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Ron Harrison Writes...
Sunday, 18 July 2021
2021 National Elite Youth Championship (Girls) July 10-12
Topic: Basketball



National Elite Youth Championship (Girls)

14U, 15U, 16U, and 17U

McCormick Place Convention Center

Chicago, IL

July 10-12. 2021


The pool designations and standings were as follows


14U NEYC – Pool A: Cal Stars 8th Elite (3-0), Tree of Hope 2025 Jewell Loyd (2-1), North Tartan 13s Nike (1-2), and Fairfax Stars 2026 Black (0-3), Pool B: Missouri Phenom Columbia-14U (3-0), McCalister (2-2), Team Takeover 8th (1-2), and All Ohio 2025 (0-3), Pool C: Missouri Phenom St. Louis-14U Sutton (3-0), Exodus NYC 14U (2-21), Team Takeover Elite 7th Youth 2026 (1-2), and Lady Gym Rats Bria 14U (0-3), and Pool D: Lady Gym Rats Darby (14U) (3-0), Utah Premier U14 National Girls (2-1), Carolina Flames 14U JR EYBL Chasten (1-2), and CO Premier U14 Girls-Sabatini (0-3).


15U NEYC – Pool A: North Tartans 15s Nike (3-0), KY Premier 15U EYBL (1-2), Fairfax Stars 15U Wang (1-2), and Cal Stars 15U EYBL (1-2), Pool B: Team Takeover 15U EYBL (3-0), North Tartan 14s Nike (2-1), Midwest Elite-Cox 15U EYBL (1-2), and Exodus 15U EYBL (0-3), Pool C: All Iowa attack 9th Elite (3-0), Fairfax Stars EYBL Randolph (1-2), Miami Suns Kiki 15U EYBL (1-2), and Cal Sparks 9th/15U, Pool D: Kia Nurse Elite 15U (3-0), Carolina Flames 15U EYBL Stephenson/Massenburg (2-1), WCP EYBL 15U (1-2), and Lady Gym Rats Lindsey (15U) (0-3), Pool E: Philadelphia Rise 15U (3-0), Southern Starz 15U Nike (2-1), MO Phenom 15U EYBL (1-2), and Cal Storm-15U EYBL (0-3), and Pool F: Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL (3-0), CO Premier U15 NEYC Girls Bolding (2-1), Cal Swish 15U EYBL (0-3), and Tree of Hope 15U EYBL (0-3).


16U NEYC – Pool A: KY Premier 16U EYBL (3-0), Kia Nurse EYBL 16U (2-1), North Tartan 16s EYBL (1-2), and Cal Stars 16U EYBL (0-3), Pool B: Exodus 16U EYBL (3-0), Team Takeover 16U EYBL, Midwest Elite 16 EYBL (1-2), and Lady Drive Nation 16U EYBL (0-3), Pool C: All Iowa Attack 10th Elite (3-0), Cal Storm-16U National (2-1), Miami Suns Larkins 16U EYBL (1-2), and Carolina Flames 16U EYBL Richard (0-3), Pool D: Cal Sparks 16U (2-1), Lady Gym Rats Hollins 16U EYBL (2-1), Mo Phenom 16U EYBL (2-1), and DFW 16U EYBL (0-3), Pool E: AL Southern Starz 16U Nike EYBL (Looney) (3-0), Philadelphia Rise 16U (2-1), Tree of Hope 16U EYBL (1-2), and WCP EYBL 16U (0-3), and Pool F: Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL (3-0), Cal Swish 16U EYBL (2-1), CO Premier U16 EYBL Girls (1-2), and Fairfax Stars 16U EYBL (0-3).


17U NEYC – Pool A: Cal Stars 17U EYBL (3-0), Midwest Elite 17 EYBL (2-1), KY Premier 17U EYBL (1-2), and Lady Gym Rats Karissa 17u (0-3), Pool B: Cal Storm-Team Taurasi (3-0), Boo Williams (2-1), North Tartan 17s EYBL (1-2), and All Iowa Attack 11 Black (0-3), Pool C: Team Takeover 17U EYBL (3-0), Exodus 17U EYBL (2-1), WCP EYBL 17U (1-2), and Cal Stars 17 Elite (0-3), Pool D: All Iowa Attack 11th Elite (2-0), Fairfax Stars 17U EYBL (2-0), Carolina Flames 17U EYBL Morris (1-2), and All Ohio Black 17U EYBL (0-3), Pool E: Cal Sparks Gold 17U (3-0), Lady Gym Rats Riego 17U EYBL (2-1), Tree of Hope 17U EYBL (1-2), and Kia Nurse EYBL 17U (0-3), Pool F: Philadelphia Rise 17U (3-0), AL Southern Starz 17U NIKE EYBL (Bush) (2-1), Cal Swish 17U EYBL (1-2), and Miami Suns Fowles 17U EYBL (0-3), and Pool G: MO Phenom 17U EYBL (2-1), CO Premier U17 EYBL Girls (2-1), Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL (2-1), and Lady Drive Nation 17U EYBL (0-3).


Sunday July 11th (Tournament Bracket)


14U NEYC Gold


North Tartan 13s Nike,61,All Ohio 2025,28,Quarterfinal

Lady Gym Rats Bria 14U,79,Carolina Flames 14U JR EYBL Chasten,72,Quarterfinal

CO Premier U14 Girls-Sabatini,43,Team Takeover Elite 7th Youth 2026,38,Quarterfinal

Cal Storm 14U EYBL,61,FairfaxStars 2026 Black,60,Quarterfinal


14U NEYC Platinum


Cal Stars 8th Elite,57,Team Takeover 8th,40,Quarterfinal

Lady Gym Rats Darby (14U),60,Exodus NYC 14U,59,Quarterfinal

Missouri Phenom StL-14U Sutton,43,Utah Premier U14 National Girls,38,Quarterfinal

Missouri Phenom Columbia-14U McCalister,64,Tree of Hope 2025 Jewell Loyd,41,Quarterfinal


15U NEYC Silver


Mo Phenom 15U EYBL,46,Cal Stars 15U EYBL,44,Quarterfinal

Tree of Hope 15U EYBL,50,Cal Sparks 9th/15U,47,Quatyerfinal

Lady Gym Rats Lindsey 15U,55,Cal Storm-15U EYBL,47,Quarterfinal

Cal Swish 15U EYBL,70,Exodus 15U EYBL,54,Quarterfinal


15U NEYC Gold


Carolina Flames 15 EYBL Stephenson/Massenburg,75,Miami Suns Kiki 15U EYBL,51,Quarterfinal

KY Premier 15U EYBL,61,Midwest Elite-Cox 15U EYBL,29,Quarterfinal

Fairfax Stars 15U Wang,64,North Tartan 14s Nike,51,Quarterfinal

Fairfax Stars EYBL Randolph,69,WCP EYBL 15U,63,Quarterfinal


15U NEYC Platinum


AL Southern Starz 15U NIKE EYBL (Bush),45,North Tartan 15s Nike,38,Quarterfinal

Philadelphia Rise 15U,58,Kia Nurse Elite 15U,37,Quarterfinal

All Iowa Attack 9th Elite,54,Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL,41,Quarterfinal

Team Takeover 15U EYBL,58,CO Premier U15 NEYC Girls Bolding,28,Quarterfinal


16U NEYC Silver


Cal Stars 16U EYBL,67,Tree of Hope 16U EYBL,33,Quarterfinal

Fairfax Stars 16U EYBL,56,Carolina Flames 16U EYBL Richard,49,Quarterfinal

WCP EYBL 16U,58,DFW 16U EYBL,15,Quarterfinal

CO Premier U16 EYBL Girls,48,Lady Drive Nation 16U EYBL,37,Quarterfinal


16U NEYC Gold


Miami Suns Larkins 16U EYBL,48,Lady Gym Rats Hollins 16U EYBL,46,Quarterfinal

Kia Nurse EYBL 16U,58,Midwest Elite 16 EYBL,41,Quarterfinal

North Tartan 16s EYBL,53,Team Takeover 16U EYBL,47,Quarterfinal

MO Phenom 16U EYBL,62,Cal Storm-16U National,55,Quarterfinal


16U NEYC Platinum


KY Premier 16U EYBL,76,Philadelphia Rise 16U,53,Quarterfinal

Cal Sparks 16U,63,AL Southern Starz 16U Nike EYBL (Looney),62,Quarterfinal

All Iowa Attack 10th Elite,60,Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL,44,Quarterfinal

Exodus 16U EYBL,72,Cal Swish 16U EYBL,65,Quarterfinal


17U NEYC Bronze


All Ohio Black 17U EYBL,48,Lady Gym Rats Karissa 17U,30,Semifinal

All Iowa Attack 11 Black,65,Cal Stars 17 Elite,56,Semifinal


17U NEYC Silver


WCP EYBL 17U,61,Kia Nurse EYBL 17U,53,Quarterfinal

Cal Swish 17U EYBL,48,Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL,42,Quarterfinal

Tree of Hope 17U EYBL,48,Lady Drive Nation 17U EYBL,22,Quarterfinal

Miami Suns Fowles 17U EYBL,47,Carolina Flames 17U EYBL Morris,40,Quarterfinal


17U NEYC Gold


North Tartan 17s EYBL,60,CO Premier U17 EYBL Girls,51,Quarterfinal

Exodus 17U EYBL,51,Midwest Elite 17 EYBL,40,Quarterfinal

Lady Gym Rats Riego 17U EYBL,55,Boo Williams,34,Quarterfinal

AL Southern Starz 17U NIKE EYBL (Bush0,50,KY Premier 17U EYBL,36,Quarterfinal


17U NEYC Platinum


Cal Stars 17U EYBL,58,MO Phenom 17U EYBL,55,Quarterfinal

All Iowa Attack 11th Elite,74,Cal Sparks Gold 17U,58,Quarterfinal

Team Takeover 17U EYBL,63,Philadelphia Rise 17U,61,Quarterfinal

Fairfax Stars 17U EYBL,53,Cal Storm-Team Taurasi,39,Quarterfinal


Monday July 12th (Tournament Bracket)


14U NEYC Gold


Carolina Flames 14U JT EYBL Chasten,54,All Ohio 2025,52,Consolation

Team Takeover Elite 7th Youth 2026,32,Fairfax Stars 2026 Black,Consolation

North Tartan 13s Nike,61,Lady Gym Rats Bria 14U,53,Semifinal

CO Premier U14 Girls-Sabatini,49,Cal Storm 14U EYBL,28,Semifinal

North Tartan 13s Nike,61,CO Premier U14 Girls-Sabatini,38,Championship


14U NEYC Platinum


Exodus NYC 14U,59,Team Takeover 8th,39,Consolation

Tree of Hope 2025 Jewell Loyd,52,Utah Premier U14 National Girls,42,Consolation

Cal Stars 8th Elite,53,Lady Gym Rats Darby (14U),31,Semifinal

Missouri Phenom Columbia-14U McCalister,52,Missouri Phenom StL-14U Sutton,37,Semifinal

Cal Stars 8th Elite,35,Missouri Phenom Columbia-14U McCalister,21,Championship


15U NEYC Silver


Cal Stars 15U EYBL,52,Cal Sparks 9th/15U,32,Consolation

Cal Storm-15U EYBL,60,Exodus 15U EYBL,41,Consolation

MO Phenom 15U EYBL,67,Tree of Hope 15U EYBL,30,Semifinal

Cal Swish 15U EYBL,62,Lady Gym Rats Lindsey (15U),50,Semifinal

MO Phenom 15U EYBL,65,Cal Swish 15U EYBL,53,Championship


15U NEYC Gold


Midwest Elite-Cox 15U EYBL,67,Miami Suns Kiki 15U EYBL,55,Consolation

North Tartan 14s Nike,66,WCP EYBL 15U,47,Consolation

KY Premier 15U EYBL,62,Carolina Flames 15 EYBL Stephenson/Massenburg,47,Semifinal

Fairfax Stars 15U Wang,55,Fairfax Stars EYBL Randolph,29,Semifinal

KY Premier 15U EYBL,63,Fairfax Stars 15U Wang,50,Championship


15U NEYC Platinum


North Tartan 15s Nike,67,Kia Nurse Elite 15U,57,Consolation

Michigan Crossover 15U EYBL,44,CO Premier U15 NEYC Girls Bolding,23,Consolation

Philadelphia Rise 15U,40,AL Southern Starz 15U NIKE EYBL (Bush),25,Semifinal

Team Takeover 15U EYBL,39,All Iowa Attack 9th Elite,38,Semifinal

Philadelphia Rise 15U,won,Team Takeover 15U EYBL,lost,Championship


16U NEYC Silver


Carolina Flames 16U EYBL Richard,49,Tree of Hope 16U EYBL,42,Consolation

Lady Drive Nation16U EYBL,52,DFW 16U EYBL,14,Consolation

Cal Stars 16U EYBL,68,Fairfax Stars 16U EYBL,49,Semifinal

CO Premier U16 EYBL Girls,66,WCP EYBL 16U,34,Semifinal

Cal Stars 16U EYBL,64,CO Premier U16 EYBL Girls,54,Championship


16U NEYC Gold


Lady Gym Rats Hollins 16U EYBL,65,Midwest Elite 16 EYBL,51,Consolation

Team Takeover 16U EYBL,57,Cal Storm-16U National,50,Consolation

Kia Nurse EYBL 16U,53,Miami Suns Larkins 16U EYBL,27,Semifinal

North Tartan 16s EYBL,54,MO Phenom 16U EYBL,46,Semifinal

Kia Nurse EYBL 16U,54,North Tartan 16s EYBL,36,Championship


16U NEYC Platinum


AL Southern Starz 16U NIKE EYBL (Looney),45,Philadelphia Rise 16U,37,Consolation

Cal Swish 16U EYBL,58,Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL,32,Consolation

KY Premier 16U EYBL,53,Cal Sparks 16U,38,Semifinal

All Iowa Attack 10th Elite,60,Exodus 16U EYBL,55,Semifinal

All Iowa Attack 10th Elite,57,KY Premier 16U EYBL,55,Championship


17U NEYC Bronze


Cal Stars 17 Elite,84,Lady Gym Rats Karissa 17u,35,Consolation

All Iowa Attack 11 Black,65,All Ohio Black 17U EYBL,39,Championship


17U NEYC Silver


Michigan Crossover 17U EYBL,60,Kia Nurse EYBL 17U,47,Consolation

Carolina Flames 17U EYBL Morris,57,Lady Drive Nation 17U EYBL,47,Consolation

Cal Swish 17U EYBL,67,WCP EYBL 17U,59,Semifinal

Miami Suns Fowles 17U EYBL,49,Tree of Hope 17U EYBL,46,Semifinal

Miami Suns Fowles 17U EYBL,59,Cal Swish 17U EYBL,53,Championship


17U NEYC Gold


CO Premier U17 EYBL Girls,65,Midwest Elite 17 EYBL,52,Consolation

All Ohio Black,XX,KY Premier 17U EYBL,XX,Consolation

North Tartan 17s EYBL,61,Exodus 17U EYBL,54,Semifinal

AL Southern Starz 17U NIKE EYBL (Bush),54,Lady Gym Rats Riego 17U EYBL,30,Semifinal

AL Southern Starz 17U NIKE EYBL (Bush),64,North Tartan 17s EYBL,61,Championship


17U NEYC Platinum


MO Phenom 17U EYBL,52,Cal Sparks Gold 17U,38,Consolation

Cal Storm-Team Taurasi,58,Philadelphia Rise 17U,53,Consolation

All Iowa Attack 11th Elite,50,Cal Stars 17U EYBL,46,Semifinal

Team Takeover 17U EYBL,46,Fairfax Stars 17U EYBL,18,Semifinal

All Iowa Attack 11th Elite,66,Team Takeover 17U EYBL,47,Championship


Once again the talent level was unbelievable and congratulations to all the division winners and a special shout out to the KY Premier 2024 team who after several close calls in recent tournaments captured the Gold Bracket championship.  Also congratulations to KY Premier 2023 who finishes as Runner-up to a very good All Iowa Attack Elite team in the championship game of the Platinum Bracket. 




Posted by REH at 6:32 PM EDT
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