What I Think

not like you really care

I swear they are all high in this pic

So here's my thoughts on things I see and hear:

2-27-00 A couple weeks ago I finally caught N Sync's new video. I had avoided TRL as much as possible since it premiered. It was me an my N Sync lovin' cousin (who hadn't seen it either) watching it one weekend. She was all happy, I was all pissed. And then came that part where Justin falls, looks up, and laughs. I was cracking up, it was so hilarious (him trying to look hot). Then she turns, with this really weird look, and says "I just noticed, his nose looks like a penis." (!!) LOL!!

I am sad. I came downstairs this morning and what do I hear?!?! "Bye Bye Bye". What a way to wake up. I mean, I've heard them sing it on Rosie, but you cant understand what they say when they sing live, so it doesnt matter. This time...I almost killed my radio. WHAT A RIP-OFF OF "DONT WANT YOU BACK"!! And they go and release theirs first to make BSB look like the copiers. ARGH!!

LOL!! Did anyone else catch Mandy Moore on "Say What Karaoke"?? She was the stylist judge!! It was so damn funny!! Ananda and the other dude were all dancing during the songs but all she did was clap her hands. I swear I was waiting for her to do that gay ass thing from her video. And then that crazy dude came out in the glitter shit and the only reason she didnt take away points for the outfit was cause it looked just like hers!! LOL!!

I saw the new video. Pretty depressing, huh?? So Brian watches him self die, Kevin is sad because of his dad, and AJ lost his gf. But what about Nick and Howie?? Is Nick homeless?? Does Howie not have enough money to buy coffee at the cafe he's in?? Hmmm....

I actually saw that movie "Passport To Paris", the one with the Oleson twins!! Holy my god, it was horrible!! Every two seconds, they'd remind you that they were teenagers!! I was like,"shut up, cause the twin thing was cute when you were 5, now just get a hobby!!"

Did you see the interview when the fans got to question BSB (get in at the official BSB site)?? Brian agreed that N Sync sucks!! I was laughing so hard!!

So BSB are releasing "Show Me The Meaning (blah blah blah)" next?? Fine. That sure as hell better be a good video, cause that song isn't exactly #1 material. (And they better release "It's Gotta Be You" after that. It'll blow up the charts!!)

Oh god has anyone seen that Mandy Moore video?? I almost threw up when I did. How can she drive when she's 15?? She can have her permit, but none of the other girls in her Hoochie Crew seem to be any older than her. And when she's dancing, she reminded me of a little *anorexic* bird trying to fly. How sad. She couldn't sing when she opened for BSB either.


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