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Ron Harrison Writes...
Sunday, 18 July 2021
2021 Run 4 The Roses (Girls) July 5-8, 2021
Topic: Basketball



2021 Run 4 The Roses (Girls)

Kentucky Expo Center

Louisville, KY

July 5-8, 2021


The classes represented were 2022. 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026.  There were approximately 838 teams in attendance playing on 70 basketball courts in one of the largest exposure events in the country.  The 2022 age group included 10 divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams), Blue (32 teams), Cyan (30 teams), Denim (32 teams), Evergreen (30 teams), Fuchsia (32 teams), Green (32 teams), Horizon Blue (32 teams), Indigo (32 teams), and Jade (20 teams).  The 2023 age group included six divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams), Blue (32 teams), Cyan (32 teams), Denim (32 teams), Evergreen (32 teams), and Fuchsia (28 teams).  The 2024 age group consisted of six divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams), Blue (32 teams), Cyan (29 teams), Denim (32 teams), Evergreen (32 teams), and Fuchsia (17 teams).  The 2025 age group consisted of four divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams), Blue (32 teams), Cyan (26 teams), and Denim (13 teams).  The 2026 age group consisted of two divisions and were designated Aqua (32 teams) and Blue (37 teams).  Most of the divisions had Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze brackets based on their pool records.  I only covered the 2022 Aqua Platinum Division (Tournament), the 2023 Aqua Platinum Division (Tournament), and the 2025 Blue Platinum Division (Tournament) because of my familiarity with these teams. 


The 2022 age group Aqua Division teams were placed into eight pools as follows: Pool A: 2022 DC Queens Reloaded, 2022 TN Flight Silver, 2022 Bay State Jaguars Black, and 2022 NJ Demons, Pool B: 2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club, 2022 FBC Black NXT-GEN JG, 2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen, and 2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black, Pool C: 2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black, 2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold, 2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL, and 2022 SMAC Elite, Pool D: 2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black, 2022 San Diego Relentless Blue, 2022 Comets UA 2022. and 2022 BBA 17U GUAA, Pool E: 2022 Oregon Elite Navy, 2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung, 2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL, and 2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy, Pool F: 2022 Long Island Renegades, 2022 MAC Irvin Fire Godfather, 2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL, and 2022 Ohio Future, Pool G: 2022 Philly Rise EYBL, 2022 Wolverinas, 2022 Indiana Elite Thunder, and 2022 DC Queens 2022 White, and Pool H: 2022 New Jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB, 2022 Porter Sports, 2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL, and 2022 Wisconsin Lakers White.


The 2023 age group Aqua Division teams were placed into eight pools as follows: Pool A: 2023 BWSL EYBL 16U, 2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB, 2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite, and 2023 43 Hoops Orange, Pool B: 2023 Bay State Jaguars, 2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U, 2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL, and 2023 SMAC Lady Ballers, Pool C: 2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL, 2023 Team Carolina Harrell, 2023 SSA GameBall, and 2023 East Coast United Family 2023, Pool D: 2023 Philly Rise EYBL, 2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National), 2023 D4S-2023, and 2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert, Pool E: 2023 FBC Legacy GUAA, 2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White, 2023 TN Flight Silver, and 2023 Always 100 Elite 2023, Pool F: 2023 SME Black, 2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater, 2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL, and 2023 Indiana Elite Prime, Pool G: 2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks, 2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL, 2023 FBC Nightmares Teal, and 2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold, and Team H: 2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth, 2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL, 2023 Comets GUAA-2023, and 2023 ALL IN 16U 3SSB Truding.


The 2025 age group Blue Division teams were placed into eight pools as follows: Pool A: 2025 Ohio Future, 2025 FBC Magic, 2025 IGB Morse, and 2025 All In Hoops-Painter, Pool B: 2025 Nautilus Express, 2025 Heart Of Illinois 14U National, 2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite, and 2025 UTS Lady Elite, Pool C: 2025 Memphis Elite, 2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman, 2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski, and 2025 Fundamental University, Pool D: 2025 Westside Elite, 2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green, 2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson, and 2025 Team Heat Lightning, Pool E: 2025 TN Flight Coleman, 2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace, 2025 Michigan Storm-Red, and 2025 Southern KY Starz, Pool F: 2025 TN Sol Blue, 2025 NY Extreme, 2025 Wendy Palmer Elite, and 2025 FBC Nightmares Black, Pool G: 2025 Richmond Heat, 2025 Dayton Metro, 2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale, and 2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025, and Pool H: 2025 Team Elite Nashville, 2025 Palmetto 76ers, 2025 CBC Futures 14U, and 2025 IL Rockets 14U Red.


July 5th


2025 Blue Division (Pool Play)


2025 Wisconsin Impact,Bugajski,56,2025 Memphis Elite,34

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,52,2025 Fundamental University,33

2025 Westside Elite,61,2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson,34

2025 FBC Nightmares Black,46,2025 NY Extreme,41

2025 Richmond Heat,50,2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,48

2025 All In Hoops - Painter,44,2025 FBC Magic,34

2025 IGB Morse,37,2025 Ohio Future,15

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,45,2025 TN Sol Blue,35

2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,27,2025 Dayton Metro,19

2025 Heart of Illinois 14U National,47,2025 UTS Lady Elite,21

2025 Nautilus Express,49,2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,42

2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,44,2025 Team Heat Lightning,25

2025 Michigan Storm – Red,44,2025 TN Flight Coleman,32

2025 Southern KY Starz,42,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,38

2025 Palmetto 76ers,43,2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,41


July 6th


2022 Aqua Division (Pool Play)


2022 TN Flight Silver,70,2022 DC Queens Reloaded,30

2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,49,2022 NJ Demons,29

2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,65,2022 FBC BLACK NXT-GEN JG,41

2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,58,2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,57

2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,52,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,32

2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,62,2022 SMAC Elite,48

2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,55,2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,38

2022 Comets UA 2022,42,2022 BBA 17u GUAA,33

2022 MAC Irvin Fire Godfather,50,2022 Long Island Renegades,42

2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,61,2022 Ohio Future,47

2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,53,2022 Oregon Elite Navy,36

2022 Exodus NYC – EYBL,54,2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,43

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,77,2022 Wolverinas,59

2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,53,2022 DC Queens 2022 White,40

2022 New Jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB,52,2022 Porter Sports,42

2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL,56,2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,51

2022 TN Flight Silver,60,2022 NJ Demons,39

2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,68,2022 DC Queens Reloaded,38

2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,57,2022 FBC BLACK NXT-GEN JG,56

2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,49,2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,44

2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,53,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,33

2022 SMAC Elite,59,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,28

2022 Comets UA 2022,53,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,44

2022 BBA 17u GUAA,50,2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,38

2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL,72,2022 Oregon Elite Navy,60

2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,58,2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,52

2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,43,2022 Long Island Renegades,37

2022 Mac Irvin Fire Godfather,73,2022 Ohio Future,60

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,60,2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,44

2022 Wolverinas,50,2022 DC Queens 2022 White,41

2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL,54,2022 New Jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB,27

2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,62,2022 Porter Sports,35


2023 Aqua Division (Pool Play)


2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB,40,2023 43 Hoops Orange,39

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,47,2023 Lady Bradley BealElite,33

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,66,2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,65

2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,42,2023 Bay State Jaguars,30

2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,51,2023 TN Flight Silver,40

2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,74,2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White,46

2023 FBC Nightmares Teal,53,2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,52

2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,58,2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,45

2023 Indiana Prime Elite,53,2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,29

2023 Team Carolina Harrell,49,2023 East Coast United Family 2023,45

2023 SSA GaneBall,40,2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,39

2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,45,2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),43

2023 Philly Rise EYBL,59,2023 D4S-2023,39

2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL,53,2023 SME Black,17

2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,45,2023 ALL IN 16U 3SSB Truding,36

2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,44,2023 Comets GUAA-2023,40

2023 Indiana Elite Prime,51,2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL,48

2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,57,2023 43 Hoops Orange,35

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,49,2023 New Jersey Panthers 16 U 3SSB,27

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,54,2023 Bay State Jaguars,51

2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,52,2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,29

2023 Team Carolina Harrell,48,2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,39

2023 East Coast United Family 2023,33,2023 SSA GameBall,20

2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,48,2023 D4S-2023,28

2023 Philly Rise EYBL,57,2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),36

2023 TN Flight Silver,57,2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,35

2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,79,2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White,29

2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,55,2023 SME Black,29

2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,63,2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,36

2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,51,2023 FBC Nighmares Teal,43

2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,50,2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,46

2023 Comets GUAA-2023,41,2023 ALL IN 16U 3SSB Truding,27


2025 Blue Division (Pool Play)


2025 IGB Morse,45,2025 FBC Magic,17

2025 All In Hoops-Painter,32,2025 Ohio Future,28

2025 Nautilus Express,48,2025 UTS Lady Elite,30

2025 Heart of Illinois 14U National,50,2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,31

2025 Fundamental University,56,2025 Memphis Elite,37

2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,49,2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,48

2025 Westside Elite,47,2025 Team Heat Lightning,19

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson,42,2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,32

2025 Southern KY Starz,47,2025 TN Flight Coleman,38

2025 Michigan Storm-Red,49,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,25

2025 TN Sol Blue,46,2025 FBC Nightmares Black,23

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,44,2025 NY Extreme,41

2025 Richmond Heat,51,2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,36

2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,47,2025 Dayton Metro,36

2025 Team Elite Nashville,41,2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,37

2025 CBC Futures 14U,42,2025 Team Elite Nashville,14

2025 CBC Futures 14U,53,2025 Palmetto 76ers,27


July 7th


2022 Aqua Division (Pool Play)


2022 SMAC Elite,41,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,27

2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,50,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,24

2022 BBA 17u GUAA,70,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,62

2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,36,2022 Comets UA 2022,33

2022 NJ Demons,55,2022 DC Queens Reloaded,32

2022 TN Flight Silver,50,2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,39

2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,45,2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,36

2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,28

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,63,2022 DC Queens 2022 White,19

2022 Wolverinas,71,2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,70

2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,41,2022 New Jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB,39

2022 Kentucky Premier Milby,73,2022 Porter Sports,30

2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,56,2022 MAC Irvin Fire Godfather,18

2022 Ohio Future,63,2022 Long Island Renegades,52

2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL,58,2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,41

2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,50,2022 Oregon Elite Navy,48


2023 Aqua Division (Pool Play)


2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL,45,2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,36

2023 Indiana Elite Prime,61,2023 SME Black,21

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,70,2023 43 Orange,30

2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,48,2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB,31

2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,48,2023 Bay State Jaguars,29

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,70,2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,60

2023 Team Carolina Harrell,51,2023 SSA GameBall,33

2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,48,2023 East Coast United Family 2023,40

2023 Philly Rise EYBL,49,2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,42

2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),49,2023 D4S-2023,27

2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,65,2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,64

2023 TN Flight Silver,58,2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White,32

2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,63,2023 FBC Nightmares Teal,26

2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,41,2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,35

2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,43,2023 ALL IN 16U 3SSB Truding,40

2023 Comets GUAA-2023,36,2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,28


2025 Blue Division (Pool Play)


2025 FBC Magic,34,2025 Ohio Future,19

2025 IGB Morse,49,2025 All In Hoops-Painter,18

2025 Heart of Illinois 14u National,50,2025 Nautilus Express,29

2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,52,2025 UTS Lady Elite,24

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,54,2025 Memphis Elite,47

2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,60,2025 Fundamental University,59

2025 Westside Elite,44,2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,23

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson,45,2025 Team Heat Lightning,42

2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,53,2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,48

2025 TN Flight Coleman,52,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,33

2025 Michigan Storm-Red,43,2025 Southern KY Starz,23

2025 TN Sol Blue,41,2025 NY Extreme,28

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,39,2025 FBC Nightmares Black,6

2025 Richmond Heat,48,2025 Dayton Metro,29

2025 FBC Futures 14U,54,2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,39

2025 Team Elite Nashville,35,2025 Palmetto 76ers,29


2022 Aqua Bronze Championship


2022 DC Queens Relaoded,57,2022 Porter Sports,53,Quarterfinal

2022 Oregon Elite Navy,53,2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,49,Quarterfinal

2022 FBC BLACK NXT-GEN JG,45,2022 DC Queens2022 White,38,Quarterfinal

2022 Long Island Renegades,42,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,17,Quarterfinal


2022 Aqua Silver Championship


2022 New Jersey Demons,40,2022 New Jersey Panthers17U,22,Quarterfinal

2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,59,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,54,Quarterfinal

2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,72,2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,40,Quarterfinal

2022 Ohio Future,69,2022 Hoop Dreams Athletics Black,35,Quarterfinal


2022 Aqua Gold Championship


2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,58,2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,55,Quarterfinal

2022 BBA 17U GUAA,64,2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,54,Quarterfinal

2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,63,2022 Wolverinas,53,Quarterfinal

2022 SMAC Elite,57,2022 MAC Irvin Fire Godfather,45,Quarterfinal


2022 Aqua Platinum Championship


2022 TN Flight Silver,51,2022 Comets UA 2022,49,Quarterfinal

2022 Exodus NYC EYBL,48,2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL,38,Quarterfinal

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,56,2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,34,Quarterfinal

2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,56,2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,39,Quarterfinal


2023 Aqua Bronze Championship


2023 43 Hoops Orange,37,2023 ALL IN 16U Truding,32,Quarterfinal

2023 D4S-2023,49,2022 MBA-Bobcats NE White,47,Quarterfinal

2023 Bay State Jaguars,33,2023 FBC Nightmares Teal,29,Quarterfinal

2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,51,2022 SME Black,22,Quarterfinal


2023 Aqua Silver Championship


2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,44,2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB,35,Quarterfinal

2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,55,2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),51,Quarterfinal

2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,43,2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,29,Quarterfinal

2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,58,2023 SSA GameBall,44,Quarterfinal


2023 Aqua Gold Championship


2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,45,2023 Comets GUAA-23,43,Quarterfinal

2023 TN Flight Silver,52,2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,27,Quarterfinal

2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,49,2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,24,Quarterfinal

2023 Exodus NYC EYBL,44,2023 East Coast United Family 2023,39,Quarterfinal


2023 Aqua Platinum Championship


2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,38,2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,29,Quarterfinal

2023 Philly Rise EYBL,51,2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,45,Quarterfinal

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,73,2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,70,Quarterfinal

2023 Indiana Elite Prime,66,2023 Team Carolina Harrell,48,Quarterfinal


2025 Blue Bronze Championship


2025 Ohio Future,34,2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,25,Quarterfinal

2025 Team Heat Lightning,44,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,33,Quarterfinal

2025 Dayton Metro,45,2025 UTS Lady Elite,38,Quarterfinal

2025 Memphis Elite,53,2025 NY Extreme,47,Quarterfinal


2025 Blue Silver Championship


2025 FBC Magic,38,2025 Palmetto 76ers,24,Quarterfinal

2025 TN Flight Coleman,37,2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,36,Quarterfinal

2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,38,2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,37,Quarterfinal

2025 Fundamental University,50,2025 FBC Nightmares Black ,28,Quarterfinal


2025 Blue Gold Championship


2025 Team Elite Nashville,30,2025 All In Hoops-Painter,28,Quarterfinal

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U,43,2025 Southern KY Starz,30,Quarterfinal

2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,53,2025 Nautilus Express,39,Quarterfinal

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,41,2025 TN Sol Blue,36,Quarterfinal


2025 Blue Platinum Championship


2025 IGB Morse,41,2025 CBC Futures 14U,38,Quarterfinal

2025 Michigan Storm-Red,48,2025 Westside Elite,45,Quarterfinal

2025 Heart Of Illinois 14U National,45,2025 Richmond Heat,38,Quarterfinal

2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,49,2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,38,Quarterfinal


July 8th


2022 Aqua Bronze Championship


2022 San Diego Relentless Blue,won,2022 Porter Sports,forfeit,Consolation

2022 DC Queens 2022 White,37,2022 Team Maryland Shooting Stars Gold,32,Consolation

2022 Oregon Elite Navy,57,2022 DC Queens Reloaded,54,Semifinal

2022 Long Island Renegades,52,2022 FBC BLACK NXT-GEN JG,43,Semifinal

2022 Long Island Renegades,54,2022 Oregon Elite Navy,34,Championship


2022 Aqua Silver Championship


2022 New jersey Panthers 17U 3SSB,37,2022 MCW Starz Jesus/Mandy,35,Consolation

2022 Hoop Dreama Athletics Black,won,2022 Indiana Elite Thunder,forfeit,Consolation

2022 NJ Demons,49,2022 Zone 6 Celtics Black,41,Semifinal

2022 Ohio Future,won,2022 Northwest Greyhounds Black,forfeit,Semifinal

2022 NJ Demons,54,2022 Ohio Future,47,Championship


2022 Aqua Gold Championship


2022 Bay State Jaguars Black,67,2022 Cincy Swish Blue Star Fladung,60,Consolation

2022 Wolverinas,79,2022 Mac Irvin Fire Godfather,57,Consolation

2022 BBA 17u GUAA,60,2022 Wisconsin Lakers White,36,Semifinal

2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,61,2022 SMAC Elite,40,Semifinal

2022 BBA 17u GUAA,43,2022 NJ Sparks 17U Hines-Allen,34,Championshyip


2022 Aqua Platinum Championship


2022 Kentucky Premier Milby EYBL,37,2022 Comets UA 2022,32,Consolation

2022 Cincy Angels Basketball Club,53,2022 Kia Nurse 17 EYBL,34,Consolation

2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL,57,2022 TN Flight Silver,48,Semifinal

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,49,2022 Fairfax Stars EYBL,38,Semifinal

2022 Philly Rise EYBL,69,2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL,54,Championship


2022 Aqua Platinum Championship was won by the Philly Rise EYBL team and they went 6-0 this week.  Some of the players on this team included 6-0 Sr. Ava Sciolla Pennsbury PA who has committed to Maryland, 6-3 Sr. Justine Pissott Red Bank Catholic NJ who has committed to Tennessee, 5-10 Sr. Madison St. Rose Saint John Vianney NJ who has committed to Princeton, 6-5 Sr. Ally Carman Red Bank Catholic NJ who has committed to Boston College, and 5-11 Jr. Zoe Brooks Trenton Catholic NJ.


2023 Aqua Bronze Championship


2023 MBA-Bobcats NE White,won,2023 All In 16U 3SSB Truding,forfeit,Consolation

2023 FBC Nighmares Teal,58,2023 SME Black,57,Consolation

2023 43 Hoops Orange,56,2023 D4S-2023,36,Semifinal

2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,43,2023 Bay State Jaguars,37,Semifinal

2023 43 Hoops Orange,won,2023 Fairfax Stars EYBL,forfeit,Championship


2023 Aqua Silver Championship


2023 Lady Attack Elite 2023 (National),44,2023 New Jersey Panthers 16U 3SSB,35,Consolation

2023 Team Maryland Stars Gold,40,2023 SSA GameBall,35,Consolation

2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,48,2023 Always 100 Elite 2023,35,Semifinal

2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,57,2023 Wisconsin Playground Club/Bridgewater,24,Semifinal

2023 Kia Nurse 16 EYBL,50,2023 NJ Sparks 16U Muldrow EYBL,38,Championship


2023 Aqua Gold Championship


2023 Comets GUAA-2023,35,2023 Team Wisconsin 2023 Hebert,27,Consolation

2023 East Coast United Family 2023,48,2023 FBC Carolina Elite 16U Parks,39,Consolation

2023 TN Flight Silver,49,2023 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,45,Semifinal

2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,61,2023 Exodus NYC-EYBL,60,Semifinal

2023 TN Flight Silver,55,2023 SMAC Lady Ballers,41,Championship


2023 Aqua Platinum Championship


2023 FBC Legacy GUAA,38,2023 TN Flight Trotters Hayworth,37,Consolation

2023 Kentucky Premier Cann EYBL,58,2023 Team Carolina Harrell,35,Consolation

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,51,2023 Philly Rise EYBL,36,Semifinal

2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,won,2023 Indiana Elite Prime,forfeit,Semifinal

2023 BWSL EYBL 16U,60,2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U,53,Championship


2023 Aqua Platinum Championship was won by 2023 BWSL EYBL 16U who finished with a perfect 6-0 record.  Some of the players on this team included 6-2 2024 Jamia Woolfolk Trinity Episcopal, 5-6 2023 Kiara Beal Menchville, 5-11 2023 Sylvie Jackson Louisa County, 6-1 2025 Nyla Brooks Bishop Ireson, and 5-9 2023 Diamond Wiggins Norview High.


2025 Blue Bronze Championship


2025 IL Rockets 14U Red,40,2025 Elmira Fusion Wallace,38,Consolation

2025 NY Extreme,43,2025 UTS Lady Elite,35,Consolation

2025 Team Heat Lightning,48,2025 Ohio Future,27,Semifinal

2025 Memphis Elite,53,2025 Dayton Metro,42,Semifinal

2025 Memphis Elite,51,2025 Team Heat Lightning,36,Championship


2025 Blue Silver Championship


2025 Indiana Elite (Perry) Green,56,2025 Palmetto 76ers,44,Consolation

2025 Lady Bradley Beal Elite,37,2025 FBC Nightmares Black,12,Consolation

2025 TN Flight Coleman,56,2025 FBC Magic,49,Semifinal

2025 Fundamental University,39,2025 Lady Attack Elite 2025,27,Semifinal

2025 TN Flight Coleman,59,2025 Fundamental University,55,Championship


2025 Blue Gold Championship


2025 Southern KY Starz,won,2025 All In Hoops-Painter,forfeit,Consolation

2025 Nautilus Express,31,2025 TN Sol Blue,29,Consolation

2025 AL Southern Starz 14U-Robinson,37,2025 Team Elite Nashville,30,Semifinal

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,34,2025 Drill 4 Skill Morreale,29,Semifinal

2025 NJ Shoreshots 2025 Carman,51,2025 AL Southern Starz 14u-Robinson,30,Championship


2025 Blue Platinum Championship


2025 CBC Futures 14U,37,2025 Westside Elite,33,Consolation

2025 Wendy Palmer Elite,31,2025 Richmond Heat,29,Consolation

2025 IGB Morse,39,2025 Michigan Storm-Red,34,Semifinal

2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,42,2025 Heart Of Illinois 14u National,41,Semifinal

2025 IGB Morse,,49,2025 Wisconsin Impact Bugajski,41,Championship


The champion 2025 IGB Morse team finished with a 6-0 record.  They roster included 5-8 Abby Beasley, 5-6 Addison Bowman, 5-11 Ava Carter, 5-9 Carley Barrett, 5-10 Casey Frost, 5-7 Joslyn Marshall, 5-6 Kayla Briney, 5-7 Maine Hooks, and 5-5 Mali Lucas.


The team I am most familiar with in this division is the 2025 Richmond Heat.  They were led this week in scoring by 5-5 Brittany Campbell (Madison Central) 14.2 ppg, 5-9 Cameryn Ridderikhoff (Franklin County) 7.2 ppg, 6-2 Abby Gilbert (Jackson County) 6.2 ppg, and 5-5 Jayci Long (Estill County) 6.2 ppg.


2022 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – 2022 Philly Rise EYBL 69 2022 Exodus NYC-EYBL 54


2023 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – 2023 BWSL EYBL 16U 60  2023 Blue Star St. Louis 16U 53


2024 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – 2024 Wisconsin Impact Kelley 39  2024 Comets GUAA 2024 34


2025 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – TN Flight Silver Ayers 41  Drill 4 Skill Shazer 32


2026 Aqua Division Platinum Championship – 2026 Wisconsin Impact 2026 Nikolic 39  2026 IGB Holman 28




It is almost impossible to imagine an event this large but Tucker Neale and his organization manages to pull it off.  The competition is intense and the level of talent is outstanding.  I just basically covered three divisions of three age groups and was still overwhelmed with the magnitude of the event.  However this organization pulls it off and keeps the comprehensive website current and up-to-date.  The arena is packed with college coaches at all levels and the scores are current and each game is televised by in real time and is also available for replays.  This is definitely a basketball junkie’s dream week.  Also, there is a lot of coverage by the basketball gurus via their websites, twitter, and face book.  Congratulations on a job well done.














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