiggy with it nanananananana!!!

Kevin: (streching his legs) warm...up....

Brian: we'll move onto the routines now. Just simple steps to put together for a little dance. (begins counting as he moves) one, two, three and four...

(suddenly Nick jumps in front of him, shaking his butt and waving his arms)

Brian: what the f-

(Veronica runs on and jumps into Nick's arms)

Veronica: take me!!!

Nick: it works!!!

AJ: what??

Nick: Ricky Martin taught me that. It makes girls want you baaaad.

Veronica: kiss me!!

(Nick carries Veronica offstage)

(Howie suddenly stops dancing)

Howie: I'm sick of this!! No more!!

(Kevin stops stretching and looks at Howie)

Brian: Hello?? Did I miss something??

Howie: yes...yes you did...

Howie and the Breakfast Burrito Boys!!