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Ron Harrison Writes...
Sunday, 18 July 2021
2021 Battle In The Boro (Girls) July 10-12, 2021
Topic: Basketball



2021 Battle In The Boro (Girls)

2022 – 2026 Divisions

Kentucky Expo Center

Louisville, KY

July 10-12, 2021


There were approximately 400 teams in this event spread over five age group divisions.  I will cover the 2025 Justify Division which consists of the following teams: 2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veale NIKE (AL), 2025 Alabama Roadrunners (AL), 2025 All In Hoops Hathaway (OH), 2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future (MA), 2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain (TN), 2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch (GA), 2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace (NY), 2025 FOCUS Select (KY), 2025 Indiana Elite Drive (IN), 2025 Indy Magic Blanding (IN), 2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney (KY), 2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson (KY), 2025 Next Level (KY), 2025 PSB Denver-Mather (CO), 2025 Richmond Heat (KY), 2025 S.W.I.S.H. City (IN), 2025 Southern KY Starz (KY), 2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook (TN), 2025 State Line Stingers (IN), 2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats (GA), 2025 Team Elite Nashville (TN), 2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers, 2025 TN Flight Coleman (TN), 2025 TN Flight Select Silver (TN), 2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes (TN), 2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle (TN), 2025 Wendy Palmer Elite (NC), 2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson (NC), 2025 Woodz Elite (AR), Louisville Lady Dream (KY), Team Elite Dove (GA), and The City (IN).


Saturday July 10th (Tournament Bracket)


2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney,33,2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,31

2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,45,2025 Team Elite Nashville,27

2025 PSB Denver-Mather,48,2025 Woodz Elite,46

2025 Next Level,won,The City,forfeit

2025 StateLine Stingers,41,2025 Southern KY Starz,33

2025 S.W.I.S.H. City,51,2025 Atlanta Roadrunners,34

2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,48,2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson,20

2025 TN Flight Select Silver,42,2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,25

2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,36,2025 TN Flight Coleman,20

2025 Richmond Heat,43,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,25

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veal Nike,65,2025 Indy Magic Blanding,23

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,49,2025 FOCUS Select,47

2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,57,2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,31

2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,won,Team Elite Dove,forfeit

2025 Indiana Elite Drive,won,Louisville Lady Dream,forfeit

2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,51,2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,20


Consolation Bracket


2025 Southern KY Starz,50,2025 Alabama Roadrunners,45

2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,50,2025 Team Elite Nashville ,38

2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,50,2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson,31

2025 Woodz Elite,won,The City,forfeit

2025 Indy Magic Blanding,won,Team Elite Dove,forfeit

2025 FOCUS Select,won,Louisville Lady Dream,forfeit

2025 TN Flight Coleman,won,2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,forfeit

2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,36,2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,26


Tournament Bracket


2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,57,2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney,33

2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,52,2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,45

2025 Next Level,48,2025 PSB Denver-Mather,14

2025 S.W.I.S.H. City,41,2025 StateLine Stingers,17

2025 Al Southern Starz 14U-Veal NIKE,68,2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,29

2025 Indiana Elite Drive,42,2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,24

2025 TN Flight Select Silver,35,2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,28

2025 Richmond Heat,54,2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,48


Sunday July 11th


5th Game Guarantee Consolation Bracket


2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,32,2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,28

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,56,2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,30

2025 PSB Denver-Mather,44,2025 StateLine Stingers,35

2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney,39,2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,34


Consolation Bracket


2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,51,TN Flight Coleman,43

2025 FOCUS Select,48,2025 Indy Magic Blanding,27

2025 Woodz Elite,41,2025 Southern KY Starz,21

2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,47,2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,43


Tournament Bracket


2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,53,2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,18,Quarterfinal

2025 Richmond Heat,54,2025 TN Flight Select Silver,48,Quarterfinal

2025 Next Level,58,2025 S.W.I.S.H. City,40,Quarterfinal

2025 Indiana Elite Drive,37,2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veal NIKE,36,Quarterfinal


Consolation Bracket


2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,,53,2025 Woodz Elite,,35

2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,47,2025 FOCUS Select,39


Tournament Bracket


2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,48,2025 Next Level,37,Semifinal

2025 Indiana Elite Drive,39,2025 Richmond Heat,25,Semifinal


5th Game Guarantee Consolation Bracket


Team Elite Dove,won,Louisville Lady Dream,forfeit

2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson,46,2025 Team Elite Nashville,34

2025 Alabama Roadrunners,won,The City,forfeit

2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,won,2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,forfeit

2025 S.W.I.S.H. City,53,2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,33

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veal NIKE,49,2025 TN Flight Select Silver,34

2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,31,2025 Southern KY Starz,24

2025 TN Flight Coleman,57,2025 Indy Magic Blanding,18

2025 Kentucky Premier Courtney,39,2025 PSB Denver-Mather,18

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,48,2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,32

2025 Alabama Roadrunners,51,2025 Winston Salem Stealers Robinson,34

2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,40,Team Elite Dove,30

2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,31,2025 StateLine Stingers,30

2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,35,2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,27

2025 Team Elite Nashville,won,The City,forfeit

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,won,Louisville Lady Dream,forfeit


Monday July 12th


5th Game Guarantee Consolation Bracket


2025 Stars Basketball Club Nashville Cook,53,2025 TN Flight Coleman,45

2025 Southern KY Starz,44,2025 Indy Magic Blanding,23

2025 TN Flight Select Silver ,51,2025 TDBA Lady Wildcats,36

2025 TN Flight Trotters Armes,48

2025 S.W.I.S>H. City,68,2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Veal NIKE,50

2025 StateLine Stringers,38,2025 East Tennessee Lady Rain,33

2025 Alabama Roadrunners,36,2025 Team Elite Nashville,35

2025 Alabama Roadrunners,43,2025 TN Flight Trotters Kyle,29

2025 Cape Cod Bulls Future,32,2025 Elite 77 Lady Clutch,29

2025 Kentucky Premier Goodson,47,2025 PSB Denver-Mather,15


Consolation Bracket


2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,47,2025 FOCUS Selecy,39

2025 All In Hoops Hathaway,29,2025 Elmirs Fusion Wallace,19

2025 Next Level,53,2025 Richmond Heat,34,3rd Place Game


Championship Bracket


2025 Tennessee Flight Silver Ayers,41,2025 Indiana Elite Drive,31,Championship



2026 Gallant Fox Bracket –2026 AL Southern Stars-Ellis 46  2026 SSA Gameball Elite 13U 32


2026 Sir Barton Bracket – 2026 TN Topgun Gold 47  2026 TN Flight Carman 39


2026 Blue Bracket – 2026 Next Level Blue 43  2026 Lady Gym Rats Team Shelby 32


2025 Justify Bracket –2025 TN Flight Silver Ayers 41  2025 Next Level 31


2025 Blue Bracket – 2025 Memphis Elite Daniels 47  2025 Indy Magic Andrus 28


2024 Seattle Slew Bracket –2024  Ladystrong (Strong Center) 41  2024 KY Fusion 40


2024 Whirlaway Bracket – 2024 Team Thad Girls 47  2024 Team Elite Harris 36


2024 Blue Bracket – 2024 BWSL McCray 50  2024 SMAC Believe 44


2023 Citation Bracket –2023  SMAC Lady Ballers 45  2023 So IL Hawks 40


2023 Assault Bracket– 2023 Atlanta Cagers Blue Chip Myers 63  2023 South Carolina Future 31


2023 Blue Bracket – 2023 Indiana Elite Havoc 49  2023 VA Hurricanes 16U Orange 26


2022 Justify Bracket – 2022 Tennessee Flight Silver 17U EYBL 58  2022 DC Queens Reloaded 38


2022 American Pharaoh Bracket – 2022 SEMO Sizzle 56  2022 Louisville Lady Dream 36


2022 Affirmed Bracket – 2022 Cap City Ballerz 50  2022 Mississippi Jazz Elite 44


2022 Secretariat Bracket – 2022 Potomac Valley Vogues 2023 National 65  2022 Nautilus Express JR 54


2022 Blue Bracket – 2022 MD Lady Hoopmasters 50  2022 Trotters Kenley 34


The 2025 Richmond Heat (KY) squad won their first three games and reached the final four of the Justify Division before losing in the semifinal game and also in the third place game.  They only had six players available this week end and started to wear down physically and were unable to continue their pressing defense and up tempo style of play for the entire game because of their lack of depth.  Also, the talent pool in this division was very good with some excellent players. 5-5 Brittany Campbell (Madison Central) led the team in scoring with a 12.0 ppg.  5-5 Brooke Campbell (Madison Central) averaged 7.2 PPG per game.  6-1 Abby Gilbert (Jackson County) added 7.2 ppg, 12 rpg, and 5.4 blocks per game.  Abby had 27 blocks in five games.  5-5 Jayci Long (Estill County) and 5-5 Tiana Long (Madison Central ) each averaged 6.2 ppg.  The team was without the services of deadly outside shooter 5-9 Cameryn Ridderikhoff (Franklin County) who had a prior commitment. 


This was an excellent tournament, well organized, and a great venue for the girls to be seen by tons of coaches during this period.  The event staff did a great job of providing timely updates and other info on their comprehensive web site.





Posted by REH at 6:29 PM EDT
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