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Ron Harrison Writes...
Tuesday, 20 July 2021
Adidas 3SSB Boys Championship Council Bluffs July 16-18, 2021
Topic: Basketball




Adidas Boys 3SSB Championships

Boys 15U, 16U, & 17U

Council Bluffs, IA

July 16-18, 2021


15U 3SSB – The teams entered in this division were Arkansas Hawks, D1 Minnesota, Indiana Elite, Midwest Basketball Club, ONE1TIMELEGENDS, REACH2024Adidas, Team Harden, Upward Stars, Atlanta Celtics, Game Elite, Louisville Magic Gold, New World, OSA Crusaders, Southeast Elite, Team Rose, Utah Prospects, AZ Firestorm Gold, Grassroots Elite Canada, Mid Ohio Puma Gold, Next Page Force Gold, Power 5, Southern Assault, Team Trae Young, and Wildcat Select.


16U 3SSB – The teams entered in this division were Atlanta Celtics, Compton Magic, EAB Tennessee, Garner Road Bulldogs, Indiana Icc Gold, Midwest Basketball Club, OSA Crusaders, Southern Assault, Team Lavine, Team New England Gold Team Rose, Upward Stars, Wildcat Select, AZ Firestorm Gold, D1 Minnesota, Game Elite, Grassroots Elite Canada, K-Low Elite, New World, Power 5, Team Harden, Team Loaded NC 3SSB, Team Rose, Urban DFW Gold, Brookwood Elite, Dream Vision, GamePoint Gold, Indiana Elite, Mass Rivals, NY Jayhawks, Southeast Elite, Team Indiana Gold, Team loaded VA, Team Trae Young, and Wildcat Select.


17U 3SSB – Arkansas Hawks, Brookwood Elite, Dream Vision, Garner Road, Indiana Ice Gold, Mass Rivals, New World, OSA Crusaders, Southern Assault, Team Lavine, Team Rose, Utah Prospects, Atlanta Celtics, Compton Magic, EAB TENNESSEE, Grassroots Elite Canada, K-Low Elite, Midwest Basketball Club, Next Page Force Gold, Power 5, Team Harden, Team Loaded NC, Team Trae Young, We All Can Go, AZ Firestorm Gold, D1 Minnesota, Game Elite, Indiana Elite, Lakeshow Gold, New Orleans Elite Gold, NY Jayhawks, Southeast Elite, Team Indiana Gold, Team Loaded Virginia, Upward Stars, and Wildcat Select.


Friday July 16th  


17U 3SSB


Tournament Bracket


Dream Vision,72,Arkansas Hawks,59

Lakeshow Gold,59,Game Elite,58

Upward Stars,57,New World,56

Team Trae young,63,Team Lavine,50

Midwest Basketball Club,75,K-Low Elite,69

Next Page Force Gold,59,Mass Rivals,55

D1 Minnesota,69,Wildcat Select,51

Compton Magic,68,OSA Crusaders,64

Team Rose,65,Southern Assault,63

Southeast Elite,78,Team Indiana Gold,48

Atlanta Celtics,54,Brookwood Elite,46

EAB TENNESSEE,57,Team Loaded NC,49

Team Loaded VA,67,Power 5,46

Team Harden,67,NY Jayhawks,64

We All Can Go,68,Indiana Elite,66

Utah Prospects,66,Garner Road,55


16U 3SSB


Tournament Bracket


Indiana Elite,85,Team Harden,54

Grassroots Elite Canada,48,Wildcat Select,45

Team Rose,79,Upward Stars,66

NY Jayhawks,60,D1 Minnesota,49

Utah Prospects,71,Mass Rivals,56

Team Indiana Gold,49,New World,40

Compton Magic,64,Atlanta Celtics,48

Dream Vision,56,Team New England Gold,52

Game Elite,48,Brookwood Elite,43

Team Loaded NC 3SSB,57,Team Lavine,54

OSA Crusaders,71,Southeast Elite,66

K-Low Elite,64,Garner Road Bulldogs,39

Team loaded VA,72,Power 5,44

Indiana Ice Gold,80,Midwest Basketball Club,52

Southern Assault,55,Team Trae Young,41

AZ Firestorm Gold,95,EAB Tennessee,84



15U 3SSB


Tournament Bracket


Midwest Basketball Club,56,Team Harden,51

New World,74,AZ Firestorm Gold,52

Louisville Magic Gold,50,Upward Stars,42

Power 5,83,Grassroots Elite Canada,47

OSA Crusaders,64,REACH2024Adidas,53

Wildcat Select,77,Next Page Force Gold,50

ONE1TIMELEGENDS,53,Team Trae Young,51

Mid Ohio Pumas Gold,61,D1 Minnesota,51

Indiana Elite,74,Midwest Basketball Club,48

Utah Prospects,63,New World,57

Louisville Magic Gold,60,Southeast Elite,38

Power 5,73,Game Elite,60

OSA Crusaders,98,Team Rose,53

Arkansas Hawks,73,Wildcat Select,70

Atlanta Celtics,72,ONE1TIMELEGENDS,56

Mid Ohio Pumas Gold,49,Southern Assault,48



Saturday July 17th


17U 3SSB


Consolation Bracket


Game Elite,70,Arkansas Hawks,55

Team Lavine,55,New World,41

Mass Rivals,65,K-Low Elite,60

OSA Crusaders,77,Wildcat Select,71

Southern Assault,66,Team Indiana Gold,57

Team Loaded NC,65,Brookwood Elite,55

NY Jayhawks,88,Power 5,61

Indiana Elite,69,Garner Road,54


Tournament Bracket


Dream Vision,83,Lakeshow Gold,55

Team Trae Young,62,Upward Stars,61

Midwest Basketball Club,88,Next Page Force Gold,66

Compton Magic,73,D1 Minnesota,66

Southeast Elite,73,Team Rose,67

EAB TENNESSEE,70,Atlanta Celtics,52

Team Loaded Virginia,61,Team Harden,36

Utah Prospects,70,We All Can Go,68


Consolation Bracket


Game Elite,49,Team Lavine,48,Quarterfinal

Mass Rivals,73,OSA Crusaders,52,Quarterfinal

Southern Assault,83,Team Loaded NC,74,Quarterfinal

Indiana Elite,66,NY Jayhawks,65,Quarterfinal


Tournament Bracket


DreamVision,77,Team Trae Young,55,Quarterfinal

Midwest Basketball Club,90,Compton Magic,57,Quarterfinal

EAB TENNESSEE,68,Southeast Elite,65,Quarterfinal

Utah Prospects,70,Team Loaded Virginia,59,Quarterfinal


16U 3SSB


Consolation Bracket


Wildcat Select,60,Team Harden,58

D1 Minnesota,56,UpwaRD Stars,45

New World,57,Mass Rivals,46

Team New England Gold,49,Atlanta Celtics,48

Team Lavine,57,Brookwood Elite,48

Garner Road Bulldogs,80,Southeast Elite,59

Midwest Basketball Club,84,Power 5,72

EAB Tennessee,74,Team Trae Young,65


Tournament Bracket


Indiana Elite,75,Grassroots Elite Canada,35

Team Rose,65,NY Jayhawks,63

Team Indiana Gold,60,Utah Prospects,50

Dream Vision,56,Compton Magic,52

Game Elite,55,Team Loaded NC 3SSB,46

K-Low Elite,63,OSA Crusaders,53

Indiana Ice Gold,67,Team loaded VA,64

AZ Firestorm Gold,54,Southern Assault,51


Consolation Bracket


Wildcat Select,61,D1 Minnesota,45,Quarterfinal

New World,51,Team New England Gold,48,Quarterfinal

Team Lavine,63,Garner Road Bulldogs,58,Quarterfinal

EAB Tennessee,97,Midwest Basketball Club,68,Quarterfinal


Tournament Bracket


Indiana Elite,94,Team Rose,54,Quarterfinal

Team Indiana Gold,57,Dream Vision,54,Quarterfinal

K-Low Elite,56,Game Elite,36,Quarterfinal

AZ Firestorm Gold,69,Indiana Ice Gold,68,Quarterfinal


15U 3SSB


Tournament Bracket


Indiana Elite,65,Utah Prospects,54,Quarterfinal

Louisville Magic Gold,72,Power 5,62,Quarterfinal

Arkansas Hawks,77,OSA Crusaders,76,Quarterfinal

Atlanta Celtics,57,Mid Ohio Pumas Gold,43,Quarterfinals


Sunday June 18th


17U 3SSB


Team Lavine,46,OSA Crusaders,40,Consolation Bracket

Team Loaded NC,63,NY Jayhawks,55,Consolation Bracket

Mass Rivals,,59,Game Elite,49,Consolation Bracket,Semifinal

Indiana Elite,85,Southern Assault,67,Consolation Bracket,Semifinal

Mass Rivals,74,Indiana Elite,55,Consolation Bracket,Championship


Dream Vision,87,Midwest Basketball Club,69,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

EAB TENNESSEE,64,Utah Prospects,56,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

Dream Vision,74,EAB TENNESSEE,58,Tournament Bracket,Championship


16U 3SSB


D1 Minnesota,65,Team New England Gold,45,Consolation Bracket

Midwest Basketball Club,86,Garner Road Bulldogs,61,Consolation Bracket

New World,69,Wildcat Select,62,Consolation Bracket,Semifinal

EAB Tennessee,70,Team Lavine,43,Consolation Bracket,Semifinal

EAB Tennessee,66,New World,59,Consolation Bracket,Consolation Bracket,Championship


Indiana Elite,70,Team Indiana Gold,63,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

K-Low Elite,70,AZ Firestorm Gold,60,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

Indiana Elite,77,K-Low Elite,49,Tournament Bracket,Championship


15U 3SSB


Indiana Elite,54,Louisville Magic Gold,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

Atlanta Celtics,75,Arkansas Hawks,56,Tournament Bracket,Semifinal

Arkansas Hawks,67,Louisville Magic Gold,52,Consolation Bracket, 3rd Place

Atlanta Celtics,66,Indiana Elite,49,Tournament Bracket,Championship


This was an excellent event with excellent teams and a lot of outstanding individual talent.  Some of the top players here this week included 6-11 YohanTraore (2022) (Dream Vision), 6-7 Chris Livingston (2022) (We All Can Go), 6-5 Collin Chandler (2022) (Utah Prospects 17U), 6-4 Dylan Andrews (2022) (Compton Magic Elite 17), 6-3 Isaac McKneely (2022) (Wildcat Select PA), 6-5 Keyonte George (2022) (Southern Assault), 6-3 Reed Sheppard (2023) (Midwest Basketball Club 3SSB 17U), 6-8 Colin Smith (2022) (Southern Assault), 6-5 MJ Rice (2022) Team Loaded NC 17), 6-2 Mikey Williams (2023) (We All Can Go), 6-7 Koa Peat (2025) (Compton Magic Elite 15), 6-1 Damone King (2024) (Louisville Magic 15U), 6-8 Ayden Evans (2024) (Louisville Magic 15U), etc.  This was an excellent well run event and well received by the coaches and recruiting gurus in attendance.













Posted by REH at 3:29 PM EDT
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