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Ron Harrison Writes...
Thursday, 29 July 2021
The National Tournament (Girls) July 23-25, 2021
Topic: Basketball



The National Championship (Girls)

2022 through 2026

Orange County Convention Center

Orlando, FL

July 23-25, 2021


There were five different age groups divided into eight divisions.  They were as follows: 2022 ( Aqua, Blue, Cyan, Denim, Evergreen, Fuchsia, and Green), 2023 (Aqua, Blue, Cyan, and Denim), 2024 (Aqua, Blue, and Cyan), 2025 (Aqua and Blue), and 2026 (Aqua and Blue).


The division winners were as follows:


2022 Aqua Platinum Bracket – 2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023 44  NJ Demons 37


2022 Aqua Gold Bracket – Zone 6 Celtics Black 67  2022 Team Griffin Elite 2022 53


2022 Aqua Silver Bracket – Delta Lamb 17U 3SSB 60  2022 SMAC Elite 40


2022 Blue Platinum Bracket – 2022 Illinois Lady Lightning Platinum BSTTL 61  2022 Hoopers NY Melious Gold 47


2022 Blue Gold Bracket – 2022 Team Nite Nite 2022 Oliver 62  2022 East Coast United Family 2022 58


2022 Blue Silver Bracket – 2022 D4S-CT-2022 69  2022 BD Thunder 45


2022 Cyan Platinum Bracket – 2022 Athlete HQ Black 53  2022 Lady Thunder King 47


2022 Cyan Gold Bracket – 2022 E33 Eagles 55  2022 Houston United 2022 Black 40


2022 Cyan Silver Bracket – 2022 Elite 77 Lady Dynasty 62  2022 East Coast Panthers 44


2022 Denim Platinum Bracket – 2022 OK Swarm 17U Elite-Allyson 59  2022 Team Huddle Grey 45


2022 Denim Gold Bracket – 2022 Hoopers NY Dunn Blue 64  2022 Nautilus Express 55


2022 Denim Silver Bracket – 2022 Team Impact 57  2022 Ocala Lady Impact (Team Mary) 55


2022 Evergreen Platinum Bracket – 2022 TW Bluehounds 52  2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys 50


2022 Evergreen Gold Bracket – 2022 Lady Hoopmasters 62  2022 Sysa 2022 30


2022 Evergreen Silver Bracket – 2022 Midwest Explosion 54  2022 OMGTGE Black 48


2022 Fuchsia Platinum Bracket – 2022 Team Huddle Black 51  2022 Lady Copperheads 40


2022 Fuchsia Gold Bracket – 2022 Team Huddle Pink 60  2022 LADY CHARGERS RB LIGHTING 56


2022 Fuchsia Silver Bracket – 2022 TNBA Houston 42  2022 Team Carolina Hanley 28


2022 Green Platinum Bracket – 2022 KY Premier Goodin Rogers 61  22Or3gonTrip15 49


2022 Green Gold Bracket – 2022 Thunder Basketball 61  2022 Mississippi Jazz Elite 60


2023 Aqua Platinum Bracket – 2023 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy 55  2023 KY Premier McClain 31


2023 Aqua Gold Bracket – 2023 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite 49  2023 MCW Starz Paquette 47


2023 Aqua Silver Bracket – 2023 Memphis Elite 47  2023 Team E.L.I.T.E. Mosley 39


2023 Blue Platinum Bracket – 2023 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy 43  2023 Lady Prospects 16U 31


2023 Blue Gold Bracket – 2023 Next Level 55  2023 TN Flight Navy Smith 51


2023 Blue Silver Bracket – 2023 Georgia Cavs Elite 5, 2023 IN BREAKERS 37


2023 Cyan Platinum Bracket – 2023 IGB Novinger 59 2023 Houston United 2023 Black 47


2023 Cyan Gold Bracket - Mississippi Jazz Elite 45  2023 Lady Thunder Ayers 33


2023 Cyan Silver Bracket – 2023 Hoopers NY 16U Williams 73  2023 Michigan Lady Playmakers 36


2023 Denim Platinum Bracket – 2023 Or3gon Trip 134 48  2023 In The Zone Platinum 44


2024 Aqua Platinum Bracket – 2024 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite 59  2024 West Michigan 56


2024 Aqua Gold Bracket – 2024 Heart of Illinois 15U 68  2024 SMAC Attack 44


2024 Aqua Silver Bracket – 2024 Team Huddle PHX 48  2024 Team Griffin Elite 2024 47


2024 Blue Platinum Bracket – 2024 Team Tulsa Purple 2024 38  2024 Delta Lamb 15U Black 28


2024 Blue Gold Bracket – 2024 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Kaye 72  2024 Midwest Wildcats-Barger 57


2024 Blue Silver Bracket – 2024 Elite 77 Lady Dynasty 41  2024 BTB Cavs 19


2024 Cyan Platinum Bracket – 2024 Wisconsin Playground Elite 74  2024 FBC Legacy 15U 51


2024 Cyan Gold Bracket – 2024 Houston Lady Nets –D/TI 55  2024 Mass Frenzy 40


2025 Aqua Platinum Bracket – 2024 TTG Free Agents 48  2025 TN Flight Silver-Ayers 41


2025 Aqua Gold Bracket – 2025 Always 100 Elite 44  2025 LGR Team Bria 25


2025 Aqua Silver Bracket – 2025 Richmond Heat 62  2025 TN Flight Silver Coleman 50


2025 Blue Platinum Bracket – 2025 Wisconsin Playground Elite-Smith 60  2026 IGB Novinger 35


2025 Blue Gold Bracket – 2025 Elevate Elite 8th Grade Gold 50  2025 Wisconsin Playground Elite Speights 35


2025 Blue Silver Bracket – 2025 Tampa Thunder-Swinton 38  2025 KA Nightmares 35


2026 Aqua Platinum Bracket – 2026 Wisconsin Lady Lakers 2026 White 52  2026 TN Flight Silver Coleman 30


2026 Aqua Gold Bracket - 2026 2026 SSA GameBall 42  2026 NKYPrimetime 31


2026 Aqua Silver Bracket – 2026 Next Level 30  2026 House of Handles Elite 28


2026 Blue Platinum Bracket – 2026 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Allee 56  2026 LGR Team Shelby 51


2026 Blue Gold Bracket – 2026 Richmond Heat 56  2026 Puerto Rico FBFPUR 21



Saturday July 24th


Tournament Play


2022 Age Group


2022 NJ Demons,39,2022 Team Huddle PHX,33,Aqua Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 SSA GameBall,52,2022 Academy of Hoops 17U,47,Aqua Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 East Coast United Family2023,50,2022 TN Flight Navy Newman,49,Aqua Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023,36,2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 White,35,Aqua Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 FBC Legacy 17U Select,60,2022 Wisconsin Blaze Inferno,42,Blue Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Illinois Lady Lightning Platinum BSTTL,49,2022 MCW Starz Jackie/Mandy,30,Blue Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Hoopers NY Melious Gold,54,2022 Heart Of Illinois 17U,49,Blue Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Team Griffin 2022 Select,76,2022 IN The Zone Platinum,74,Blue Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 East Coast United Navy 2022,48,2022 Blazers Exposure RED,39,Cyan Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Lady Thunder-King,58,2022 FAST Elite Lady Ballers Black,44,Cyan Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Athlete HQ Black,43,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Gold,40,Cyan Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 DC Queens CenTex,55,2022 TN Flight Navy Tharpe,53,Cyan Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Team Huddle Grey,55,2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,45,Denim Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 OK Swarm 17U Elite-Allyson,67,2022 Georgia Sting,46,Denim Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,55,2022 NWI Thunder Gold,30,Denim Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Team Elite 17U Dave,57,2022 Bristol Pistols,54,Evergreen Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,45,2022 Richmond Heat,39,Evergreen Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 TW Bluehounds,58,2022 Top Tier Georgia,35,Evergreen Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 South Georgia Angels,64,2022 Start Strong MN,45,EvergreenPlatinum,Quarterfinal

2022 O3,56,2022 East Coast United Teosha 2022,35,Fuchsia Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 East Coast United South Florida 2022,47,2022 Oklahoma Power,40,Fuchsia Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 Lady Copperheads,34,2022 Lady Pressure,29,Fuchsia Platinum,Quarterfinal

2022 TNBA South,63,2022 Mississippi Delta Elite,46,Green Platinum,Quarterfinal


2025 Aqua Division


2025 SMAC Future,58,2025 Next Level,50,Aqua Platinum,Quarterfinal

2025 TN Flight Silver Ayers,42,2025 SMAC ELITE,33,Aqua Platinum,Quarterfinal

2025 TTG Free Agents,50,2025 Illinois Lady Lightning Bronze,28,Aqua Platinum,Quarterfinal

2025 Ashley Robinson Lady Vols,45,2025 Florida Lady Huskies 2025,39,Aqua Platinum,Quarterfinal

2025 Candace Parker Hoop Dreams Elite,45,2025 IN the Zone Platinum,36,Aqua Gold,Quarterfinal

2025 Always 100 Elite,61,2025 Team Impact,32,Aqua Gold,Quarterfinal

2025 Tennessee Flight Select Silver,49,2025 Team Florida Collazo,23,Aqua Gold,Quarterfinal

2025 LGR Team Bria,50,2025 KY Premier Goodson,48,Aqua Gold,Quarterfinal

2025 Richmond Heat,47,2025 Team Elite Nashville,36,Aqua Silver,Quarterfinal

2025 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite,57,2025 East Coast United Clarke,45,Aqua Silver,Quarterfinal

2025 Team Big Time,42,2025 JULIAN WOODS ATHLETICS LADY ELITE (JWA Lady Elite),33,Aqua Silver,Quarterfinal

2025 TN Flight Silver Coleman,40,2025 Waco United,36,Aqua Silver,Quarterfinal


2026 Blue Division


2026 SMAC Rebels,46,2027 Team Impact,43,Blue Platinum,Quarterfinal

2026 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Allee,XX,2026 Indiana Red Storm,27,Blue Platinum,Quarterfinal

2026 Blue Heat Basketball,49,2026 SR Elite2026,21,Blue Platinum,Quarterfinal

2026 LGR Team Shelby,48,2027 East Coast United Navy,18,Blue Platinum,Quarterfinal

2026 Many Great Blessings (M.G.B.),33,2026 Warner Robbins Allstars,31,Blue Gold,Quarterfinal

2026 Up Lady Novas,35,2026 Space Coast Fury-Team Rampage,XX,Blue Gold,Quarterfinal


Sunday July 25th


2022 Age Group


2022 NJ Demons,53,2022 SSA GameBall,47,Aqua Platinum,Semifinal

2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023,45,2022 East Coast United Family2023,36,Aqua Platinum,Semifinal

2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023,44,NJ Demons,37,Aqua Platinum,Championship

2022 Academy of Hoops 17u,won,2022 Team Huddle PHX,forfeit,Aqua Platinum,Consolation

2022 TN Flight Navy Newman,56,2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 White,46,Aqua Platinum,Consolation

2022 Illinois Lady Lightning Platinum BSTTL,56,2022 FBC Legacy 17U Select,49,Blue Platinum,Semifinal

2022 Hoopers NY Melious Gold,53,2022 Team Griffin 2022 Select,38,Blue Platinum,Semifinal

2022 Illinois Lady Lightning Platinum BSTTL,61,2022 Hoopers NY Melious Gold,47,Blue Platinum,Championship

2022 MCW Starz Jackie/Mandy,51,2022 Wisconsin Blaze Inferno,47,Blue Platinum,Consolation

2022 Heart of Illinois 17U,56,2022 IN The Zone Platinum,47,Blue Platinum,Consolation

2022 Lady Thunder-King,60,2022 East Coast United Navy 2022,52,Cyan Platinum,Semifinal

2022 Athlete HQ Black,52,2022 DC Queens CenTex,34,Cyan Platinum,Semifinal

2022 Athlete HQ Black,53,Lady Thunder-King,47,Cyan Platinum,Championship

2022 FAST Elite Lady Ballers Black,60,2022 Blazers Exposure RED,45,Cyan Platinum,Consolation

2022 Zone 6 Celtics Gold,48,2022 TN Flight Navy Tharpe,31,Cyan Platinum,Consolation

2022 Team Huddle Grey,52,2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 Black,36,Denim Platinum,Semifinal

2022 OK Swarm 17U Elite-Allyson,46,2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,45,Denim Platinum,Semifinal

2022 OK Swarm 17U Elite-Allyson,59,2022 Team Huddle Grey,45,Denim Platinum,Championship

2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,61,2022 Georgia Sting,49,Denim Platinum,Consolation

2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 Black,51,2022 NWI Thunder Gold,43,Denim Platinum,Consolation

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,45,2022 Team Elite 17U Dave,37,Evergreen Platinum,Semifinal

2022 TW Bluehounds,54,2022 South Georgia Angels,49,Evergreen Platinum,Semifinal

2022 TW Bluehounds,52,Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,50,Evergreen Platinum,Championship

2022 Bristol Pistols,43,2022 Richmond Heat,40,Evergreen Platinum,Consolation

2022 Top Tier Georgia,48,2022 Start Strong MN,24,Evergreen Platinum,Consolation

2022 Team Huddle Black,71,2022 O3,60,Fuchsia Platinum,Semifinal

2022 Lady Copperheads,46,2022 East Coast United South Florida 2022,39,Fuchsia Platinum,Semifinal

2022 Team Huddle Black,51,2022 Lady Copperheads,40,Fuchsia Platinum,Championship

2022 Oklahoma Power,24,2022 East Coast United Teosha 2022,16,Fuchsia Platinum,Consolation

2022 Lady Pressure,43,2022 O3,40,Fuchsia Platinum,Consolation

2022 Or3gon Trip13,67,2022 TNBA South,28,Green Platinum,Semifinal

2022 KY Premier Goodin Rogers,57,2022 Wisconsin Playground Elite,45,Green Platinum,Semifinal

2022 KY Premier Goodin Rogers,61,2022 Or3gon Trip13,49,Green Platinum,Championship

2022 Wisconsin Playground Elite,49,2022 Mississippi Delta Elite,19,Green Platinum,Consolation

2022 Wisconsin Playground Elite,44,2022 TNBA South,32,Green Platinum,Consolation


2025 Aqua Division


2025 TN Flight Silver Ayers,55,2025 SMAC Future,40,Aqua Platinum,Semifinal

2025 TTG Free Agents,40,2025 Ashley Robinson Lady Vols,37,Aqua Platinum,Semifinal

2025 TTG Free Agents,48,2025 TN flight Silver Ayers,41,Aqua Platinum,Championship

2025 SMAC ELITE,32,2025 Next Level,24,Aqua Platinum,Consolation

2025 Florida Lady Huskies 2025,won,2025 Lady Lightning Bronze,forfeit,Aqua Platinum,Consolation

2025 Always 100 Elite,52,2025 Candace Parker Hoop Dreams Elite,39,Aqua Gold,Semifinal

2025 LGR Team Bria,53,2025 Tennessee Flight Select Silver,40,Aqua Gold,Semifinal

2025 Always 100 Elite,44,2025 LGR Team Bria,25,Aqua Gold,Championship

2025 Team Impact,34,2025 IN The Zone Platinum,29,Aqua Gold,Consolation

2025 KY Premier Goodson,53,2025 Team Florida Collazo,20,Aqua Gold,Consolation

2025 Richmond Heat,51,2025 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite,38,Aqua Silver,Semifinal

2025 TN Flight Silver Coleman,42,2025 Team Big Time,41,Aqua Silver,Semifinal

2025 Richmond Heat,62,2025 TN Flight Silver Coleman,50,Aqua Silver,Championship

2025 East Coast United Clarke,32,2025 Team Elite Nashville,31,Aqua Silver,Consolation

2025 Waco United,won,2025 JULIAN WOODS ATHLETICS LADY ELITE (JWA Lady Elite),forfeit,Aqua Silver,Consolation


2026 Blue Division


2026 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Allee,50,2026 SMAC Rebels,20,Blue Platinum,Semifinal

2026 LGR Team Shelby,48,2026 Blue Heat Basketball,39,Blue Platinum,Semifinal

2026 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Allee,55,2026 LGR Team Shelby,51,Blue Platinum,Championship

2027 Team Empact,XX,2026 Indiana Red Storm,XX,Blue Platinum,Consolation

2027 East Coast United Navy,34,2026 SR Elite 2026,31,Blue Platinum,Consolation

2026 Puerto Rico FBFPUR,26,2026 Many Great Blessings (M.G.B.),24,Blue Gold,Semifinal

2026 Richmond Heat,41,2026 UP Lady Novas,39,Blue Gold,Semifinal

2026 Richmond Heat,56,2026 Puerto Rico FBFPUR,21,Blue Gold,Championship

2026 Warner Robbins Allstars,XX,2026 Space Coast Fury-Team Rampage,XX,Blue Gold,Consolation

2026 UP Lady Novas,won,2026 Many Great Blessings (M.G.B.),forfeit,Blue Gold,Consolation


I closely followed the 2025 Richmond Heat squad as they are from my area of the state and I have followed them at the JV and Varsity level.  They came to Orlando with high hopes and were entered in the Aqua Division.  They lost their two pool games and were placed in the Silver Bracket.  Coach Dennis Campbell basically told them to forget about the losses and encouraged them to go have fun the rest of the day (Disney Water park, etc.) then they would refocus for the tournament bracket.  Evidently it worked as the girls won three in a row and the championship and also avenged a loss earlier in the summer to a talented Lady Bradley Beal squad.  It was a total team effort as all seven girls contributed to capture the title.  5-3 Brittany Campbell led the way with an 18.0 ppg and 6.0 rpg.  5-5 Brooke Campbell added 16 points in the championship.  5-4 Nataya Strader came up big this week with a 10.7 ppg. 6-2 Abby Gilbert averaged 9.0 ppg, 13.0 rpg, and blocked 10 blocks in the three games.   The girls played three major events over a short period of time (Run 4 The Roses, Battle in the Boro, and The National Championship) against the top competition in the country and finished with a 9-6 record.  The team had also been very successful in earlier events this summer.


This was an excellent well-run event with superior teams and a lot of individual talent with a lot of coaches and evaluators in attendance.












Posted by REH at 7:09 PM EDT
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Monday, 26 July 2021
Orlando Splash Basketball (Girls) July 20-22, 2021
Topic: Basketball




Orlando Splash Tournament (Girls)

2022 through 2026

Orange County Convention Center

Orlando, FL

July 20-22. 2021


There were nine different groups in this tournament as follows:


2022 Aqua – 2022 43Hoops Elite, 2022 A Game Naomi Ashley, 2022 Charleston Swarm, 2022 CyFair Elite 17U National-Bush, 2022 CyFair Elite 17U-Davis, 2022 D4S-2022, 2022 ECU Family2023, 2022 FGB South Florida Rebels,2022 Georgia Jaguars, 2022 Hoop Dream Athletics Black, 2022 Houston United 2022 Gold, 2022 Houston United Hoops Black, 2022 In The Zone, 2022 Lady Roughriders 17U National Team, 2022 MCW Stars Mandy/Jackie, 2022 NJ Demons, 2022 OK Swarm Elite 17U-Allyson, 2022 PBG Starzz 17U, 2022 Philly Crush, 2022 Philly Crush, 2022 SLAM Camp Elite, 2022 Smac Elite, 2022 SSA GameBall, 2022 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite, 2022 Team Griffin Elite 17U, 2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023, 2022 Team Huddle Black, 2022 Team Tennessee Shooters, 2022 TMP, 2022 TN Flight Navy, 2022 Team Flight Navy Newman, 2022 TW Bluehounds, 2022 Wisconsin Blaze Inferno, 2022 Wisconsin Blazers 2022 White, and MCW Stars Jesus/Mandy.


2022 Blue – 2022 ALM Showcase, 2022 CyFair Elite 17U Red-Page, 2022 E33 Eagles, 2022 ECU Family 2022, 2022 ECU Navy 2022, 2022 Fast Elite Lady Ballers, 2022 Georgia Sting, 2022 Hoopers NY Melious, 2022 Houston Queens Elite 17u, 2022 Houston United 2022 Black, 2022 Illinois Lady Lightning BSTTL,2022 KY Premier Goodin Rogers, 2022 Lady Thunder-King, 2022 LGR Team Dana, 2022 Nautilus Express, 2022 Ocala Lady Impact (Team Mary), 2022 OK Swarm 17u-Toney, 2022 OMGTGE Black, 2022 Principles First Select Black, 2022 Principles First Select Red, 2022 Prodigy 18U, 2022 Puerto Rico FBFPUR, 2022 Rice Platinum Legacy, 2022 Sysa 2022, 2022 Team Florida 2022 (Chamberlain), 2022 Team Griffin 2022 Select, 2022 Team Huddle PHX, 2022 Thunder Basketball, 2022 TN Flight Navy Tharpe, 2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 Black, 2022 Wisconsin Playground Elite, and 2022 Worcester Sting.


2022 Cyan – 2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord, 2022 Cal Sparks San Diego, 2022 Cincy Chargers, 2022 DC QUEENS CenTex, 2022 ECU South FL, 2022 ECU Teosha, 2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White, 2022 Hoopers NY Dunn Blue, 2022 Indiana Lady Impact 17U, 2022 Jacksonville Lady Rams, 2022 JSBA Grey, 2022 KY Ice, 2022 LADY CHARGERS RB LIGHTING, 2022 M.G.B., 2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins, 2022 OBC, 2022 Oklahoma Power 17U, 2022 Prodigy 17U, 2022 Showcase Elite, 2022 SMAC Fitz, 2022 Space Coast Fury-Team Select, 2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys, 2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod, 2022 Team Huddle Pink, and 2022 TN Force Elite.


2023 Aqua – 2023 A Game Cassie Edwards, 2023 Blue Star Orlando, 2023 CyFair Elite 16U National-HTX, 2023 CyFair Elite 16U SETX, 2023 CyFair Elite Arkansas 16U, 2023 D4S-CT 2023, 2023 E33 Eagles, 2023 FGB Triple Threat 16u, 2023 Firstep, 2023 GA Pistols, 203 Georgia Sting, 2023 Houston Queens Elite 16u, 2023 Houston United Hoops White, 2023 Illinois Lady Lightning BSTTL, 2023 In The Zone, 2023 Jr Boom Gold, 2023 KY Ice, 2023 KY Premier McClain, 2023 Lady Roughriders 16u National Premier, 2023 Memphis Elite, 2023 Midwest Wildcats-Johnston, 2023 OBC, 2023 SMAC Lady Ballers, 2023 SSA GameBall, 2023 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod, 2023 Tampa Thunder-Johnson, 2023 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite, 2023 Team F.L.I.T.E.-Mosley, 2023 Tennessee Flight Select, 2023 TMP, 2023 TN Flight Navy Smith, and 2023 UTS Lady Elite.


2023 Blue – 2022 ECU Silver 2022, 2023 FGB South Florida Rebels 16U, 2023 Hoopers NY 16u Williams, 2023 Houston United 2023 Black, 2023 Lady Thunder-Ayers, 2023 Lady TRU, 2023 MCW Starz Jackie/Mandy, 2023 MCW Starz Paguette, 2023 OK Swarm 16u-Toney, 2023 OK Swarm Elite-M. Cooper, 2023 Oklahoma Swift, 2023 OMGTGE Gold, 2023 SMAC Fitz, 2023 SR Elite 2023, 2023 Team Huddle red, and 2023 Wellington Wolves.


2024 Aqua – 2024 ECU Family 2024, 2024 Hoop Dreams athletics, 2024 Illinois Lady Lightning, 2024 Mass Frenzy 9 Black, 2024 MCW Starz Jesus, 2024 Nike ProSkills SATX, 2024 OK Swarm Black 15U (Sam/Jim), 2024 Oklahoma Swish 2024 Fitzgerald, 2024 SMAC Attack, 2024 SSA GameBall, 2024 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite, 2024 Team Elite EYBL Harris, 2024 Team Griffin Elite-Owens, 2024 TN Flight Johnson, 2024 Wisconsin Lakers 2025 White, and 2024 Wisconsin Playground Elite.


2024 Blue – 2024 E33 Eagles, 2024 FAST Elite Lady Ballers Green, 2024 Firstep, 2024 Houston Queens Elite 15u, 2024 IN The Zone, 2024 Kentucky Blue Devils, 2024 Middle GA Push, 2024 Midwest Wildcats –Barger, 2024 OK Swarm Black 15U (Sam/Jim), 2024 PGB Starzz, 2024 Puerto Rico FBFPUR, 2024 SMAC Fitz, 2024 Space Coast Fury-Team Havoc, 2024 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Kaye, 2024 Team Griffin Select-Owens, 2024 Team Huddle PHX, and 2024 Team Impact 8th .


2025 Aqua – 2025 Ashley Robinson Lady Vols, 2025 CyFair Elite National-Hunt, 2025 Florida Lady Huskies 2025, 2025 Illinois Lady Lightning, 2025 IN The Zone, 2025 KY premier Goodson, 2025 LGR Team Bria, 2025 Memphis Elite, 2025 Mississippi Jazz Elite, 2025 OBC, 2025 Smac Elite, 2025 Sysa 2025, 2025 Tampa Thunder Swinton, ,2025 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite, 2025 Team Griffin Elite 2025, 2025 Tennessee Flight Select Silver, 2025 TN Flight Silver Ayers, TN Flight Silver Coleman, 2025 UTS Lady Elite, 2025 Waco United, and 2025 Worcester Sting.


2026 Aqua – 2026 FBC Nightmares 7th, 2026 Florida Lady Huskies 2026, 2026 House of Handles Elite, 2026 Jacksonville Lady Rams, 2026 Ky Royals, 2026 LGR Team Shelby, 2026 M.G.B., 2026 Memphis Elite, 2026 Mississippi Jazz Elite, 2026 NKYPrimetime, 2026 Puerto Rico FBFPUR, 2026 Space Coast Fury-Team Rampage, 2026 SR Elite 2026, 2026 SSA GameBall, 2026 Team Elite 2026, 2026 Team Florida 2026 (Chamberlain), 2026 TN Flight Silver Coleman, and 2026 UTS Lady Elite


Complete List of Bracket Winners


2022 Aqua Platinum Division – 2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023 64  2022 NJ Demons 23


2022 Aqua Gold Division – 2022 In The Zone 57  2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 White 54


2022 Aqua Silver Division – 2022 Team Griffin Elite 17U 55  2022 MCW Stars Mandy/Jackie 53


2022 Aqua Bronze Division – 2022 OK Swarm 17U-Allyson 43  2022 GA Jaguars 34


2022 Blue Platinum Division – 2022 ECU Family 2022 54  2022 Illinois Lady Lightning BSTTL 49


2022 Blue Gold Division – 2022 ECU Navy 2022 51  2022 Principles First Select Red 44


2022 Blue Silver Division – 2022 LGR Team Dana 63  2022 Nautilus Express 49


2022 Blue Bronze Division – 2022 Prodigy 66  2022 Sysa 2022 56


2022 Cyan Platinum Division – 2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord 50  2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod 44


2022 Cyan Gold Division – 2022 Team Huddle Pink 53  2022 DC Queens CenTex 45


2022 Cyan Silver Division – Hoopers NY Dunn Blue 68  2022 M.G.B. 28


2022 Cyan Bronze Division – 2022 Oklahoma power 17U 46  2022 SMAC Fitz 40


2023 Aqua Platinum Division –2023 Illinois Lady Lightning BSTTL 65  2023 SMAC Lady Ballers 57


2023 Aqua Gold Division – 2023 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite 64  2023 TMP 46


2023 Aqua Silver Division – 2023 SSA GameBall 51  2023 Blue Star Orlando 47


2023 Aqua Bronze Division – 2023 Team E.L.I.T.E.-Mosier 46  2023 FGB Triple threat 16U 41


2023 Blue Platinum Division – 2023 MCW Starz Paquette won  2023 Starz Jackie/Mandy forfeit


2023 Blue Gold Division – 2023 Oklahoma Swift 51  2023 OK Swarm 16U-Toney 29


2024 Aqua Platinum Division – 2024 Wisconsin Lakers 2025 White 47  2024 MCW Starz Jesus 34


2024 Aqua Gold Division – 2024 SMAC Attack 57  2024 Nike ProSkills SATX 52


2024 Blue Platinum Division – 2024 Midwest Wildcats-Barger 55  2024 Middle GA Push 50


2024 Blue Gold Division – 2024 Team Huddle PHX 58  2024 Firstep 50


2024 Blue Silver Division – 2024 PGB Starz 47  2024 Puerto Rico FBFPUR 44


2025 Aqua Platinum Division – 2025 TN Flight Silver Ayers 57  2025 Florida Lady Huskies 2025 53


2025 Aqua Gold Division – 2025 CyFair Elite National-Hunt 48  2025 LGR Team Bria 41


2025 Aqua Silver Division – 2025 Tennessee Flight Select Silver 70  2025 Sysa 2025 27


2026 Aqua Platinum Division – 2026 SSA GameBall 51  2026 Team Florida 2026 (Chamberlain) 50


2026 Aqua Gold Division – 2026 Ky Royals 54  2026 Memphis Elite 53


2026 Aqua Silver Division – 2026 FBC Nightmares 7th 50  2026 Puerto Rico FBFPUR 32


Wednesday July 21st


2022 Aqua Division


2022 NJ Demons,52,2022 Lady Roughriders 17U National Team,27,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 CyFair Elite 17U National-Bush,38,2022 A Game Naomi Ashley,27,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Smac elite,53,2022 ECU Family 2023,46,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023,63,2022 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite,52,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 TW Bluehounds,55,2022 D4S-2022,41,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 White,60,2022 TN Flight Navy Newman,28,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 SSA GameBall,46,2022 43Hoops Elite,40,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 In The Zone,60,2023 MCW Stars Jesus/Mandy,59,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Team Griffin Elite 17U,58,2022 Hoop Dreams athletics Black,35,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 SLAM Camp Elite,49,2022 Charleston Swarm,42,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 FGB CM 17U,65,2022 TMP,58,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 MCW Stars Mandy/Jackie,41,2022 Houston United 2022 Gold,39,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Team Huddle Black,64,2022 CyFair Elite 17U National-Davis,51,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 OK Swarm Elite 17U-Allyson,61,2022 Houston United Hoops Black,34,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 tennessee shooters,57,2022 PBG Starzz 17U,45,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Georgia Jaguars,51,2022 FGB South Florida rebels,48,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal


2022 Blue Division


2022 KY Premier Goodin Rogers,58,2022 Hoopers NY Melious,48,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Illinois Lady lightning BSTTL,47,2022 TN Flight Navy Tharpe,38,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 ECU Family 2022,71,2022 Houston United 2022 Black,51,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Team Huddle PHX,51,2022 Team Griffin 2022 Select,28,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Lady Thunder-King,68,2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 Black,56,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Principles First Select red,42,2022 CyFair Elite 17U Reed-Page,25,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Wisconsin Playground Elite,70,2022 Ocala Lady Impact (Team Mary),38,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 ECU Navy 2022,56,2022 Team Florida 2022 (Chamberlain),32,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Worcester Sting,49,2022 ALM Showcase,28,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 LGR Team Dana,56,2022 Georgia Sting,43,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Nautilus Express,40,2022 Puerto Rico FBFPUR,28,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Thunder Basketball,40,2022 E33 Eagles,37,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Fast Elite Lady Ballers,52,2022 Houston Queens Elite 17U,50,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Sysa 2022,62,2022 OMGTGE Black,56,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 OK Swarm 17u-Toney,40,2022 Rice Platinum Legacy,35,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Prodigy 18U,69,2022 Principles First Select Black,39,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal


2022 Cyan Division


2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,57 2022 Cincy Chargers,48,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,52,2022 TN Force Elite,29,Platinum Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,49,2022 ECU South FL,42,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Indiana Lady Impact 17U,48,2022 ECU Teosha,30,Gold Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Hoopers NY Dunn Blue,54,2022 Showcase Elite,20,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 OBC,61,2022 Prodigy 17U,49,Silver Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White,68,2022 Space Coast Fury-Team Select,47,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 Cal Sparks San Diego,48,2022 Jacksonville Lady Rams,22,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal

2022 SMAC Fitz,54,2022 JSBA Grey,40,Bronze Bracket,Quarterfinal


Thursday July 22nd


2022 Aqua Division


2022 A Game Naomi Ashley,44,2022 Lady Roughriders 17U National Team,36,Platinum Bracket,Consolation

2022 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite,68,2022 ECU Family 2023,53,Platinum Bracket,Consolation

2022 NJ Demons,60,2022 CyFair Elite 17U National-Bush,46,Platinum Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023,57,2022 SMAC Elite,27,Platinum Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Team Griffin Elite 2023,64,2022 NJ Demons,23,Platinum Bracket,Championship

2022 TN Flight Navy Newman,41,2022 D45-2022,34,Gold Bracket,Consolation

2023 MCW Jesus/Mandy,62,2022 43Hoops Elite,57,Gold Bracket,Consolation

2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 White,66,2022 TW Bluehounds,49,Gold Bracket,Semifinal

2022 IN The Zone,55,2022 SSA GameBall,54,Gold Bracket,Semifinal

2022 IN The Zone,57,2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 White,54,Gold Bracket,Championship

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,53,2022 Charleston Swarm,24,Silver Bracket,Consolation

2022 TMP,48,2022 Houston United 2022 Gold,44,Silver Bracket,Consolation

2022 Team Griffin Elite 17U,65,2022 SLAM Camp Elite,47,Silver Bracket,Semifinal

2022 MCW Stars Mandy/Jackie,53,2022 FGB CM 17U,43,Silver Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Team Griffin Elite 17U,55,2022 MCW Stars Mandy/Jackie,53,Silver Bracket,Championship

2022 Houston United Hoops Black,47,2022 CyFair Elite 17U National-Davis,41,Bronze Bracket,Consolation

2022 PGB Starzz 17U,XX,2022 FGB South Florida Rebels,XX,Bronze Bracket,Consolation

2022 OK Swarm Elite 17U-Allyson,60,2022 Team Huddle Black,58,Bronze Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Georgia Jaguars,62,2022 Tennessee Shooters,51,Bronze Bracket,Semifinal

2022 OK Swarm Elite 17U-Allyson,43,2022 Georgia Jaguars,34,Bronze Bracket,Championship


2022 Blue Division


2022 Hoopers NY Melious,66,2022 TN Flight Navy Tharpe,42,Platinum Bracket,Consolation

2022 Team Griffin 2022 Select,63,2022 Houston United 2022 Black,46,Platinum Bracket,Consolation

2022 Illinois Lady Lightning BSTTL,53,2022 KY Premier Goodin Rogers,42,Platinum Bracket,Semifinal

2022 ECU Family 2022,59,2022 Team Huddle PHX,42,Platinum Bracket,Semifinal

2022 ECU Family 2022,54,2022 Illinois Lady Lightning BSTTL,49,Platinum Bracket,Championship

2022 Wisconsin Lakers 2022 Black,50,2022 CyFair 17U Red-Page,36,Gold Bracket,Consolation

2022 Ocala Lady Impact (Team Mary),44,2022 Team Florida 2022 (Chamberlain),40,Gold Bracket,Consolation

2022 Principles First select Red,69,2022 Lady Thunder-King,67,Gold Bracket,Semifinal

2022 ECU Navy 2022,54,2022 Wisconsin Playground Elite,38,Gold Bracket,Semifinal

2022 ECU Navy 2022,51,2022 Principles First select Red,44,Gold Bracket,Championship

2022 ALM Showcase,29,2022 Georgia Sting,27,Silver Bracket,Consolation

2022 E33 Eagles,51,2022 Puerto Rico FBFPUR,24,Silver Bracket,Consolation

2022 LGR Team Dana,54,2022 Worcester Sting,31,Silver Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Nautilus Express,55,2022 Thunder Basketball,29,Silver Bracket,Semifinal

2022 LGR Team Dana,63,2022 Nautilus Express,49,Silver Bracket,Championship

2022 Houston Queens Elite 17u,48,2022 OMGTGE Black,19,Bronze Bracket,Consolation

2022 Rice Platinum Legacy,42,2022 Principles First Select Black,37,Bronze Bracket,Consolation

2022 Sysa 2022,54,2022 Fast Elite Lady Ballers,47,Bronze Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Prodigy 18U,48,2022 OK Swarm 17u-Toney,38,Bronze Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Prodigy 18U,66,2022 Sysa 2022,56,Bronze Bracket,Championship


2022 Cyan Division


2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord,46,2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,32,Platinum Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,31,2022 KY Ice,17,Platinum Bracket,Semifinal

2022 TN Force Elite,39,2022 Cincy Chargers,34,Platinum Bracket,Consolation

2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,59,2022 KY Ice,51,Platinum Bracket,Consolation

2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord,50,2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,44, Platinum Bracket,Championship

2022 Team Huddle Pink,51,2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,35,Gold Bracket,Semifinal

2022 DC QUEENS CenTex,60,2022 Indiana Lady Impact 17U,57,Gold Bracket,Semifinal

2022 LADY CHARGERS RB LIGHTING,53,2022 ECU Teosha,52,Gold Bracket,Consolation

2022 Indiana Lady Impact 17U,56,2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,48,Gold Bracket,Consolation

2022 Team Huddle Pink,53,2022 DC QUEENS CenTex,46,Gold Bracket,Championship

2022 Hoopers NY Dunn Blue,46,2022 LADY CHARGERS RB LIGHTING,20,Silver Bracket,Semifinal

2022 M.G.B.,61,2022 OBC,52,Silver Bracket,Semifinal

2022 prodigy 17U,58,2022 Showcase Elite,42,Silver Bracket,Consolation

2022 OBC,56,2022 ECU South FL,47,Silver Bracket,Consolation

2022 Hoopers NY Dunn Blue,68,2022 M.G.B.,28,Silver Bracket,Championship

2022 Oklahoma Power 17U,45,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White,40,Bronze Bracket,Semifinal

2022 SMAC Fitz,53,2022 Cal Sparks San Diego,Bronze Bracket,Semifinal

2022 Space Coast Fury-Team Select,41,2022 Jacksonville Lady Rams,39,Bronze Bracket,Consolation

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White,won,2022 JSBA Grey,forfeit,Bronze Bracket,Consolation

2022 Oklahoma Power 17U,46,2022 SMAC Fitz,40,Bronze Bracket,Championship


Another event consisting of good teams and some outstanding talent.  This is the time of the year that the coaches swarm to the different venue to scout the next level of stars for the collegiate level.






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Tuesday, 20 July 2021
Adidas 3SSB Boys Championship Council Bluffs July 16-18, 2021
Topic: Basketball




Adidas Boys 3SSB Championships

Boys 15U, 16U, & 17U

Council Bluffs, IA

July 16-18, 2021


15U 3SSB – The teams entered in this division were Arkansas Hawks, D1 Minnesota, Indiana Elite, Midwest Basketball Club, ONE1TIMELEGENDS, REACH2024Adidas, Team Harden, Upward Stars, Atlanta Celtics, Game Elite, Louisville Magic Gold, New World, OSA Crusaders, Southeast Elite, Team Rose, Utah Prospects, AZ Firestorm Gold, Grassroots Elite Canada, Mid Ohio Puma Gold, Next Page Force Gold, Power 5, Southern Assault, Team Trae Young, and Wildcat Select.


16U 3SSB – The teams entered in this division were Atlanta Celtics, Compton Magic, EAB Tennessee, Garner Road Bulldogs, Indiana Icc Gold, Midwest Basketball Club, OSA Crusaders, Southern Assault, Team Lavine, Team New England Gold Team Rose, Upward Stars, Wildcat Select, AZ Firestorm Gold, D1 Minnesota, Game Elite, Grassroots Elite Canada, K-Low Elite, New World, Power 5, Team Harden, Team Loaded NC 3SSB, Team Rose, Urban DFW Gold, Brookwood Elite, Dream Vision, GamePoint Gold, Indiana Elite, Mass Rivals, NY Jayhawks, Southeast Elite, Team Indiana Gold, Team loaded VA, Team Trae Young, and Wildcat Select.


17U 3SSB – Arkansas Hawks, Brookwood Elite, Dream Vision, Garner Road, Indiana Ice Gold, Mass Rivals, New World, OSA Crusaders, Southern Assault, Team Lavine, Team Rose, Utah Prospects, Atlanta Celtics, Compton Magic, EAB TENNESSEE, Grassroots Elite Canada, K-Low Elite, Midwest Basketball Club, Next Page Force Gold, Power 5, Team Harden, Team Loaded NC, Team Trae Young, We All Can Go, AZ Firestorm Gold, D1 Minnesota, Game Elite, Indiana Elite, Lakeshow Gold, New Orleans Elite Gold, NY Jayhawks, Southeast Elite, Team Indiana Gold, Team Loaded Virginia, Upward Stars, and Wildcat Select.


Friday July 16th  


17U 3SSB


Tournament Bracket


Dream Vision,72,Arkansas Hawks,59

Lakeshow Gold,59,Game Elite,58

Upward Stars,57,New World,56

Team Trae young,63,Team Lavine,50

Midwest Basketball Club,75,K-Low Elite,69

Next Page Force Gold,59,Mass Rivals,55

D1 Minnesota,69,Wildcat Select,51

Compton Magic,68,OSA Crusaders,64

Team Rose,65,Southern Assault,63

Southeast Elite,78,Team Indiana Gold,48

Atlanta Celtics,54,Brookwood Elite,46

EAB TENNESSEE,57,Team Loaded NC,49

Team Loaded VA,67,Power 5,46

Team Harden,67,NY Jayhawks,64

We All Can Go,68,Indiana Elite,66

Utah Prospects,66,Garner Road,55


16U 3SSB


Tournament Bracket


Indiana Elite,85,Team Harden,54

Grassroots Elite Canada,48,Wildcat Select,45

Team Rose,79,Upward Stars,66

NY Jayhawks,60,D1 Minnesota,49

Utah Prospects,71,Mass Rivals,56

Team Indiana Gold,49,New World,40

Compton Magic,64,Atlanta Celtics,48

Dream Vision,56,Team New England Gold,52

Game Elite,48,Brookwood Elite,43

Team Loaded NC 3SSB,57,Team Lavine,54

OSA Crusaders,71,Southeast Elite,66

K-Low Elite,64,Garner Road Bulldogs,39

Team loaded VA,72,Power 5,44

Indiana Ice Gold,80,Midwest Basketball Club,52

Southern Assault,55,Team Trae Young,41

AZ Firestorm Gold,95,EAB Tennessee,84



15U 3SSB


Tournament Bracket


Midwest Basketball Club,56,Team Harden,51

New World,74,AZ Firestorm Gold,52

Louisville Magic Gold,50,Upward Stars,42

Power 5,83,Grassroots Elite Canada,47

OSA Crusaders,64,REACH2024Adidas,53

Wildcat Select,77,Next Page Force Gold,50

ONE1TIMELEGENDS,53,Team Trae Young,51

Mid Ohio Pumas Gold,61,D1 Minnesota,51

Indiana Elite,74,Midwest Basketball Club,48

Utah Prospects,63,New World,57

Louisville Magic Gold,60,Southeast Elite,38

Power 5,73,Game Elite,60

OSA Crusaders,98,Team Rose,53

Arkansas Hawks,73,Wildcat Select,70

Atlanta Celtics,72,ONE1TIMELEGENDS,56

Mid Ohio Pumas Gold,49,Southern Assault,48



Saturday July 17th


17U 3SSB


Consolation Bracket


Game Elite,70,Arkansas Hawks,55

Team Lavine,55,New World,41

Mass Rivals,65,K-Low Elite,60

OSA Crusaders,77,Wildcat Select,71

Southern Assault,66,Team Indiana Gold,57

Team Loaded NC,65,Brookwood Elite,55

NY Jayhawks,88,Power 5,61

Indiana Elite,69,Garner Road,54


Tournament Bracket


Dream Vision,83,Lakeshow Gold,55

Team Trae Young,62,Upward Stars,61

Midwest Basketball Club,88,Next Page Force Gold,66

Compton Magic,73,D1 Minnesota,66

Southeast Elite,73,Team Rose,67

EAB TENNESSEE,70,Atlanta Celtics,52

Team Loaded Virginia,61,Team Harden,36

Utah Prospects,70,We All Can Go,68


Consolation Bracket


Game Elite,49,Team Lavine,48,Quarterfinal

Mass Rivals,73,OSA Crusaders,52,Quarterfinal

Southern Assault,83,Team Loaded NC,74,Quarterfinal

Indiana Elite,66,NY Jayhawks,65,Quarterfinal


Tournament Bracket


DreamVision,77,Team Trae Young,55,Quarterfinal

Midwest Basketball Club,90,Compton Magic,57,Quarterfinal

EAB TENNESSEE,68,Southeast Elite,65,Quarterfinal

Utah Prospects,70,Team Loaded Virginia,59,Quarterfinal


16U 3SSB


Consolation Bracket


Wildcat Select,60,Team Harden,58

D1 Minnesota,56,UpwaRD Stars,45

New World,57,Mass Rivals,46

Team New England Gold,49,Atlanta Celtics,48

Team Lavine,57,Brookwood Elite,48

Garner Road Bulldogs,80,Southeast Elite,59

Midwest Basketball Club,84,Power 5,72

EAB Tennessee,74,Team Trae Young,65


Tournament Bracket


Indiana Elite,75,Grassroots Elite Canada,35

Team Rose,65,NY Jayhawks,63

Team Indiana Gold,60,Utah Prospects,50

Dream Vision,56,Compton Magic,52

Game Elite,55,Team Loaded NC 3SSB,46

K-Low Elite,63,OSA Crusaders,53

Indiana Ice Gold,67,Team loaded VA,64

AZ Firestorm Gold,54,Southern Assault,51


Consolation Bracket


Wildcat Select,61,D1 Minnesota,45,Quarterfinal

New World,51,Team New England Gold,48,Quarterfinal

Team Lavine,63,Garner Road Bulldogs,58,Quarterfinal

EAB Tennessee,97,Midwest Basketball Club,68,Quarterfinal


Tournament Bracket


Indiana Elite,94,Team Rose,54,Quarterfinal

Team Indiana Gold,57,Dream Vision,54,Quarterfinal

K-Low Elite,56,Game Elite,36,Quarterfinal

AZ Firestorm Gold,69,Indiana Ice Gold,68,Quarterfinal


15U 3SSB


Tournament Bracket


Indiana Elite,65,Utah Prospects,54,Quarterfinal

Louisville Magic Gold,72,Power 5,62,Quarterfinal

Arkansas Hawks,77,OSA Crusaders,76,Quarterfinal

Atlanta Celtics,57,Mid Ohio Pumas Gold,43,Quarterfinals


Sunday June 18th


17U 3SSB


Team Lavine,46,OSA Crusaders,40,Consolation Bracket

Team Loaded NC,63,NY Jayhawks,55,Consolation Bracket

Mass Rivals,,59,Game Elite,49,Consolation Bracket,Semifinal

Indiana Elite,85,Southern Assault,67,Consolation Bracket,Semifinal

Mass Rivals,74,Indiana Elite,55,Consolation Bracket,Championship


Dream Vision,87,Midwest Basketball Club,69,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

EAB TENNESSEE,64,Utah Prospects,56,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

Dream Vision,74,EAB TENNESSEE,58,Tournament Bracket,Championship


16U 3SSB


D1 Minnesota,65,Team New England Gold,45,Consolation Bracket

Midwest Basketball Club,86,Garner Road Bulldogs,61,Consolation Bracket

New World,69,Wildcat Select,62,Consolation Bracket,Semifinal

EAB Tennessee,70,Team Lavine,43,Consolation Bracket,Semifinal

EAB Tennessee,66,New World,59,Consolation Bracket,Consolation Bracket,Championship


Indiana Elite,70,Team Indiana Gold,63,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

K-Low Elite,70,AZ Firestorm Gold,60,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

Indiana Elite,77,K-Low Elite,49,Tournament Bracket,Championship


15U 3SSB


Indiana Elite,54,Louisville Magic Gold,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

Atlanta Celtics,75,Arkansas Hawks,56,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

Arkansas Hawks,67,Louisville Magic Gold,52,Consolation Bracket, 3rd Place

Atlanta Celtics,66,Indiana Elite,49,Tournament Bracket,Championship


This was an excellent event with excellent teams and a lot of outstanding individual talent.  Some of the top players here this week included 6-11 YohanTraore (2022) (Dream Vision), 6-7 Chris Livingston (2022) (We All Can Go), 6-5 Collin Chandler (2022) (Utah Prospects 17U), 6-4 Dylan Andrews (2022) (Compton Magic Elite 17), 6-3 Isaac McKneely (2022) (Wildcat Select PA), 6-5 Keyonte George (2022) (Southern Assault), 6-3 Reed Sheppard (2023) (Midwest Basketball Club 3SSB 17U), 6-8 Colin Smith (2022) (Southern Assault), 6-5 MJ Rice (2022) Team Loaded NC 17), 6-2 Mikey Williams (2023) (We All Can Go), 6-7 Koa Peat (2025) (Compton Magic Elite 15), 6-1 Damone King (2024) (Louisville Magic 15U), 6-8 Ayden Evans (2024) (Louisville Magic 15U), etc.  This was an excellent well run event and well received by the coaches and recruiting gurus in attendance.













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Sunday, 18 July 2021
2021 National Elite Youth Championship (Girls) July 10-12
Topic: Basketball



National Elite Youth Championship (Girls)

14U, 15U, 16U, and 17U

McCormick Place Convention Center

Chicago, IL

July 10-12. 2021


The pool designations and standings were as follows


14U NEYC – Pool A: Cal Stars 8th Elite (3-0), Tree of Hope 2025 Jewell Loyd (2-1), North Tartan 13s Nike (1-2), and Fairfax Stars 2026 Black (0-3), Pool B: Missouri Phenom Columbia-14U (3-0), McCalister (2-2), Team Takeover 8th (1-2), and All Ohio 2025 (0-3), Pool C: Missouri Phenom St. Louis-14U Sutton (3-0), Exodus NYC 14U (2-21), Team Takeover Elite 7th Youth 2026 (1-2), and Lady Gym Rats Bria 14U (0-3), and Pool D: Lady Gym Rats Darby (14U) (3-0), Utah Premier U14 National Girls (2-1), Carolina Flames 14U JR EYBL Chasten (1-2), and CO Premier U14 Girls-Sabatini (0-3).


15U NEYC – Pool A: North Tartans 15s Nike (3-0), KY Premier 15U EYBL (1-2), Fairfax Stars 15U Wang (1-2), and Cal Stars 15U EYBL (1-2), Pool B: Team Takeover 15U EYBL (3-0), North Tartan 14s Nike (2-1), Midwest Elite-Cox 15U EYBL (1-2), and Exodus 15U EYBL (0-3), Pool C: All Iowa attack 9th Elite (3-0), Fairfax Stars EYBL Randolph (1-2), Miami Suns Kiki 15U EYBL (1-2), and Cal Sparks 9th/15U, Pool D: Kia Nurse Elite 15U (3-0), Carolina Flames 15U EYBL Stephenson/Massenburg (2-1), WCP EYBL 15U (1-2), and Lady Gym Rats Lindsey (15U) (0-3), Pool E: Philadelphia Rise 15U (3-0), Southern Starz 15U Nike (2-1), MO Phenom 15U EYBL (1-2), and Cal Storm-15U EYBL (0-3), and Pool F: Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL (3-0), CO Premier U15 NEYC Girls Bolding (2-1), Cal Swish 15U EYBL (0-3), and Tree of Hope 15U EYBL (0-3).


16U NEYC – Pool A: KY Premier 16U EYBL (3-0), Kia Nurse EYBL 16U (2-1), North Tartan 16s EYBL (1-2), and Cal Stars 16U EYBL (0-3), Pool B: Exodus 16U EYBL (3-0), Team Takeover 16U EYBL, Midwest Elite 16 EYBL (1-2), and Lady Drive Nation 16U EYBL (0-3), Pool C: All Iowa Attack 10th Elite (3-0), Cal Storm-16U National (2-1), Miami Suns Larkins 16U EYBL (1-2), and Carolina Flames 16U EYBL Richard (0-3), Pool D: Cal Sparks 16U (2-1), Lady Gym Rats Hollins 16U EYBL (2-1), Mo Phenom 16U EYBL (2-1), and DFW 16U EYBL (0-3), Pool E: AL Southern Starz 16U Nike EYBL (Looney) (3-0), Philadelphia Rise 16U (2-1), Tree of Hope 16U EYBL (1-2), and WCP EYBL 16U (0-3), and Pool F: Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL (3-0), Cal Swish 16U EYBL (2-1), CO Premier U16 EYBL Girls (1-2), and Fairfax Stars 16U EYBL (0-3).


17U NEYC – Pool A: Cal Stars 17U EYBL (3-0), Midwest Elite 17 EYBL (2-1), KY Premier 17U EYBL (1-2), and Lady Gym Rats Karissa 17u (0-3), Pool B: Cal Storm-Team Taurasi (3-0), Boo Williams (2-1), North Tartan 17s EYBL (1-2), and All Iowa Attack 11 Black (0-3), Pool C: Team Takeover 17U EYBL (3-0), Exodus 17U EYBL (2-1), WCP EYBL 17U (1-2), and Cal Stars 17 Elite (0-3), Pool D: All Iowa Attack 11th Elite (2-0), Fairfax Stars 17U EYBL (2-0), Carolina Flames 17U EYBL Morris (1-2), and All Ohio Black 17U EYBL (0-3), Pool E: Cal Sparks Gold 17U (3-0), Lady Gym Rats Riego 17U EYBL (2-1), Tree of Hope 17U EYBL (1-2), and Kia Nurse EYBL 17U (0-3), Pool F: Philadelphia Rise 17U (3-0), AL Southern Starz 17U NIKE EYBL (Bush) (2-1), Cal Swish 17U EYBL (1-2), and Miami Suns Fowles 17U EYBL (0-3), and Pool G: MO Phenom 17U EYBL (2-1), CO Premier U17 EYBL Girls (2-1), Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL (2-1), and Lady Drive Nation 17U EYBL (0-3).


Sunday July 11th (Tournament Bracket)


14U NEYC Gold


North Tartan 13s Nike,61,All Ohio 2025,28,Quarterfinal

Lady Gym Rats Bria 14U,79,Carolina Flames 14U JR EYBL Chasten,72,Quarterfinal

CO Premier U14 Girls-Sabatini,43,Team Takeover Elite 7th Youth 2026,38,Quarterfinal

Cal Storm 14U EYBL,61,FairfaxStars 2026 Black,60,Quarterfinal


14U NEYC Platinum


Cal Stars 8th Elite,57,Team Takeover 8th,40,Quarterfinal

Lady Gym Rats Darby (14U),60,Exodus NYC 14U,59,Quarterfinal

Missouri Phenom StL-14U Sutton,43,Utah Premier U14 National Girls,38,Quarterfinal

Missouri Phenom Columbia-14U McCalister,64,Tree of Hope 2025 Jewell Loyd,41,Quarterfinal


15U NEYC Silver


Mo Phenom 15U EYBL,46,Cal Stars 15U EYBL,44,Quarterfinal

Tree of Hope 15U EYBL,50,Cal Sparks 9th/15U,47,Quatyerfinal

Lady Gym Rats Lindsey 15U,55,Cal Storm-15U EYBL,47,Quarterfinal

Cal Swish 15U EYBL,70,Exodus 15U EYBL,54,Quarterfinal


15U NEYC Gold


Carolina Flames 15 EYBL Stephenson/Massenburg,75,Miami Suns Kiki 15U EYBL,51,Quarterfinal

KY Premier 15U EYBL,61,Midwest Elite-Cox 15U EYBL,29,Quarterfinal

Fairfax Stars 15U Wang,64,North Tartan 14s Nike,51,Quarterfinal

Fairfax Stars EYBL Randolph,69,WCP EYBL 15U,63,Quarterfinal


15U NEYC Platinum


AL Southern Starz 15U NIKE EYBL (Bush),45,North Tartan 15s Nike,38,Quarterfinal

Philadelphia Rise 15U,58,Kia Nurse Elite 15U,37,Quarterfinal

All Iowa Attack 9th Elite,54,Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL,41,Quarterfinal

Team Takeover 15U EYBL,58,CO Premier U15 NEYC Girls Bolding,28,Quarterfinal


16U NEYC Silver


Cal Stars 16U EYBL,67,Tree of Hope 16U EYBL,33,Quarterfinal

Fairfax Stars 16U EYBL,56,Carolina Flames 16U EYBL Richard,49,Quarterfinal

WCP EYBL 16U,58,DFW 16U EYBL,15,Quarterfinal

CO Premier U16 EYBL Girls,48,Lady Drive Nation 16U EYBL,37,Quarterfinal


16U NEYC Gold


Miami Suns Larkins 16U EYBL,48,Lady Gym Rats Hollins 16U EYBL,46,Quarterfinal

Kia Nurse EYBL 16U,58,Midwest Elite 16 EYBL,41,Quarterfinal

North Tartan 16s EYBL,53,Team Takeover 16U EYBL,47,Quarterfinal

MO Phenom 16U EYBL,62,Cal Storm-16U National,55,Quarterfinal


16U NEYC Platinum


KY Premier 16U EYBL,76,Philadelphia Rise 16U,53,Quarterfinal

Cal Sparks 16U,63,AL Southern Starz 16U Nike EYBL (Looney),62,Quarterfinal

All Iowa Attack 10th Elite,60,Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL,44,Quarterfinal

Exodus 16U EYBL,72,Cal Swish 16U EYBL,65,Quarterfinal


17U NEYC Bronze


All Ohio Black 17U EYBL,48,Lady Gym Rats Karissa 17U,30,Semifinal

All Iowa Attack 11 Black,65,Cal Stars 17 Elite,56,Semifinal


17U NEYC Silver


WCP EYBL 17U,61,Kia Nurse EYBL 17U,53,Quarterfinal

Cal Swish 17U EYBL,48,Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL,42,Quarterfinal

Tree of Hope 17U EYBL,48,Lady Drive Nation 17U EYBL,22,Quarterfinal

Miami Suns Fowles 17U EYBL,47,Carolina Flames 17U EYBL Morris,40,Quarterfinal


17U NEYC Gold


North Tartan 17s EYBL,60,CO Premier U17 EYBL Girls,51,Quarterfinal

Exodus 17U EYBL,51,Midwest Elite 17 EYBL,40,Quarterfinal

Lady Gym Rats Riego 17U EYBL,55,Boo Williams,34,Quarterfinal

AL Southern Starz 17U NIKE EYBL (Bush0,50,KY Premier 17U EYBL,36,Quarterfinal


17U NEYC Platinum


Cal Stars 17U EYBL,58,MO Phenom 17U EYBL,55,Quarterfinal

All Iowa Attack 11th Elite,74,Cal Sparks Gold 17U,58,Quarterfinal

Team Takeover 17U EYBL,63,Philadelphia Rise 17U,61,Quarterfinal

Fairfax Stars 17U EYBL,53,Cal Storm-Team Taurasi,39,Quarterfinal


Monday July 12th (Tournament Bracket)


14U NEYC Gold


Carolina Flames 14U JT EYBL Chasten,54,All Ohio 2025,52,Consolation

Team Takeover Elite 7th Youth 2026,32,Fairfax Stars 2026 Black,Consolation

North Tartan 13s Nike,61,Lady Gym Rats Bria 14U,53,Semifinal

CO Premier U14 Girls-Sabatini,49,Cal Storm 14U EYBL,28,Semifinal

North Tartan 13s Nike,61,CO Premier U14 Girls-Sabatini,38,Championship


14U NEYC Platinum


Exodus NYC 14U,59,Team Takeover 8th,39,Consolation

Tree of Hope 2025 Jewell Loyd,52,Utah Premier U14 National Girls,42,Consolation

Cal Stars 8th Elite,53,Lady Gym Rats Darby (14U),31,Semifinal

Missouri Phenom Columbia-14U McCalister,52,Missouri Phenom StL-14U Sutton,37,Semifinal

Cal Stars 8th Elite,35,Missouri Phenom Columbia-14U McCalister,21,Championship


15U NEYC Silver


Cal Stars 15U EYBL,52,Cal Sparks 9th/15U,32,Consolation

Cal Storm-15U EYBL,60,Exodus 15U EYBL,41,Consolation

MO Phenom 15U EYBL,67,Tree of Hope 15U EYBL,30,Semifinal

Cal Swish 15U EYBL,62,Lady Gym Rats Lindsey (15U),50,Semifinal

MO Phenom 15U EYBL,65,Cal Swish 15U EYBL,53,Championship


15U NEYC Gold


Midwest Elite-Cox 15U EYBL,67,Miami Suns Kiki 15U EYBL,55,Consolation

North Tartan 14s Nike,66,WCP EYBL 15U,47,Consolation

KY Premier 15U EYBL,62,Carolina Flames 15 EYBL Stephenson/Massenburg,47,Semifinal

Fairfax Stars 15U Wang,55,Fairfax Stars EYBL Randolph,29,Semifinal

KY Premier 15U EYBL,63,Fairfax Stars 15U Wang,50,Championship


15U NEYC Platinum


North Tartan 15s Nike,67,Kia Nurse Elite 15U,57,Consolation

Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL,44,CO Premier U15 NEYC Girls Bolding,23,Consolation

Philadelphia Rise 15U,40,AL Southern Starz 15U NIKE EYBL (Bush),25,Semifinal

Team Takeover 15U EYBL,39,All Iowa Attack 9th Elite,38,Semifinal

Philadelphia Rise 15U,won,Team Takeover 15U EYBL,lost,Championship


16U NEYC Silver


Carolina Flames 16U EYBL Richard,49,Tree of Hope 16U EYBL,42,Consolation

Lady Drive Nation16U EYBL,52,DFW 16U EYBL,14,Consolation

Cal Stars 16U EYBL,68,Fairfax Stars 16U EYBL,49,Semifinal

CO Premier U16 EYBL Girls,66,WCP EYBL 16U,34,Semifinal

Cal Stars 16U EYBL,64,CO Premier U16 EYBL Girls,54,Championship


16U NEYC Gold


Lady Gym Rats Hollins 16U EYBL,65,Midwest Elite 16 EYBL,51,Consolation

Team Takeover 16U EYBL,57,Cal Storm-16U National,50,Consolation

Kia Nurse EYBL 16U,53,Miami Suns Larkins 16U EYBL,27,Semifinal

North Tartan 16s EYBL,54,MO Phenom 16U EYBL,46,Semifinal

Kia Nurse EYBL 16U,54,North Tartan 16s EYBL,36,Championship


16U NEYC Platinum


AL Southern Starz 16U NIKE EYBL (Looney),45,Philadelphia Rise 16U,37,Consolation

Cal Swish 16U EYBL,58,Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL,32,Consolation

KY Premier 16U EYBL,53,Cal Sparks 16U,38,Semifinal

All Iowa Attack 10th Elite,60,Exodus 16U EYBL,55,Semifinal

All Iowa Attack 10th Elite,57,KY Premier 16U EYBL,55,Championship


17U NEYC Bronze


Cal Stars 17 Elite,84,Lady Gym Rats Karissa 17u,35,Consolation

All Iowa Attack 11 Black,65,All Ohio Black 17U EYBL,39,Championship


17U NEYC Silver


Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL,60,Kia Nurse EYBL 17U,47,Consolation

Carolina Flames 17U EYBL Morris,57,Lady Drive Nation 17U EYBL,47,Consolation

Cal Swish 17U EYBL,67,WCP EYBL 17U,59,Semifinal

Miami Suns Fowles 17U EYBL,49,Tree of Hope 17U EYBL,46,Semifinal

Miami Suns Fowles 17U EYBL,59,Cal Swish 17U EYBL,53,Championship


17U NEYC Gold


CO Premier U17 EYBL Girls,65,Midwest Elite 17 EYBL,52,Consolation

All Ohio Black,XX,KY Premier 17U EYBL,XX,Consolation

North Tartan 17s EYBL,61,Exodus 17U EYBL,54,Semifinal

AL Southern Starz 17U NIKE EYBL (Bush),54,Lady Gym Rats Riego 17U EYBL,30,Semifinal

AL Southern Starz 17U NIKE EYBL (Bush),64,North Tartan 17s EYBL,61,Championship


17U NEYC Platinum


MO Phenom 17U EYBL,52,Cal Sparks Gold 17U,38,Consolation

Cal Storm-Team Taurasi,58,Philadelphia Rise 17U,53,Consolation

All Iowa Attack 11th Elite,50,Cal Stars 17U EYBL,46,Semifinal

Team Takeover 17U EYBL,46,Fairfax Stars 17U EYBL,18,Semifinal

All Iowa Attack 11th Elite,66,Team Takeover 17U EYBL,47,Championship


Once again the talent level was unbelievable and congratulations to all the division winners and a special shout out to the KY Premier 2024 team who after several close calls in recent tournaments captured the Gold Bracket championship.  Also congratulations to KY Premier 2023 who finishes as Runner-up to a very good All Iowa Attack Elite team in the championship game of the Platinum Bracket. 




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2021 Battle In The Boro (Girls) July 10-12, 2021
Topic: Basketball



2021 Battle In The Boro (Girls)

2022 – 2026 Divisions

Kentucky Expo Center

Louisville, KY

July 10-12, 2021


There were approximately 400 teams in this event spread over five age group divisions.  I will cover the 2025 Justify Division which consists of the following teams: 2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veale NIKE (AL), 2025 Alabama Roadrunners (AL), 2025 All In Hoops Hathaway (OH), 2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future (MA), 2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain (TN), 2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch (GA), 2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace (NY), 2025 FOCUS Select (KY), 2025 Indiana Elite Drive (IN), 2025 Indy Magic Blanding (IN), 2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney (KY), 2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson (KY), 2025 Next Level (KY), 2025 PSB Denver-Mather (CO), 2025 Richmond Heat (KY), 2025 S.W.I.S.H. City (IN), 2025 Southern KY Starz (KY), 2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook (TN), 2025 State Line Stingers (IN), 2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats (GA), 2025 Team Elite Nashville (TN), 2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers, 2025 TN Flight Coleman (TN), 2025 TN Flight Select Silver (TN), 2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes (TN), 2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle (TN), 2025 Wendy Palmer Elite (NC), 2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson (NC), 2025 Woodz Elite (AR), Louisville Lady Dream (KY), Team Elite Dove (GA), and The City (IN).


Saturday July 10th (Tournament Bracket)


2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney,33,2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,31

2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,45,2025 Team Elite Nashville,27

2025 PSB Denver-Mather,48,2025 Woodz Elite,46

2025 Next Level,won,The City,forfeit

2025 StateLine Stingers,41,2025 Southern KY Starz,33

2025 S.W.I.S.H. City,51,2025 Atlanta Roadrunners,34

2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,48,2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson,20

2025 TN Flight Select Silver,42,2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,25

2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,36,2025 TN Flight Coleman,20

2025 Richmond Heat,43,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,25

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veal Nike,65,2025 Indy Magic Blanding,23

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,49,2025 FOCUS Select,47

2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,57,2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,31

2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,won,Team Elite Dove,forfeit

2025 Indiana Elite Drive,won,Louisville Lady Dream,forfeit

2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,51,2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,20


Consolation Bracket


2025 Southern KY Starz,50,2025 Alabama Roadrunners,45

2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,50,2025 Team Elite Nashville ,38

2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,50,2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson,31

2025 Woodz Elite,won,The City,forfeit

2025 Indy Magic Blanding,won,Team Elite Dove,forfeit

2025 FOCUS Select,won,Louisville Lady Dream,forfeit

2025 TN Flight Coleman,won,2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,forfeit

2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,36,2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,26


Tournament Bracket


2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,57,2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney,33

2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,52,2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,45

2025 Next Level,48,2025 PSB Denver-Mather,14

2025 S.W.I.S.H. City,41,2025 StateLine Stingers,17

2025 Al Southern Starz 14U-Veal NIKE,68,2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,29

2025 Indiana Elite Drive,42,2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,24

2025 TN Flight Select Silver,35,2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,28

2025 Richmond Heat,54,2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,48


Sunday July 11th


5th Game Guarantee Consolation Bracket


2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,32,2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,28

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,56,2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,30

2025 PSB Denver-Mather,44,2025 StateLine Stingers,35

2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney,39,2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,34


Consolation Bracket


2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,51,TN Flight Coleman,43

2025 FOCUS Select,48,2025 Indy Magic Blanding,27

2025 Woodz Elite,41,2025 Southern KY Starz,21

2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,47,2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,43


Tournament Bracket


2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,53,2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,18,Quarterfinal

2025 Richmond Heat,54,2025 TN Flight Select Silver,48,Quarterfinal

2025 Next Level,58,2025 S.W.I.S.H. City,40,Quarterfinal

2025 Indiana Elite Drive,37,2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veal NIKE,36,Quarterfinal


Consolation Bracket


2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,,53,2025 Woodz Elite,,35

2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,47,2025 FOCUS Select,39


Tournament Bracket


2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,48,2025 Next Level,37,Semifinal

2025 Indiana Elite Drive,39,2025 Richmond Heat,25,Semifinal


5th Game Guarantee Consolation Bracket


Team Elite Dove,won,Louisville Lady Dream,forfeit

2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson,46,2025 Team Elite Nashville,34

2025 Alabama Roadrunners,won,The City,forfeit

2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,won,2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,forfeit

2025 S.W.I.S.H. City,53,2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,33

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veal NIKE,49,2025 TN Flight Select Silver,34

2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,31,2025 Southern KY Starz,24

2025 TN Flight Coleman,57,2025 Indy Magic Blanding,18

2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney,39,2025 PSB Denver-Mather,18

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,48,2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,32

2025 Alabama Roadrunners,51,2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson,34

2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,40,Team Elite Dove,30

2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,31,2025 StateLine Stingers,30

2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,35,2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,27

2025 Team Elite Nashville,won,The City,forfeit

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,won,Louisville Lady Dream,forfeit


Monday July 12th


5th Game Guarantee Consolation Bracket


2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,53,2025 TN Flight Coleman,45

2025 Southern KY Starz,44,2025 Indy Magic Blanding,23

2025 TN Flight Select Silver ,51,2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,36

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,48

2025 S.W.I.S>H. City,68,2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veal NIKE,50

2025 StateLine Stringers,38,2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,33

2025 Alabama Roadrunners,36,2025 Team Elite Nashville,35

2025 Alabama Roadrunners,43,2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,29

2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,32,2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,29

2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,47,2025 PSB Denver-Mather,15


Consolation Bracket


2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,47,2025 FOCUS Selecy,39

2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,29,2025 Elmirs Fusion Wallace,19

2025 Next Level,53,2025 Richmond Heat,34,3rd Place Game


Championship Bracket


2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,41,2025 Indiana Elite Drive,31,Championship



2026 Gallant Fox Bracket –2026 AL Southern Stars-Ellis 46  2026 SSA Gameball Elite 13U 32


2026 Sir Barton Bracket – 2026 TN Topgun Gold 47  2026 TN Flight Carman 39


2026 Blue Bracket – 2026 Next Level Blue 43  2026 Lady Gym Rats Team Shelby 32


2025 Justify Bracket –2025 TN Flight Silver Ayers 41  2025 Next Level 31


2025 Blue Bracket – 2025 Memphis Elite Daniels 47  2025 Indy Magic Andrus 28


2024 Seattle Slew Bracket –2024  Ladystrong (Strong Center) 41  2024 KY Fusion 40


2024 Whirlaway Bracket – 2024 Team Thad Girls 47  2024 Team Elite Harris 36


2024 Blue Bracket – 2024 BWSL McCray 50  2024 SMAC Believe 44


2023 Citation Bracket –2023  SMAC Lady Ballers 45  2023 So IL Hawks 40


2023 Assault Bracket– 2023 Atlanta Cagers Blue Chip Myers 63  2023 South Carolina Future 31


2023 Blue Bracket – 2023 Indiana Elite Havoc 49  2023 VA Hurricanes 16U Orange 26


2022 Justify Bracket – 2022 Tennessee Flight Silver 17U EYBL 58  2022 DC Queens Reloaded 38


2022 American Pharaoh Bracket – 2022 SEMO Sizzle 56  2022 Louisville Lady Dream 36


2022 Affirmed Bracket – 2022 Cap City Ballerz 50  2022 Mississippi Jazz Elite 44


2022 Secretariat Bracket – 2022 Potomac Valley Vogues 2023 National 65  2022 Nautilus Express JR 54


2022 Blue Bracket – 2022 MD Lady Hoopmasters 50  2022 Trotters Kenley 34


The 2025 Richmond Heat (KY) squad won their first three games and reached the final four of the Justify Division before losing in the semifinal game and also in the third place game.  They only had six players available this week end and started to wear down physically and were unable to continue their pressing defense and up tempo style of play for the entire game because of their lack of depth.  Also, the talent pool in this division was very good with some excellent players. 5-5 Brittany Campbell (Madison Central) led the team in scoring with a 12.0 ppg.  5-5 Brooke Campbell (Madison Central) averaged 7.2 PPG per game.  6-1 Abby Gilbert (Jackson County) added 7.2 ppg, 12 rpg, and 5.4 blocks per game.  Abby had 27 blocks in five games.  5-5 Jayci Long (Estill County) and 5-5 Tiana Long (Madison Central ) each averaged 6.2 ppg.  The team was without the services of deadly outside shooter 5-9 Cameryn Ridderikhoff (Franklin County) who had a prior commitment. 


This was an excellent tournament, well organized, and a great venue for the girls to be seen by tons of coaches during this period.  The event staff did a great job of providing timely updates and other info on their comprehensive web site.





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2021 Run 4 The Roses (Girls) July 5-8, 2021
Topic: Basketball



2021 Run 4 The Roses (Girls)

Kentucky Expo Center

Louisville, KY

July 5-8, 2021


The classes represented were 2022. 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026.  There were approximately 838 teams in attendance playing on 70 basketball courts in one of the largest exposure events in the country.  The 2022 age group included 10 divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams), Blue (32 teams), Cyan (30 teams), Denim (32 teams), Evergreen (30 teams), Fuchsia (32 teams), Green (32 teams), Horizon Blue (32 teams), Indigo (32 teams), and Jade (20 teams).  The 2023 age group included six divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams), Blue (32 teams), Cyan (32 teams), Denim (32 teams), Evergreen (32 teams), and Fuchsia (28 teams).  The 2024 age group consisted of six divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams), Blue (32 teams), Cyan (29 teams), Denim (32 teams), Evergreen (32 teams), and Fuchsia (17 teams).  The 2025 age group consisted of four divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams), Blue (32 teams), Cyan (26 teams), and Denim (13 teams).  The 2026 age group consisted of two divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams) and Blue (37 teams).  Most of the divisions had Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze brackets based on their pool records.  I only covered the 2022 Aqua Platinum Division (Tournament), the 2023 Aqua Platinum Division (Tournament), and the 2025 Blue Platinum Division (Tournament) because of my familiarity with these teams. 


The 2022 age group Aqua Division teams were placed into eight pools as follows: Pool A: 2022 DC Queens Reloaded, 2022 TN Flight Silver, 2022 Bay State Jaguars Black, and 2022 NJ Demons, Pool B: 2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club, 2022 FBC Black NXT-GEN JG, 2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen, and 2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black, Pool C: 2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black, 2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold, 2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL, and 2022 SMAC Elite, Pool D: 2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black, 2022 San Diego Relentless Blue, 2022 Comets UA 2022. and 2022 BBA 17U GUAA, Pool E: 2022 Oregon Elite Navy, 2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung, 2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL, and 2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy, Pool F: 2022 Long Island Renegades, 2022 MAC Irvin Fire Godfather, 2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL, and 2022 Ohio Future, Pool G: 2022 Philly Rise EYBL, 2022 Wolverinas, 2022 Indiana Elite Thunder, and 2022 DC Queens 2022 White, and Pool H: 2022 New Jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB, 2022 Porter Sports, 2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL, and 2022 Wisconsin Lakers White.


The 2023 age group Aqua Division teams were placed into eight pools as follows: Pool A: 2023 BWSL EYBL 16U, 2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB, 2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite, and 2023 43 Hoops Orange, Pool B: 2023 Bay State Jaguars, 2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U, 2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL, and 2023 SMAC Lady Ballers, Pool C: 2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL, 2023 Team Carolina Harrell, 2023 SSA GameBall, and 2023 East Coast United Family 2023, Pool D: 2023 Philly Rise EYBL, 2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National), 2023 D4S-2023, and 2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert, Pool E: 2023 FBC Legacy GUAA, 2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White, 2023 TN Flight Silver, and 2023 Always 100 Elite 2023, Pool F: 2023 SME Black, 2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater, 2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL, and 2023 Indiana Elite Prime, Pool G: 2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks, 2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL, 2023 FBC Nightmares Teal, and 2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold, and Team H: 2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth, 2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL, 2023 Comets GUAA-2023, and 2023 ALL IN 16U 3SSB Truding.


The 2025 age group Blue Division teams were placed into eight pools as follows: Pool A: 2025 Ohio Future, 2025 FBC Magic, 2025 IGB Morse, and 2025 All In Hoops-Painter, Pool B: 2025 Nautilus Express, 2025 Heart Of Illinois 14U National, 2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite, and 2025 UTS Lady Elite, Pool C: 2025 Memphis Elite, 2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman, 2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski, and 2025 Fundamental University, Pool D: 2025 Westside Elite, 2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green, 2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson, and 2025 Team Heat Lightning, Pool E: 2025 TN Flight Coleman, 2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace, 2025 Michigan Storm-Red, and 2025 Southern KY Starz, Pool F: 2025 TN Sol Blue, 2025 NY Extreme, 2025 Wendy Palmer Elite, and 2025 FBC Nightmares Black, Pool G: 2025 Richmond Heat, 2025 Dayton Metro, 2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale, and 2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025, and Pool H: 2025 Team Elite Nashville, 2025 Palmetto 76ers, 2025 CBC Futures 14U, and 2025 IL Rockets 14U Red.


July 5th


2025 Blue Division (Pool Play)


2025 Wisconsin Impact,Bugajski,56,2025 Memphis Elite,34

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,52,2025 Fundamental University,33

2025 Westside Elite,61,2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson,34

2025 FBC Nightmares Black,46,2025 NY Extreme,41

2025 Richmond Heat,50,2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,48

2025 All In Hoops - Painter,44,2025 FBC Magic,34

2025 IGB Morse,37,2025 Ohio Future,15

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,45,2025 TN Sol Blue,35

2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,27,2025 Dayton Metro,19

2025 Heart of Illinois 14U National,47,2025 UTS Lady Elite,21

2025 Nautilus Express,49,2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,42

2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,44,2025 Team Heat Lightning,25

2025 Michigan Storm – Red,44,2025 TN Flight Coleman,32

2025 Southern KY Starz,42,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,38

2025 Palmetto 76ers,43,2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,41


July 6th


2022 Aqua Division (Pool Play)


2022 TN Flight Silver,70,2022 DC Queens Reloaded,30

2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,49,2022 NJ Demons,29

2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,65,2022 FBC BLACK NXT-GEN JG,41

2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,58,2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,57

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,52,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,32

2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,62,2022 SMAC Elite,48

2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,55,2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,38

2022 Comets UA 2022,42,2022 BBA 17u GUAA,33

2022 MAC Irvin Fire Godfather,50,2022 Long Island Renegades,42

2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,61,2022 Ohio Future,47

2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,53,2022 Oregon Elite Navy,36

2022 Exodus NYC – EYBL,54,2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,43

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,77,2022 Wolverinas,59

2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,53,2022 DC Queens 2022 White,40

2022 New Jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB,52,2022 Porter Sports,42

2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL,56,2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,51

2022 TN Flight Silver,60,2022 NJ Demons,39

2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,68,2022 DC Queens Reloaded,38

2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,57,2022 FBC BLACK NXT-GEN JG,56

2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,49,2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,44

2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,53,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,33

2022 SMAC Elite,59,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,28

2022 Comets UA 2022,53,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,44

2022 BBA 17u GUAA,50,2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,38

2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL,72,2022 Oregon Elite Navy,60

2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,58,2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,52

2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,43,2022 Long Island Renegades,37

2022 Mac Irvin Fire Godfather,73,2022 Ohio Future,60

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,60,2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,44

2022 Wolverinas,50,2022 DC Queens 2022 White,41

2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL,54,2022 New Jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB,27

2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,62,2022 Porter Sports,35


2023 Aqua Division (Pool Play)


2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB,40,2023 43 Hoops Orange,39

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,47,2023 Lady Bradley BealElite,33

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,66,2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,65

2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,42,2023 Bay State Jaguars,30

2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,51,2023 TN Flight Silver,40

2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,74,2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White,46

2023 FBC Nightmares Teal,53,2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,52

2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,58,2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,45

2023 Indiana Prime Elite,53,2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,29

2023 Team Carolina Harrell,49,2023 East Coast United Family 2023,45

2023 SSA GaneBall,40,2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,39

2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,45,2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),43

2023 Philly Rise EYBL,59,2023 D4S-2023,39

2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL,53,2023 SME Black,17

2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,45,2023 ALL IN 16U 3SSB Truding,36

2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,44,2023 Comets GUAA-2023,40

2023 Indiana Elite Prime,51,2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL,48

2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,57,2023 43 Hoops Orange,35

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,49,2023 New Jersey Panthers 16 U 3SSB,27

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,54,2023 Bay State Jaguars,51

2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,52,2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,29

2023 Team Carolina Harrell,48,2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,39

2023 East Coast United Family 2023,33,2023 SSA GameBall,20

2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,48,2023 D4S-2023,28

2023 Philly Rise EYBL,57,2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),36

2023 TN Flight Silver,57,2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,35

2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,79,2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White,29

2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,55,2023 SME Black,29

2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,63,2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,36

2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,51,2023 FBC Nighmares Teal,43

2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,50,2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,46

2023 Comets GUAA-2023,41,2023 ALL IN 16U 3SSB Truding,27


2025 Blue Division (Pool Play)


2025 IGB Morse,45,2025 FBC Magic,17

2025 All In Hoops-Painter,32,2025 Ohio Future,28

2025 Nautilus Express,48,2025 UTS Lady Elite,30

2025 Heart of Illinois 14U National,50,2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,31

2025 Fundamental University,56,2025 Memphis Elite,37

2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,49,2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,48

2025 Westside Elite,47,2025 Team Heat Lightning,19

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson,42,2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,32

2025 Southern KY Starz,47,2025 TN Flight Coleman,38

2025 Michigan Storm-Red,49,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,25

2025 TN Sol Blue,46,2025 FBC Nightmares Black,23

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,44,2025 NY Extreme,41

2025 Richmond Heat,51,2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,36

2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,47,2025 Dayton Metro,36

2025 Team Elite Nashville,41,2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,37

2025 CBC Futures 14U,42,2025 Team Elite Nashville,14

2025 CBC Futures 14U,53,2025 Palmetto 76ers,27


July 7th


2022 Aqua Division (Pool Play)


2022 SMAC Elite,41,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,27

2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,50,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,24

2022 BBA 17u GUAA,70,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,62

2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,36,2022 Comets UA 2022,33

2022 NJ Demons,55,2022 DC Queens Reloaded,32

2022 TN Flight Silver,50,2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,39

2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,45,2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,36

2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,28

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,63,2022 DC Queens 2022 White,19

2022 Wolverinas,71,2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,70

2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,41,2022 New Jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB,39

2022 Kentucky Premier Milby,73,2022 Porter Sports,30

2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,56,2022 MAC Irvin Fire Godfather,18

2022 Ohio Future,63,2022 Long Island Renegades,52

2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL,58,2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,41

2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,50,2022 Oregon Elite Navy,48


2023 Aqua Division (Pool Play)


2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL,45,2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,36

2023 Indiana Elite Prime,61,2023 SME Black,21

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,70,2023 43 Orange,30

2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,48,2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB,31

2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,48,2023 Bay State Jaguars,29

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,70,2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,60

2023 Team Carolina Harrell,51,2023 SSA GameBall,33

2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,48,2023 East Coast United Family 2023,40

2023 Philly Rise EYBL,49,2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,42

2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),49,2023 D4S-2023,27

2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,65,2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,64

2023 TN Flight Silver,58,2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White,32

2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,63,2023 FBC Nightmares Teal,26

2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,41,2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,35

2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,43,2023 ALL IN 16U 3SSB Truding,40

2023 Comets GUAA-2023,36,2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,28


2025 Blue Division (Pool Play)


2025 FBC Magic,34,2025 Ohio Future,19

2025 IGB Morse,49,2025 All In Hoops-Painter,18

2025 Heart of Illinois 14u National,50,2025 Nautilus Express,29

2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,52,2025 UTS Lady Elite,24

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,54,2025 Memphis Elite,47

2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,60,2025 Fundamental University,59

2025 Westside Elite,44,2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,23

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson,45,2025 Team Heat Lightning,42

2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,53,2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,48

2025 TN Flight Coleman,52,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,33

2025 Michigan Storm-Red,43,2025 Southern KY Starz,23

2025 TN Sol Blue,41,2025 NY Extreme,28

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,39,2025 FBC Nightmares Black,6

2025 Richmond Heat,48,2025 Dayton Metro,29

2025 FBC Futures 14U,54,2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,39

2025 Team Elite Nashville,35,2025 Palmetto 76ers,29


2022 Aqua Bronze Championship


2022 DC Queens Relaoded,57,2022 Porter Sports,53,Quarterfinal

2022 Oregon Elite Navy,53,2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,49,Quarterfinal

2022 FBC BLACK NXT-GEN JG,45,2022 DC Queens2022 White,38,Quarterfinal

2022 Long Island Renegades,42,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,17,Quarterfinal


2022 Aqua Silver Championship


2022 New Jersey Demons,40,2022 New Jersey Panthers17U,22,Quarterfinal

2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,59,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,54,Quarterfinal

2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,72,2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,40,Quarterfinal

2022 Ohio Future,69,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,35,Quarterfinal


2022 Aqua Gold Championship


2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,58,2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,55,Quarterfinal

2022 BBA 17U GUAA,64,2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,54,Quarterfinal

2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,63,2022 Wolverinas,53,Quarterfinal

2022 SMAC Elite,57,2022 MAC Irvin Fire Godfather,45,Quarterfinal


2022 Aqua Platinum Championship


2022 TN Flight Silver,51,2022 Comets UA 2022,49,Quarterfinal

2022 Exodus NYC EYBL,48,2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL,38,Quarterfinal

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,56,2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,34,Quarterfinal

2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,56,2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,39,Quarterfinal


2023 Aqua Bronze Championship


2023 43 Hoops Orange,37,2023 ALL IN 16U Truding,32,Quarterfinal

2023 D4S-2023,49,2022 MBA-Bobcats NE White,47,Quarterfinal

2023 Bay State Jaguars,33,2023 FBC Nightmares Teal,29,Quarterfinal

2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,51,2022 SME Black,22,Quarterfinal


2023 Aqua Silver Championship


2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,44,2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB,35,Quarterfinal

2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,55,2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),51,Quarterfinal

2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,43,2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,29,Quarterfinal

2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,58,2023 SSA GameBall,44,Quarterfinal


2023 Aqua Gold Championship


2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,45,2023 Comets GUAA-23,43,Quarterfinal

2023 TN Flight Silver,52,2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,27,Quarterfinal

2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,49,2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,24,Quarterfinal

2023 Exodus NYC EYBL,44,2023 East Coast United Family 2023,39,Quarterfinal


2023 Aqua Platinum Championship


2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,38,2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,29,Quarterfinal

2023 Philly Rise EYBL,51,2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,45,Quarterfinal

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,73,2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,70,Quarterfinal

2023 Indiana Elite Prime,66,2023 Team Carolina Harrell,48,Quarterfinal


2025 Blue Bronze Championship


2025 Ohio Future,34,2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,25,Quarterfinal

2025 Team Heat Lightning,44,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,33,Quarterfinal

2025 Dayton Metro,45,2025 UTS Lady Elite,38,Quarterfinal

2025 Memphis Elite,53,2025 NY Extreme,47,Quarterfinal


2025 Blue Silver Championship


2025 FBC Magic,38,2025 Palmetto 76ers,24,Quarterfinal

2025 TN Flight Coleman,37,2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,36,Quarterfinal

2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,38,2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,37,Quarterfinal

2025 Fundamental University,50,2025 FBC Nightmares Black ,28,Quarterfinal


2025 Blue Gold Championship


2025 Team Elite Nashville,30,2025 All In Hoops-Painter,28,Quarterfinal

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U,43,2025 Southern KY Starz,30,Quarterfinal

2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,53,2025 Nautilus Express,39,Quarterfinal

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,41,2025 TN Sol Blue,36,Quarterfinal


2025 Blue Platinum Championship


2025 IGB Morse,41,2025 CBC Futures 14U,38,Quarterfinal

2025 Michigan Storm-Red,48,2025 Westside Elite,45,Quarterfinal

2025 Heart Of Illinois 14U National,45,2025 Richmond Heat,38,Quarterfinal

2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,49,2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,38,Quarterfinal


July 8th


2022 Aqua Bronze Championship


2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,won,2022 Porter Sports,forfeit,Consolation

2022 DC Queens 2022 White,37,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,32,Consolation

2022 Oregon Elite Navy,57,2022 DC Queens Reloaded,54,Semifinal

2022 Long Island Renegades,52,2022 FBC BLACK NXT-GEN JG,43,Semifinal

2022 Long Island Renegades,54,2022 Oregon Elite Navy,34,Championship


2022 Aqua Silver Championship


2022 New jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB,37,2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,35,Consolation

2022 Hoop Dreama Athletics Black,won,2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,forfeit,Consolation

2022 NJ Demons,49,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,41,Semifinal

2022 Ohio Future,won,2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,forfeit,Semifinal

2022 NJ Demons,54,2022 Ohio Future,47,Championship


2022 Aqua Gold Championship


2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,67,2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,60,Consolation

2022 Wolverinas,79,2022 Mac Irvin Fire Godfather,57,Consolation

2022 BBA 17u GUAA,60,2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,36,Semifinal

2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,61,2022 SMAC Elite,40,Semifinal

2022 BBA 17u GUAA,43,2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,34,Championshyip


2022 Aqua Platinum Championship


2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL,37,2022 Comets UA 2022,32,Consolation

2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,53,2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,34,Consolation

2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL,57,2022 TN Flight Silver,48,Semifinal

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,49,2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,38,Semifinal

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,69,2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL,54,Championship


2022 Aqua Platinum Championship was won by the Philly Rise EYBL team and they went 6-0 this week.  Some of the players on this team included 6-0 Sr. Ava Sciolla Pennsbury PA who has committed to Maryland, 6-3 Sr. Justine Pissott Red Bank Catholic NJ who has committed to Tennessee, 5-10 Sr. Madison St. Rose Saint John Vianney NJ who has committed to Princeton, 6-5 Sr. Ally Carman Red Bank Catholic NJ who has committed to Boston College, and 5-11 Jr. Zoe Brooks Trenton Catholic NJ.


2023 Aqua Bronze Championship


2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White,won,2023 All In 16U 3SSB Truding,forfeit,Consolation

2023 FBC Nighmares Teal,58,2023 SME Black,57,Consolation

2023 43 Hoops Orange,56,2023 D4S-2023,36,Semifinal

2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,43,2023 Bay State Jaguars,37,Semifinal

2023 43 Hoops Orange,won,2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,forfeit,Championship


2023 Aqua Silver Championship


2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),44,2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB,35,Consolation

2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,40,2023 SSA GameBall,35,Consolation

2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,48,2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,35,Semifinal

2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,57,2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,24,Semifinal

2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,50,2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,38,Championship


2023 Aqua Gold Championship


2023 Comets GUAA-2023,35,2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,27,Consolation

2023 East Coast United Family 2023,48,2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,39,Consolation

2023 TN Flight Silver,49,2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,45,Semifinal

2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,61,2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL,60,Semifinal

2023 TN Flight Silver,55,2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,41,Championship


2023 Aqua Platinum Championship


2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,38,2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,37,Consolation

2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,58,2023 Team Carolina Harrell,35,Consolation

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,51,2023 Philly Rise EYBL,36,Semifinal

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,won,2023 Indiana Elite Prime,forfeit,Semifinal

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,60,2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,53,Championship


2023 Aqua Platinum Championship was won by 2023 BWSL EYBL 16U who finished with a perfect 6-0 record.  Some of the players on this team included 6-2 2024 Jamia Woolfolk Trinity Episcopal, 5-6 2023 Kiara Beal Menchville, 5-11 2023 Sylvie Jackson Louisa County, 6-1 2025 Nyla Brooks Bishop Ireson, and 5-9 2023 Diamond Wiggins Norview High.


2025 Blue Bronze Championship


2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,40,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,38,Consolation

2025 NY Extreme,43,2025 UTS Lady Elite,35,Consolation

2025 Team Heat Lightning,48,2025 Ohio Future,27,Semifinal

2025 Memphis Elite,53,2025 Dayton Metro,42,Semifinal

2025 Memphis Elite,51,2025 Team Heat Lightning,36,Championship


2025 Blue Silver Championship


2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,56,2025 Palmetto 76ers,44,Consolation

2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,37,2025 FBC Nightmares Black,12,Consolation

2025 TN Flight Coleman,56,2025 FBC Magic,49,Semifinal

2025 Fundamental University,39,2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,27,Semifinal

2025 TN Flight Coleman,59,2025 Fundamental University,55,Championship


2025 Blue Gold Championship


2025 Southern KY Starz,won,2025 All In Hoops-Painter,forfeit,Consolation

2025 Nautilus Express,31,2025 TN Sol Blue,29,Consolation

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson,37,2025 Team Elite Nashville,30,Semifinal

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,34,2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,29,Semifinal

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,51,2025 AL Southern Starz 14u-Robinson,30,Championship


2025 Blue Platinum Championship


2025 CBC Futures 14U,37,2025 Westside Elite,33,Consolation

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,31,2025 Richmond Heat,29,Consolation

2025 IGB Morse,39,2025 Michigan Storm-Red,34,Semifinal

2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,42,2025 Heart Of Illinois 14u National,41,Semifinal

2025 IGB Morse,,49,2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,41,Championship


The champion 2025 IGB Morse team finished with a 6-0 record.  They roster included 5-8 Abby Beasley, 5-6 Addison Bowman, 5-11 Ava Carter, 5-9 Carley Barrett, 5-10 Casey Frost, 5-7 Joslyn Marshall, 5-6 Kayla Briney, 5-7 Maine Hooks, and 5-5 Mali Lucas.


The team I am most familiar with in this division is the 2025 Richmond Heat.  They were led this week in scoring by 5-5 Brittany Campbell (Madison Central) 14.2 ppg, 5-9 Cameryn Ridderikhoff (Franklin County) 7.2 ppg, 6-2 Abby Gilbert (Jackson County) 6.2 ppg, and 5-5 Jayci Long (Estill County) 6.2 ppg.


2022 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – 2022 Philly Rise EYBL 69 2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL 54


2023 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – 2023 BWSL EYBL 16U 60  2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U 53


2024 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – 2024 Wisconsin Impact Kelley 39  2024 Comets GUAA 2024 34


2025 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – TN Flight Silver Ayers 41  Drill 4 Skill Shazer 32


2026 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – 2026 Wisconsin Impact 2026 Nikolic 39  2026 IGB Holman 28




It is almost impossible to imagine an event this large but Tucker Neale and his organization manages to pull it off.  The competition is intense and the level of talent is outstanding.  I just basically covered three divisions of three age groups and was still overwhelmed with the magnitude of the event.  However this organization pulls it off and keeps the comprehensive website current and up-to-date.  The arena is packed with college coaches at all levels and the scores are current and each game is televised by in real time and is also available for replays.  This is definitely a basketball junkie’s dream week.  Also, there is a lot of coverage by the basketball gurus via their websites, twitter, and face book.  Congratulations on a job well done.














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2021 USJN Hershey National Showcase June 26-29, 2021
Topic: Basketball




2021 20th Annual USJN Hershey National Showcase (Girls)

11/10U through 17U

Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex

Hershey, PA

June 26-29, 2021


This is one of the most anticipated events in the nation as over 150 teams have come to the Chocolate Capital of the World will use this for a spring board for the July live period for recruiting.  This event is well attended by the college coaches and well covered by the media.  The teams will be broken up into eight pools 17U (Pools A-D), 17U (Pools E-F), 16U (Pools G-J), 15U (Pools K-M), 14U (Pools N-Q), 13U (Pools R-T), 12U (Pools U-V), and 11/10U (Pools W-X).


Pool A: ME-Attraction 17 Carson, PA-Philadelphia Belles 17 Peterson, NY-Elmira Fusion 17 Abrams, PA-Central PA Elite 17 Thomas, NY-Twin Tier Elite 17 Platinum, and PA-York Thunder 17 A. Fancher, Pool B: PA-Mid-Penn Motion 17, MD-Baltimore Dream Team 17, PA-Team Pennsylvania 17 Polly, NY-Full Court Hoops 17, PA-Philadelphia Belles 17 Steidel BSTTL, and MD-Black Rock Fury 17, Pool C: PA: Team Pennsylvania 17 Gingrich, NC-Carolina All-Stars 17, PA: Erie Saints 17 Perfetto, DE: Alyssa Thomas Elite 17 Elgart, VA: Vogues 17 Priester, and PA-Philadelphia Belles 17 Halligan BSTTL, Pool D: MA-82L17 Varsity Black, PA-Keystone Karma 17, VA-Team Voltage Bball 17, PA-All Day Hoops 17, VA-Loudon Flight 17 Turner, and PA-District One 17 Tague, Pool E: DE-East Coast Thunder 17, PA-4SH 17 Shehady, NY-Lady X-Men 17, PA-District One 17 Lyons, NY-Elmira Fusion 17 Gentile, and MA-MT Elite Ducks 16 Plasma, Pool F: PA-Collegeville Jaguars 17 Zajac, MD-BWSL Team Liberty 17, ME-XL Thunder 16 Laren, PA-Philadelphia Belles15 Peterson, VA-Hurricanes 16, and PA: Central PA Elite 16 Ferguson, Pool G: PA-Central PA Elite 16 Kunkle, NY-Renaissance 16 Tomlinson, PA-Philadelphia Belles 16 DeShields, ME-XL Thunder 16 Morgan, NY-Twin Tier Elite 16 Gold, and MD-Black Rock Fury 16, Pool H: PA-Lower Dieco Wildcats 16 Mayo, VA-Vogues 16 Blue, PA-Mid Penn Motion 16, MD-Columbia Ravens 16, NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat16 Blue, and PA-Team Pennsylvania 16 Polly, Pool I: NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat 16 Red, PA-Central PA Elite 16 Torchia, MA-MT Elite Ducks 16 Garnet, PA-All Day Hoops 16, VA:WDBA 16 Diggs, and PA-Keystone Karma 16 Sarah, Pool J: PA-District One 16 Thomas, MA-MPC 16 Gold McInnis, NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat 16 Green, NY-Rennaissance 15 Amenta, MD-Prymetime Select 16 Dunning, and PA-York Thunder 15 T. Fancher, Pool K: NY-Elmira Fusion 15 Clearwater, PA_Distict One 15 Johnson, NJ-Rise as One 15, CT-Starters 15 Pringle, DE: Lady Sharks 15 Elgart, and PA-Deico Goals 15, Pool L: CT-Breakers 15, PA-Team Pennsylvania 15 Dippery, VA-CYA Shock 15, MA-B2L 15 Black, NY-Hoopers NY 15 Ziogas, and VA-WDBA 15, Pool M: MA-B2L 15 White, NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat 15, PA-Central PA Elite 15 Robinson, VA-Team Voltage Bball 15, NY-Full Court Hoops 15 Caterina, and MA-Honey Badgers 13, Pool N: NJ: Belles 14 Jensen, VA-Chantilly Elite 14, NY-Renaissance 14 DeLuca, PA-Team Pennsylvania 14 Falker, NY-Elmira Fusion 14 Wallace, and ME-Firecrackers 14 Abi, Pool O: NJ-Belles 14 Shaughnessy, MA-Mt Elite Ducks 14 Tanzanite, PA-Philadelphia Belles 14 Lang, NY-Renaissance 14 Hernandez, PA- Mid Penn Motion 14, and NY-SI Diamonds 14 Vidal, Pool P: PA-Keystone Karma 14 John, NJ-Rise as One 14, MD-Belles 14, PA-4SH Shehady, NY-Twin Tier Elite 14, and PA-Philadelphia Belles 13 Vaughn, Pool Q: VA-Vogues 14 Mason, NY-Renaissance 14 Brown, PA-Central PA Elite 13 Thomas, NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat 14 Darryl, VA-Loudon Flight 14 Demonte, and PA-Philadelphia Belles 14 Henry, Pool R: MA-Honey Badgers 13, PA-York Bombers 13, VA-CTAB Elite 13 Towe, NJ-Belles 13 Greene, CT-Starters 13, and ME-XL Thunder 13 Abi, Pool S: NY-Castle Athletics 13 Orange Rosey, PA-District One Tague, NJ-Belles 13 Iasparro, CT-Midstate Lady Raiders 13 Faienza, NJ-Jersey Cardinals 13 Klinger, and NY-SI Diamonds 13 Derevjanik, Pool T: PA-Lower Deico Wildcats 13, NY-SI Diamonds 13 Foder, DE-Lady Sharks 13, NY-Castle Athletics 13 Blue, PA-Legendz Athletics 13 Griffin, and NJ-Jersey Cardinals 13 Kraybill, Pool U: MA-MT Elite Ducks 12 Emerald, MD-Belles 12, NY SI Diamonds 12 Fallan, PA-Philadelphia Belles 11 Vaughn/Carter, VA-Vogues 12 Norton, and NJ-Belles 12 Donnelly, Pool V: TX-Phoenix 12, VA-D1SA Spartans 12, NY-Top Notch 12, NJ-Tar Heels 12 DiPatri, VA-CBC 12, and PA-Philadelphia Belles 12 Vaughn,  Pool W: NY-Castle Athletics 11 Poole, PA-Mid Atlantic Magic 11 W. Young, NJ-Team Miller Lightning 11 Rinehold, VA-Hurricanes 11, NY-SL Diamonds 11 Foder, and NJ-Belles 11 McCarthy, and Pool X: NJ-Team Sharp 11 Blue, CT-Midstate Lady Raiders 11, NY-Downtown Giants 11, PA-Team For The Love 11, VA-Elevate Elite 11, and NY-SI Diamonds 10 Gutzler.




11/10U (Pools W-X) – Ct-Midstate Lady Raiders Won  PA-Team For The Love Lost


12U (Pools U-V) – NY-Top Notch 12 51  VA-D1SA Spartans 12 46


13U (Pools R-T) – New Jersey Belles 13 Greene 50  NY-Castle Athletics 33


14U (Pools N-Q) – Philadelphia Belles 13 Vaughn 50  PA-Mid Penn Motion 14 36


15U (Pools K-M) – NJ-Rise AS One 15 61 MA-Honey Badgers 46


16U (Pools G-J) – Philadelphia Belles 16 DeShields 47  PA-Mid Penn Motion 16 46


17U (Pools E-F) – Philadelphia Belles 15 Peterson 55  DE-East Coast Thunder 17 51


17U (Pools A-D) – Philadelphia Belles 17 Steidle BSTTL 57  ME-Attraction 17 Carson 41


All Star Teams


Pools A-D: Ann Bair (2022) PA-Central PA Elite (U17), Nicole Timko (2023) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U17), Kiley Harrington (2022) NY-Full Court Hoops (U17), Aleah Snead (2023) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U17), Deja Hamilton (2023) VA-Team Voltage Bball (U17), and Cai Smith (2023) VA-Team Voltage Bball (U17).


Pools E-F: Erin Bohmueller (2023) PA-Collegeville Jaguars (U17), Hope Joy (2023) PA-Central PA Elite (U16), Maddie Newell (2022) PA-Collegeville Jaguars (U17), and Caroline Shrimp (2023) VA-Hurricanes (U16).


Pools G-J: Aiyanna Culver (2024) NY-Renaissance (U16), Leah Kale (2023) PA-Central PA Elite (U16), Ella Parker (2024) MD-Black Rock Fury (U16), Kara Wehner (2023) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U16), Yasmine Abu-aiadeh (2023) PA-Team Pennsylvania (U16), Allison McDonald (2023) PA-Lower Delco Wildcats (U16), Caroline Murray (2023) PA-Keystone Karma (U16), and Meredith Smith (2024) PA-York Thunder (U15).


Pools K-M: Lindsay Almonte (2024) VA-WDBA (U15), Lauren Cavoli (2024) PA-Team Pennsylvania (U15), Kelsie Chang (2024) VA-WDBA (U15), Brianne Foley (2024) NY-Hoopers NY (U15), Stella Gougoufkas (2024) VA-CYA Shock (U15), and Grace Ziogas (2024) NY-Hoopers NY (U15).


Pools N-Q: Maren Maxon (2025) ME-Firecrackers (U14), Kennedy Parrott (2025) VA-Chantilly Elite (U14), Brianni Caliri (2025) NY-SI Diamonds (U14), Kailah Correa (2025) PA-Mid Penn Motion (U14), Shea Donnelly (2025) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U15), Alivia Mauz (2025) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U14), Sara Becker (2025) VA-Vogues (U14), Ashley Berkeimer (2026) NY-Renaissance (U14), Kaitlyn Puzenski (2025) VA-Loudoun Flight (U14), and Aubrey Neos (2026) NY-Renaissance (U14).


Pools R-T: Ava Fajardo (2026) NJ-Belles (U13), Alivia McCaskell (2026) PA-York Bombers (U13), Anushka Gubbala (2025) NJ-Jersey Cardinals (U13), and Ava Lamonica (2025) NJ-Jersey Cardinals (U13).


Pools U-V: Lexy Glenn (2027) TX-Phoenix (U12)


Pools W-X: Kadence Adero (2027) MD-Belles (U12) and Addison Sipkin (2029) NY-Downtown Giants (U11)


While there is always a lot of talent at every age level this event has always been a haven for the recruiting gurus and veteran observes to seek out and find young players ready to break out and become stars and this year was no exception.  Several players impressed including 5-3 (2026) Ava Fajardo NY is a point guard has solid skills for her age including a high basketball IQ can score off the dribble and shot has range.  5-10 (2024) Addisen Sulikowski XL Thunder 16 can heat up and bury you with a barrage of “3’s” as well as finishing at the rim.  5-10 (2023) Caroline Shrimp VA Hurricanes 16 strong physical player hard to keep out of the lane and runs the floor and distributes the ball.  5-9 (2026) Alivia McCaskell PA-York Bombers 13 very efficient ball handler who gets to the, lives at the charity stripe, and picks her opportunities.  5-9 (2025) Kennedy Parrott is strong, athletic, plays under control and has a bright future.  6-2 (2024) Maka Gardner Elmira Fusion 15 makes good decisions and can power through traffic to finish.  5-11 (2025) Zairra Galloway NY Renaissance 14 has athleticism, speed in the open court, and still growing look out !!  The real experts in this area are the experience, talented group of writers and evaluators from Blue Star Media.  Nobody does coverage better and they always give their thoughts on tons of players at the events they cover.


If the USJN and Blue Star Media are involved it is an outstanding event.  The talent is there and Blue Star provides tons of coverage as well as valuable insights on the players they evaluate.  They do not re-hash info about players but provide original and thoughtful opinions on the players.  This was another well run quality event.




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2021 The Indy Clash (Girls) April 23-25, 2021
Topic: Basketball




2021 The Indy Clash (Girls)

Presented by the Ohio Basketball Club

2022-2029 Divisions

Indianapolis Convention Center

Indianapolis, IN

April 23-25, 2021


There were 11 divisions in this event: 2022 North (32 teams), 2022 South (32 teams), 2023 North (28 teams), 2023 South (19 teams), 2024 North (32 teams), 2024 South (25 teams), 2025 North (28 teams), 2025 South (20 teams), 2026 (29 teams), 2027 (16 teams), and 2028-2029 (17 teams).  I will only cover the 2022 North and South in its entirety but will list all the Division Bracket Championships. The 2022 North Division consisted of 32 teams which were placed into eight pools.  Pool A: 2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord, 2022 Indiana Elite Thunder, 2022 Example Sports red, and 2022 No Limits, Pool B: 2022 PAC Flight North UA Rise, 2022 SMAC Elite, 2022 Example Sports Black, and 2022 SEMO Sizzle 2022, Pool C: 2022 Central Kentucky Storm 2022, 2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White 17U, 2022 EAB Clarksville, and 2022 IE Blaze 17U, Pool D: 2022 Dayton Metro Weich, 2022 Indiana Elite Havoc 17U Gold, 2022 Southern KY Starz, and 2022 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite, Pool E: 2022 Drill 4 Skill Brown, 2022 Elite 77 Lady Dynasty, 2022 Indy’s Lady Impact, and 2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Kelly, Pool F: 2022 Factory Basketball Orange, 2022 Indiana SWISH City, 2022 Lady Copperheads-Montgomery, and 2022 Cincy Chargers 2022, Pool G: 2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black 17U, 2022 Nautilus Express, 2022 Lady Gymrats Shelt, and 2022 Michigan’s Finest, and Pool H: 2022 TN Flight Navy Newman, 2022 Drill 4 Skill Joyce, 2022 Lady Legit, and 2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins.  The 2022 South Division consisted of 28 teams which were placed into seven pools.  Pool A: 2022 KY Ice, 2022 Team 419, 2022 Indiana Red Storm, and 2022 Buck Jones Elite Chad, Pool B: 2022 SI Hawks, 2022 OPS Jordan, 2022 Macon 6 Basketball Academy, and 2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys, Pool C: 2022 Athlete HQ Black, 222 O.W.E. family renegades elite 17U, 2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod, and 2022 SMAC Fitz, Pool D: 2022 E33 Eagles, 2022 Athlete HQ White, 2022 Tennessee Shooters, and 2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix Orange, Pool E: 2022 Huntsman Select black, 2022 Indiana Elite Havoc 17U Black, 2022 JSBA Grey, and 2022 TN Flight Navy Tharp, Pool F; 2022 Indiana Flight South, 2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix White, 2022 Mid-Ohio Phoenix- Johnson, and 2022 Midwest United, and Pool G: 2022 Example Sports White, 2022 First Lady’s-Grind, 2022 Hoop Guru, and 2022 NWI Thunder.


April 23rd (Pool Play)


2022 North


2022 Example Sports Black,50,2022 SEMO Sizzle 2022,49

2022 Southern KY Starz,won,2022 Team Lady Bradley Beal Elite,forfeit

2022 Indy’s Lady Impact,50,2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Kelly,25

2022 SMAC Elite,54,2022 PAC Flight North UA Rise,45

2022 Michigan’s Finest,69,2022 Nautilus Express,30

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black 17U,66,2022 Lady Gymrats Shelt,45

2022 Example Sports Red,58,2022 No Limits,19

2022 Drill 4 Skill Brown,66,2022 Elite 77 Lady Dynasty,19

2022 Indiana SWISH City,50,2022 Factory Basketball Orange,37


2022 South


2022 OPS Jordan,51,2022 SI Hawks,42

2022 Indiana Flight South,51,2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix White,31

2022 E33 Eagles,93,2022 Athlete HQ White,31

2022 J SBA Grey,56,2022 TN Flight Navy Tharp,41

2022 Midwest United,42,2022 Mid-Ohio Phoenix-Johnson,31

2022 NWI Thunder,71,2022 First Lady’s-Grind,44

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod.72,2022 SMAC Fitz,45

2022 Indiana Red Storm,62,2022 Buck Jones Elite Chad,34

2022 Team 419,45,2022 KY Ice,44

2022 Tennessee Shooters,64,2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix Orange,16

2022 Example Sports White,42,2022 Hoop Guru,34


April 24th (Pool Play)


2022 North


2022 Indiana Elite thunder,77,2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord,52

2022 Cincy Chargers 2022,41,2022 Lady Copperheads-Montgomery,32

2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,60,2022 Lady Legit,54

2022 Michigan’s Finest,74,2022 Lady Gymrats Shelt,45

2022 Drill 4 Skill Joyce,54,2022 TN Flight Navy Newman,52

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White 17U,53,2022 IE Blaze 17U,48

2022 EAB Clarksville,69,2022 Central Kentucky Storm,22,48

2022 Nautilus Express,62,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black 17U,53

2022 Indiana Elite Havoc 17U Gold,50,2022 Dayton Metro Welch,49

2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,59,2022 No Limits,23

2022 SMAC Elite,48,2022 SEMO Sizzle 2022,42

2022 Example Sports Black,55,2022 PAC Flight North UA Rise,48

2022 Factory Basketball Orange,44,2022 Lady Copperheads-Montgomery,41

2022 Indiana SWISH City,59,2022 Cincy Chargers 2022,37

2022 Indiana Elite Havoc 17U Gold,69,2022 Southern KY Starz,23

2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord,66,2022 Example Sports Red,50

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White,64,2022 Central Kentucky Storm 2022,31

2022 IE Blaze 17U,63,2022 EAB Clarksville,53

2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,65,2022 Drill 4 Skill Joyce,60

2022 TN Flight Navy Newman,48,2022 Lady Legit,35

2022 Dayton Metro Welch,66,2022 Southern KY Starz,31

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Kelly,45,2022 Elite 77 Lady Dynasty,44

2022 Drill 4 Skill Brown,58,2022 Indy’s Lady Impact


2022 South


2022 TN Flight Navy Tharp,61,2022 Huntsman Select black,43

2022 Mid-Ohio Phoenix-Johnson,35,2022 Indiana Flight South,34

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,52,2022 Macon 6 Basketball Academy,48

2022 KY Ice,63,2022 Indiana Red Storm,50

2022 Team 419,58,2022 Buck Jones Elite Chad,30

2022 Midwest United,50,2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix White,18

2022 Tennessee Shooters,58,2022 E33 Eagles,40

2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix Orange,50,2022 Athlete HQ White,23

2022 J SBAGrey,47,2022 Huntsman Select black,43

2022 OPS Jordan,62,2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,44

2022 SI Hawks,55,2022 Macon 6 Basketball Academy,28

2022 O.W.e family renegades elite 17u,62,2022 Athlete HQ Black,51

2022 Example Sports White,51,2022 First Lady’s-Grind,26

2022 NWI Thunder,47,2022 Hoop Guru,23

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,49,2022 Athlete HQ Black,38

2022 SMAC Fitz,55,2022 O.W.e family renegades elite 17u,54


April 24th (Tournament Play)


2022 North


2022 Lady Legit,43,2022 No Limits,42,Bronze Division Quarterfinal

2022 PAC Flight North UA Rise,67,2022 Lady Gymrats Shelt,31,Bronze Division Quarterfinal

2022 Lady Copperheads-Montgomery,73,2022 Central Kentucky Storm 2022,57,Bronze Division Quarterfinal

2022 No Limits,43,2022 Lady Legit,25,Bronze Division Quarterfinal

2022 Example Sports Red,75,2022 TN Flight Silver Newman,71,Silver Division Quarterfinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Kelly,51,2022 Southern KY Starz,40,Silver Division Quarterfinal

2022 Semo Sizzle 2022,62,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black 17U,34,Silver Division Quarterfinal

2022 EAB Clarksville,82,2022 Factory Basketball Orange,78,Silver Division Quarterfinal

2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord,63,2022 Drill 4 Skill Joyce,62,Gold Division Quarterfinal

2022 Indy’s Lady Impact,77,2022 Dayton Metro Welch,73,Gold Division Quarterfinal

2022 Example Sports Black,58,2022 Nautilus Express,37,Gold Division Quarterfinal

2022 Cincy Chargers 2022,61,2022 IE Blaze 17U,58,Gold Division Quarterfinal

2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,74,2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,42,Platinum Division Quarterfinal

2022 Drill 4 Skill Brown,66,2022 Indiana Elite Havoc 17U Gold,62,Platinum Division Quarterfinal

2022 SMAC Elite,51,2022 Michigan’s Finest,36,Platinum Division Quarterfinal

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White 17U,42,2022 Indiana SWISH City,41,Platinum Division Quarterfinal


2022 South


2022 Macon 6 Basketball Academy,54,2022 First Lady’s-Grind,34,Bronze Division Quarterfinal

2022 Athlete HQ Black,50,2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix White,32,Bronze Division Quarterfinal

2022 E33 Eagles,58,2022 Huntsman Select black,55,Silver Division Quarterfinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,53,2022 Hoop Guru,36,Silver Division Quarterfinal

2022 O.W.e family renegades elite 17U,55,2022 Indiana Flight South,37,Silver Division Quarterfinal

2022 TN Flight Navy Tharp,55,2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix Orange,34,Gold Division Quarterfinal

2021 SI Hawks,57,2022 Example Sports White,38,Gold Division Quarterfinal

2022 SMAC Fitz,57,2022 Mid-Ohio Phoenix-Johnson,53,Gold Division Quarterfinal

2022 Tennessee Shooters,71,2022 JSBA Grey,68,Platinum Division Quarterfinal

2022 OPS Jordan,47,2022 NWI Thunder,42,Platinum Division Quarterfinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,62,2022 Midwest United,33,Platinum Division Quarterfinal


April 25th Tournament Play


2022 North


2022 Elite 77 Lady Dynasty,39,2022 Lady Legit,30, Bronze Division Semifinal

2022 PAC Flight North UA Rise,54,2022 Lady Copperheads-Montgomery,41,Bronze Division Semifinal

2022 No Limits,43,2022 Lady Legit,25,Bronze Division Consolation

2022 Lady Gymrats Shelt,61,2022 Central Kentucky Storm 2022,55,Bronze Division Consolation

2022 PAC Flight North UA Rise,59,2022 Elite 77 Lady Dynasty,25,Bronze Division Championship

2022 Example Sports Red,52,2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Kelly,40.Silver Division Semifinal

2022 SEMO Sizzle 2022,52,2022 EAB Clarksville,29,Silver Division Semifinal

2022 TN Flight Navy Newman,56,2022 Southern KY Starz,51,Silver Division Consolation

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black 17U,63,2022 Factory Basketball Orange,61,Silver Division Consolation

2022 SEMO Sizzle 2022,57,2022 Example Sports Red,39,Silver Division Championship

2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord,40,2022 Indy’s Lady Impact,38,Gold Division Semifinal

2022 Example Sports Black,63,2022 Cincy Chargers 2022,47,Gold Division Semifinal

2022 Dayton Metro Welch,47,2022 Drill 4 Skill Joyce,39,Gold Division Consolation

2022 IE Blaze 17U,61,2022 Nautilus Express,58,Gold Division Consolation

2022 Buck Jones Elite Cord,59,2022 Example Sports Black,55,Gold Division Championship

2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,51,2022 Drill 4 Skill Brown,43,Platinum Division Semifinal

2022 SMAC Elite,50,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics White 17U,43,Platinum Division Semifinal

2022 Indiana Elite Havoc 17U Gold,64,2022 Midwest Wildcats-Watkins,39,Platinum Division Consolation

2022 Indiana SWISH City,72,2022 Michigan’s Finest,65,Platinum Division Consolation

2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,62,2022 SMAC Elite,57,Platinum Division Championship


2022 South


2022 Buck Jones Elite Chad,49,2022 Athlete HQ White,39,Bronze Division Semifinal

2022 Athlete HQ Black,43,2022 Macon 6 Basketball Academy,21,Bronze Division Semifinal

2022 First Lady’s-Grind,won,2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix White,forfeit,Bronze Division Consolation

2022 Athlete HQ White,45,2022 First Lady’s-Grind,42,Bronze Division Consolation

2022 Athlete HQ Black,51,2022 Buck Jones Elite Chad,32,Bronze Division Championship

2022 E33 Eagles,59,2022 Indiana Red storm,55,Silver Division Semifinal

2022 O.W.e family renegades elite 17U,65,2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Keys,44,Silver Division Semifinal

2022 Huntsman Select black,48,2022 Hoop Guru,30,Silver Division,Consolation

2022 Indiana red Storm,60,2022 Indiana Flight South,53,Silver Division Consolation

2022 E33 Eagles,58,2022 O.W.e family renegades elite 17u,50,Silver Division Championship

2022 TN Flight Navy Tharp,60,2022 KY Ice,53,Gold Division Semifinal

2022 SI Hawks,73,2022 SMAC Fitz,64,Gold Division Semifinal

2022 Example Sports White,58,2022 Indiana Elite Lady Phoenix Orange,47,Gold Division Consolation

2022 KY Ice,55,2022 Mid-Ohio Phoenix-Johnson,52,Gold Division Consolation

2022 SI Hawks,44,2022 TN Flight Navy Tharp,39,Gold Division Championship

2022 Tennessee Shooters,45,2022 Team 419,42,Platinum Division Semifinal

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,58,2022 OPS Jordan,31,Platinum Division Semifinal

2022 JSBA Grey,58,2022 NWI Thunder,48,Platinum Division Consolation

2022 Midwest United,48,2022 Team 419,44,Platinum Division Consolation

2022 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod,69,2022 Tennessee Shooters,62,Platinum Division Championship


2023 Indiana Prime Elite 51  2023 SMAC Lady Ballers 46 North Division Platinum Championship


2023 OPS Jordan 49  2023 SI Hawks 44 North Division Gold Championship


2023 Great Lakes Storm 67  2023 Factory Basketball Orange 60 North Division Silver Championship


2023 Firstep 53  2023 Example sports Black 50 North Division Bronze Championship


2023 Stars Basketball Club Nashville McLeod 72  2023 Athlete HQ Black 25 South Division Platinum Championship


2023 Tipping Point 55  2023 All Area Basket Club Gold 52 South Division Gold Championship


2023 Example Sports Red 52  2023 Lady Gymrats Smiley/Coe 42 South Division Championship


2024 Always 100 Paul 48  2024 IGB Morse 38 North Division Platinum Championship


2024 SMAC Attack 43  2024 Coach G 4Lyte 20 North Division Gold Championship


2024 Ky-Fusion 2024 47  2024 Northwest Hoopsters 9th Grade Gold 37 North Division Silver Championship


2024 P.R.E.P. Buerman 52  2024 IGB Martin 49 North Division Bronze Championship


2024 Indiana SWISH City 30  OPS Goodwell 18 South Division Platinum Championship


2024 SMAC Believe 60  2024 Lady Gymrats Garrett Johnson 43 South Division Gold Championship


2024 NWI Thunder 49  2024 E33 Eagles 37 South Division Silver Championship


2024 Indiana Elite Babcock 41  2024 Team 419 31 South Division Bronze Championship


2025 TTG FREE AGENTS 44  2025 TN Flight Silver Ayers 41 North Division Platinum Championship


2025 Drill 4 Skill Shazer 54  2025 Lady Gymrats Hunt 40 North Division Gold Championship


2025 Always 100 Elite 2025 48  2025 Always 100 Blaze 19 North Division Silver Championship


2025 Hoop Dreams Athletics Red 14U 44  2025 Always 100 Force 39 North Division Bronze Championship


2025 Midwest United 40  2025 Southern Ky Starz 27 South Division Platinum Championship


2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook 47  2025 Future Elite 2025 25 South Division Gold Championship


2025 JSBA Grey 48  2025 Athlete HQ White 6 South Division Silver Championship


2026 TN Flight Silver Ayers 50  2026 IGB Holman 41 Platinum Championship


2026 Lady Gymrats Goss 46  2026 KY Royals 24 Gold Championship


2026 Diamond on the Hill Williams 25  2026 IGB Due 24 Silver Championship


2026 City Elite Blazers won XXXXX lost Bronze Championship


2027 IGB Menser 51  2027 TN Elite 19 Gold Championship


2027 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook 50  2027 IGB Wilson 19 Silver Championship


2028 Future 31  2028 Dayton Metro-Gudorf 28 2028-2029 Gold Championship


2028 No Limits 41  2028 Indiana Wildcats 2028 34 2028-2029 Silver Championship


2028 KY Premier (Central) Courtney 49  2028 IGB Van Hoesen 34 2028-2029 Silver Championship


This tournament provided a spark of hope allowing the girls to get back on the floor after last year’s COVID pandemic.  This is a very  well run event with excellent teams and a lot of talent on display at all age levels. 









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Monday, 5 July 2021
High Potential Blue Chips Offensive Camp (Rick Bolus) June 29, 2021
Topic: Basketball



High Potential Blue Chip Basketball Offensive Camp (Rick Bolus) June 29, 2021


The phrase “athletes are born, shooters and offensive players are made” serves as the mantra for this camp.  This camp was open to both girls and boys regardless of position.  The veteran staff will teach offensive moves, 3 point shooting, quick release, basic form, free throws, catching and shooting, squaring up, proper foot work, shooting off the pass, shooting off the dribble and features competitions, awards, camp evaluations, and lower player/coach ratio. This camp was held at MidAmerica East Sports Center in Louisville, KY.


This camp was well received by the players and they worked hard with enthusiasm and impressed the veteran staff with their work ethic.  There were three groups referred to as the middle group, girls group, and high school boys group. 

The middle group award winners were Free Throws – Perry Roberts 5-5 8th Grade Pleasant Hill Middle School Pleasant Hill TN, Knockout – Joseph Mason 6-1 8th Grade Oak Ridge Christian Academy Morgantown KY, and MVP Maddox Lanham. The girls award winners were Free Throws – Bailey Poole 5-2 Jr. Hancock Co. Lewisport KY, Knockout – Carrie Hiler 5-7 So. Scottsburg IN, MVP Bailey Poole 5-2 Jr. Hancock Co. Lewisport KY.  The high school boys winners were Best Hustler – Ty Wilson 5-10 Sr. Community Christian Academy Paducah KY, Best Shooter – Micah Engle 6-5 Sr. Lynn Camp Corbin KY, and Best Offensive Player Holton Compton 6-6 Sr. South Spencer Rockport IN, and Best Prospect - DeVaughn Townsend 6-3 Jr. Lloyd Memorial Erlanger, KY.

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Sunday, 4 July 2021
High Potential Blue Chip Boys High School Camp (Rick Bolus) June 30, 2021
Topic: Basketball



High Potential Blue Chip Boys High School Basketball Camp (Rick Bolus) June 30, 2021


High School Camp Recap


This camp had a lot of talent both expected and some pleasant surprises as usual.  5-11 Fr. Ty Price South Warren Bowling Green KY is a highly touted young player who seems destined for stardom.  Price is a point guard who has range on his jump shot and has good all around skills.  6-6 Sr. Brady Bell Russell KY is a n athletic wing player and a versatile scorer either on penetration or with his jump shot.  6-10 Sr. Gavin Allen Lynn Camp Corbin KY participated in the offensive camp but was unable to participate in the high school camp due to an injury.  Allen can score and is a good shooter.  6-5 Sr. Jaiden Cox-Holloway Richmond Heights OH is an athletic combo forward with good skills.  6-5 Jr. Mason Guffey Taylor Co. Campbellsville KY is a deadly shooter with range on his shot.  6-6 Jr. Sosthene Kamba Eastern Louisville KY is athletic, jumps out of the gym, and has the tools to be special.  6-3 Sr. Colin Comer Greensburg IN is an athletic swing player and excellent scorer.  5-9 Fr. Myles Montgomery Minford OH excelled at the Middle School/Junior High Camp and brought his all around skills to this camp also.  7-2 So. John Bol TBA has great size, blocks shots, rebounds, and has a rapidly improving offensive game.  Bol works hard, has a great enthusiasm for the game and the sky appears to be the limit for this young man. 


6-6 Sr. Holton Compton South Spencer Rockport IN is an athletic scorer with good size.  6-5 Sr. Michael Engle Lynn Camp Corbin KY is a big guard with good skills and is a good scorer.  6-7 Jr. Gunner Farley Eagletown OK is a hard nosed blue collar worker with a good jump shot.  6-3 Sr. Carson Crozier Felicity-Franklin Felecity OH is deadly from beyond the arc.  5-11 Sr. Cameron Hunt Ezell Harding Christian Antioch TN is a lefty who runs the point, gets to the rim, and scores on his jump shot.  6-6 Sr. Walker Kyle Bearden Knoxville TN is a blue collar combo forward, works hard, and gets positive results.  5-10 Sr. Vito LaGioia Lake Park Roselle IL directs traffic, gets to rim, and creates for his team mates.  6-4 Sr. Bryce Reynolds Elmwood Bloomdale OH can score in a variety of ways.  6-4 Jr. Keith Robinson Pleasure Ridge Park Louisville KY is a versatile player who can score both inside or out with his jump shot. 


6-10 So. Will Furnish Harrison County Cynthiana KY is a young post player with great size.  6-1 So. Jace Copley Lucasville Valley OH young player with an excellent shooting touch.  5-11 So. Tanner Hall Floyd Central Eastern KY is an excellent shooter with good range on his jump shot.  6-0 Sr. Reid Jury Hopewell-Loudon Bascom OH is an “old school” guard who prefers substance over flash and has good all around skills and scores.  6-4 Sr. Zachary Kolley Tecumseh Lynnville IN is a scorer with good range on his jump shot.  6-4 Jr. Ben Merrell Miami Valley Christian Cincinnati OH well rounded player rebounds and scores.  6-1 Sr. Danny Stanton Sevier Co. Sevierville TN point guard is a good ball handler and an excellent defender.  6-2 Sr. Gavin Tudor Atherton Louisville KY is an excellent scorer with a good upside.  5-10 Sr. Terrell Walker Beecher Flint MI is a point guard who makes everyone on his team better.  5-9 Fr. Aidan Anstett St. Patrick Chicago IL young lefty has a bright future. 


Several players impressed at this camp with the opportunity to play at the next level.  I was intrigued with 7-2 So. John Bol.  Bol is a young long, slender player who challenges every shot, rebounds, and has a rapidly improving offensive game.  He plays with a lot of enthusiasm and really appears to enjoy the game. 




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