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Ron Harrison Writes...
Sunday, 20 November 2011
2011 Bullitt East/High Potential Showcase (Results)
Topic: Basketball




10th Annual Bullitt East/High Potential Hooparama Showcase


Bullitt East High School


Mt. Washington, KY


November 18-19, 2011


o Your varsity and junior varsity teams will play on the same day on a full court against a competitive opponent (Note: JV game will start sixty minutes earlier than the varsity to allow some of your JV players to play in the varsity game).

o Varsity game will be two 20 minute halves for a total of 40 minutes with the clock stopping for all dead balls.  Erase the score at halftime due to KHSAA rules.  Five timeouts per game (two fulls and three 30 seconds).  On the 7th foul, teams will shoot one-and-the-bonus.  On the 10th foul, teams will shoot two free throws.  Individual fouls will not be kept; thus, nobody can be fouled out.  MVP will be selected for each team in the varsity game only.

o Junior Varsity game will be two 20 minute halves running time.  Erase the score at halftime due to KHSAA rules.  Two timeouts per game.  On the 7th foul, teams will shoot one-and-the-bonus.  On the 10th foul, teams will shoot two free throws.  Individual fouls will not be kept; thus, nobody can foul out.

o Internet coverage by Ron Harrison


November 18, 2011 (Friday)


(Bolded team is the home team)


(All games are Eastern Standard time)


(Bullitt East is the host school)


6:00 PM – LaRue County vs. Bullitt East (JV Game)


7:00 PM – LaRue County  vs.  Bullitt East (Varsity)


November 19, 2011 (Saturday)


8:00 AM – Nelson County vs. Louisville Male (JV Game)


9:00 AM – Nelson County vs. Louisville Male (Varsity)


11:00 AM – Clay County vs. Louisville Holy Cross (JV Game)


12:00 PM – Clay County vs. Louisville Holy Cross (Varsity Game)


2:00 PM – Marion County vs. Sacred Heart (JV Game)


3:00 PM – Marion County vs. Sacred Heart (Varsity)


5:00 PM – Owensboro Catholic vs. Eastern (JV Game)


6:00 PM – Owensboro Catholic vs. Eastern (Varsity)


8:00 PM – Glasgow vs. Mercy (JV Game)


9:00 PM – Glasgow vs. Mercy (Varsity)


Note: If Louisville Holy Cross wins their football playoff game on Friday November 11th Holy Cross and Bullitt East will switch positions on the schedule.


Top Players (Listed alphabetically)


5-9    Fr. Alexis Brewer  LaRue County


6-0    So.  Ivy Brown  LaRue County


6-0    So.  Alexus Calhoun  Marion County


6-0    Sr.  Mary Kate Clemens  Owensboro Catholic


6-3    Jr.  Cierra Drake  Nelson County


5-9    Sr.  Bre Elder  Marion County


5-10  Jr.  Makayla Epps  Marion County


6-1  Jr.  Kyvin Goodin-Rogers  Marion County


6-1  Jr.  Rebecca Greenwell  Owensboro Catholic


5-4    Jr.  Kelsey Greer  Glasgow


5-9    Sr.  Nikole Isabel  Bullitt East


5-9    Jr.  A.J. Lewis  Nelson County


5-6  So.  Raven Merriweather  Sacred Heart


5-9    Sr.  Kim Mingus  Holy Cross


5-5    Sr.  Alisha Mitchell  Clay County


5-6    Sr.  Asia Nichols  Eastern


5-9  Sr.  Andrea Owen  Male


5-9  Sr.  Haley Perkins  Glasgow


5-4    Sr.  Laura Riney  Owensboro Catholic


5-10  Sr. Christine Roush  Mercy


5-11  Sr.  Courtney Roush  Mercy


Above information provided by Rick Bolus.



I will add capsule previews on each team later this week and coverage of the games after the event.


Team Capsules


LaRue County (Region 5) Coach Travis Wootton’s Lady Hawks finished 27-4 last season.  They lost two starters but return a strong nucleus in 6-0 So. Ivy Brown (15 ppg and 9 rpg) and 5-9 Fr. Alexis Brewer (13 ppg and 4 rpg).  6-1 So. Alley Evans averaged 4 ppg and 4 rpg coming off the bench.


Bullitt East (Region 6) Coach Chris Stallings’ Lady Chargers finished 25-9 last season.  Bullitt East will be relatively young this season and leading returning scorer 5-9 Sr. Nikole Isabel suffered a torn ACL and will not be ready until December or January.  Other key returnees include 5-4 So. Emily Fryman, 5-9 Sr. Ashley Duvall, 5-7 So. Taylor Blain, 5-9 So. Courtney Pfister, and 5-7 Jr. Cady Cornell.  The Lady Chargers work hard on both ends of the court and have good depth.


Nelson County (Region 5) Coach Kelly Wood’s Lady Cardinals finished 18-13 last season and return a deep talented squad.  6-3 Jr. Cierra Drake averaged 12 ppg and 6 rpg last season.  5-9 Jr. A.J. Lewis is a multi-talented player who led the team in assists and steals last season.  5-8 Fr. Caitlin Hagan is an excellent shooter and defender.  The Lady Cardinals have a solid senior class including 5-7 Shelby Maupin, 5-6 Ashley Wimsett, 5-5 Megan Mattingly, and 5-5 Ashley Gamlin.


Louisville Male (Region 7) – Coach Jeffrey Sparks’ Lady Bulldogs finished 14-13 last season and should be led by 5-9 Sr. Andrea Owen.  Other key returnees are expected to include 5-6 Sr. Katie Watson, 5-5 Sr. Taylor Messex, and 5-10 Sr. Brittinee Jones.


Clay County (Region 13) – Coach James Burchell’s Lady Tigers finished 27-7 last season and returns three starters from their state tourney quarter finalist team.  5-5 Sr. Alisha Mitchell (9.4 ppg) will move to point guard this season.  5-11 Jr. Morgan Chestnut (8.1 ppg and 5.1 rpg) and 5-9 Sr. Sabrina Smith (6.7 ppg) are also returning starters.  5-11 Jr. Cheyenne Madden (12.4 ppg and 8.1 rpg) transferred from North Laurel.  Other players expected to contribute include 5-6 Sr. Natosha Gilbert, 5-5 Sr. Victoria Jackson, 5-10 So. Sarah Robinson, 5-7 8th grader TaLaura Mathis, 5-5 Fr. Ajaycia Cotton, and 5-4 So. Briana Smith.  Coach Burchell expects to play a little more up tempo this season because of his extra depth and once agains expect to have a good shooting team.


Louisville Holy Cross (Region 6) – Coach Fred Copass’ Lady Cougars finished 22-6 last season and return everyone this season.  5-8 Sr. Maya Hardin (10 ppg and 7 rpg), 5-7 Sr. Kim Mingus (13 ppg), 5-11 Sr. Julie Skaggs (7 ppg and 8 rpg), 5-4 Jr. Morgan Wimberg (4 ppg), and 5-9 Jr. Sydney Morabito (9 ppg and 4 rpg) are returning starters.  Other key players include Sophs 5-10 Josie Hockman, 5-3 Becca Miller, 5-4 Taylor Weber, 5-7 Angela Jones, 5-10 Jr. Jill Epperson, and 5-11 Fr. Leslie Fries.  The Lady Cougars are a fast breaking team who should be improved in all aspects of the game with the extra year experience.


Marion County (Region 5) – Coach Trent Milby’s Cardinals finished 27-7 last season  and should be one of the premier teams in the state again this season.5-10 Jr. Makayla Epps (16.8 ppg) is rounding into shape after knee surgery this summer.  5-9 Sr. Bre Elder is a versatile scorer who gets to the rim.  6-1 Jr. Kyvin Goodin-Rogers is a versatile scorer, rebounder, and defender.  5-9 Jr. Patrice Tonge is an excellent defender and 5-10 Jr. Logan Powell is strong and a good scorer.  6-1 So. Alexus Calhoun has excellent size and provides an additional defensive presence.  5-10 Sr. Emily Fenwick and 5-9 Sr. Coco May will hit the open jumper and are solid defenders.


Sacred Heart Academy (Region 7) – Coach Donna Moir’s Valkyries finished 23-6 last season but graduated six seniors.  This team will be inexperienced and will have to mature quickly as players may graduate but tradition is a constant for the Valkyrie program.


5-6 Sr. Jade Tubb is a good spot up shooter and 5-9 Sr. Sandy Gahafer is a versatile player who is recovering from an ACL injury.  6-1 Sr. Jazmine Smith is very athletic and could be a key contributor this season.  5-5 Sr. Erica Walsh has the ability to come off the bench and score.  5-6 Jr. Kristin Matula ia a three sport star with great quickness.  5-6 Jr. Julia Stough has excellent range on her shot.  5-9 Katherine Halbleib and 5-10 Caroline Long are juniors who should log minutes this season.


 5-6 So. Raven Merriweather has the ability to be a special player for the Valkyries this season.  5-9 So. Dai Jia Ruffin transferred from Butler and is expected to provide scoring and rebounding.  5-6 So. Vanessa Baisas scores off the drive or with her jump shot.  5-2 Fr. Ashley Johnson and 5-2 Fr. Gretchen Samsel are also expected to contribute this season.


Owensboro Catholic (Region 3) – Coach Ray Zuberer’s Lady Aces finiahed 27-8 last season and made its first appearance in the state tournament in 25 years and also captured the All A state championship last season.  Unfortunately 6-1 Jr. Rebecca Greenwell who averaged 32.6 ppg and 12 rpg last saeson will miss this season due to a torn ACL.  The Lady Aces will be led by 6-0 Sr. Mary Kate Clemens (7.3 ppg and 5.5 rpg) who is a versatile scorer and good ball handler.  5-4 Sr. Laura Riney has three point range and 5-5 Jr. Leah Greathouse is a tough, hard-nosed competitor.  5-9 Fr. Destiny Howard displays a soft touch around the basket.


Louisville Eastern (Region 7) – Coach Jody Charleston’s Lady Eagles finished 16-10 last season.  The Lady Eagles are quick and aggressive and return five seniors, two of which were starters.  5-6 Sr. Asia Nichols is recovering from an ACL injury and 5-3 Sr. Chalyse Taylor started at the point last season.  5-5 Braelyn Johnson, 5-3 Danielle Doak, and 5-4 Alexys Nash are also returning seniors.  Other key players include 5-9 Jr. Jalin Abernathy, 5-5 So. Jade Spaulding, 6-3 Jr. Alexica Kimbro, and 5-9 So. Madie Hoffman.


Glasgow (Region 4) – Coach Justin Stinson’s team finished 16-11 last season.  They will be led by 5-9 Sr. Haley Perkins (14.6 ppg and 8.3 rpg), 5-4 Jr. Kelsey Greer (excellent three point shooter), 6-1 So. Shalika Smith (7.6 rpg), and 5-7 Jr. Kennedy Bailey.  The Lady Scotties also have an excellent young talent in 5-11 8th grader Breanna Glover.


Mercy Academy (Region 6) – Coach Mark Evan’s Jaguars finished 24-8 last season and will be very good again this season.  They will be led by the Roush twins, Christine and Courtney.  5-10 Sr. Christine Roush (9 ppg) is a versatile guard who scores and rebounds.  5-11 Sr. Courtney Roush (7 ppg) can get to the rim and is a good rebounder.  5-8 Jr. Whitney Hartlage (12 ppg) is an excellent scorer with range on her shot.  5-7 Jr. Kayla Richardson can get to the rim and shoot the three pointer.  Other players to watch are 6-0 Fr. Malerie Martin and 5-10 Jr. Victoria Dircksen.




Friday November 18th



LaRue County 53  Bullitt East 38


LaRue County coach Travis Wootton started the following lineup: 5-10 Jr. Haley Holt, 6-0 So. Ivy Brown. 6-2 Jr. Alisha Durbin, 5-6 Sr. Shana Zajdel, and 5-9 Fr. Alexis Brewer.  Bullitt East coach Chris Stallings countered with 5-7 Jr. Cady Cornell, 5-9 Sr. Ashley Duvall, 5-9 So. Courtney Pfister, 5-7 So. Taylor Blain, and 5-4 So. Emily Fryman. (Note: Leading returning scorer 5-9 Sr. Nikole Isabel is recovering from an ACL injury is expected to be cleared to play at a later date).


LaRue County won the first half by a score of 21-16 and the second half by a score of 32-22.  Ivy Brown was named MVP for LaRue County and scored 23 points including four three point baskets.  Alexis Brewer added 21 points.  Taylor Blain was named MVP for Bullitt East and led her team with 11 points.  Ashley Duvall added seven points.


LaRue County  21  32 - 53

Bullitt East       16  22 – 38


LaRue County (53) – Holt 3, Brown 23, A. Durbin 2, Zajdel 1, Brewer 21, H. Holt 2, Evans 1.


Bullitt East (38) – Cornell 2, Duvall 7, Pfister 0, Blain 11, Fryman 5, Blair 6, Willis 1, Stevens 6.


Saturday November 19th


Nelson County 66  Male 44


Nelson County coach Kelly Wood started the following lineup: 5-9 So. Breanna Harman, 5-9 Jr. A.J. Lewis, 6-1 Jr. Alyssa Johnson, 5-8 Fr. Caitlyn Hagan, and 5-6 Sr. Ashley Wimsett.  Male coach Jeffrey Sparks countered with 5-6 Jr. Jazmine Kraft, 5-6 Sr. Katie Watson, 5-9 Sr. Andrea Owen, 5-5 Sr. Taylor Messex, and 5-6 Jr. Allison Rice.


Nelson County won the first half 27-16 and the second half by a score of 39-28.  Male was hampered today by the early departure of “go-to” player Andrea Owen who left the game early with an ankle injury.  Alyssa Johnson was named MVP for Nelson County and scored 11 points.  6-3 Jr. Cierra Drake and Ashley Wimsett each scored 10 points.  A.J. Lewis was solid in all aspects and added eight points.  5-10 Sr. Brittinee Jones was named MVP for Male and scored 10 points.  Katie Watson also scored 10 points.


Nelson County  27  39 – 66

Male                16  28 – 44


Nelson County (66) – Harman 6, Lewis 8, Johnson 11, Hagan 5, Wimsett 10, Drake 10, Maupin 2, Wolf 4, Gamlin 6, Mattingly 2.


Male (44) – Kraft 8, Watson 10, Owen 0, Messex 5, Rice 2, Jones 10, Jackson 7, Board 1, Buckel 1. 


Clay County 77  Louisville Holy Cross 68      


Clay County coach James Burchell started the following lineup: 5-11 Jr. Morgan Chestnut, 5-9 Sr. Sabrina Smith, 5-11 Jr. Cheyenne Madden, 5-5 Sr. Alisha Mitchell, and 5-6 Sr. Natosha Gilbert.  Holy Cross coach Fred Copass countered with 5-9 Jr. Sydney Morabito, 5-11 Sr. Julie Skaggs, 5-10 So. Josie Hockman, 5-4 Jr. Morgan Wimberg, and 5-7 Sr. Kim Mingus.


Clay County won the first half 40-28 but Holy Cross captured the second half by a score of 40-37.  Clay County utilized their strong inside game today and very sound interior passing to capture the win.  Holy Cross played well today despite being without the services of 5-8 Sr. Maya Hardin who was at a school function.  Clay County was without the services of stand out 8th grader 5-7 TaLaura Mathis who is recovering from an injury.


Cheyenne Madden was named MVP for Clay County and scored 24 points including 12 free throws.  Sabrina Smith play well today and added 19 points.  Alisha Mitchell also reached double figures with 11 points including three three point baskets despite playing sparingly in the second half. Sydney Morabito was named MVP for Holy Cross and scored 23 points.  Kim Mingus and Julie Skaggs added 15  and nine points respectively.


Clay County  40  37 – 77

Holy Cross    28  40 – 68


Clay County (77) – Chestnut 8, S. Smith 19, Madden 24, Mitchell 11, Gilbert 1, Robinson 4, Jackson 2, Cotton 8.


Holy Cross (68) – Morabito 23, Skaggs 9, Hockman 7, Wimberg 8, Mingus 15, Epperson 2, Miller 4.


Marion County 83  Sacred Heart Academy 57


Marion County coach Trent Milby started the following lineup: 5-10 Jr. Logan Powell, 5-9 Sr. Bre Elder, 6-1 Jr. Kyvin Goodin-Rogers, 5-8 Sr. Patrice Tonge, and 5-10 Jr. Makayla Epps.  Sacred Heart Academy coach Donna Moir countered with 5-9 So. Dai Jia Ruffin, 5-6 Sr. Jade Tubb, 6-1 Sr. Jazmin Smith, 5-6 Jr. Kristin Matula, and 5-6 So. Raven Merriweather.


Marion County won the first half 41-25 and the second half 42-32.  Marion County is talented, experienced and should compete for the state championship this season.  Sacred Heart is very inexperienced but will greatly improve as the season progresses.  Bre Elder was name MVP for Marion County and scored 21 points.  Kyvin Goodin-Rogers had an excellent performance with 20 points.  Makayla Epps added 16 points.  Raven Merriweather led Scacred Heart with nine points.  Kristin Matula was named MVP for Sacred Heart and scored seven points.


Marion County  41  42 – 83

Scared Heart    25  32 – 57


Marion County (83) – Powell 7, Elder 21, Goodin-Rogers 20, Tonge 2, Epps 16, May 6, Calhoun 8, Rakes 3.


Sacred Heart (57) – Ruffin 4, Tubb 7, Smith 6, Matula 7, Merriweather 9, Halbleib 3, Samsel 1, Walsh 6, Stough 6, Gahafer 6, Long 2.


Louisville Eastern 78  Owensboro Catholic 70


Eastern coach Jody Charleston started the following lineup: 5-9 Jr. Jalin Abernathy, 5-4 Sr. Alexys Nash, 6-3 Jr. Alexcia Kimbro, 5-5 So Jade Spaulding, and 5-3 Sr. Chalyse Taylor. (Note: 5-6 Sr. Asia Nichols is recovering from an ACL injury and is expected to be cleared at a later date to play).  Owensboro Catholic coach Ray Zuberer countered with 6-0 Sr. Mary Kate Clemens, 5-9 So. Haley Garvin, 5-9 Fr. Destiny Howard, 5-4 Sr. Laura Riney, and 5-5 Jr. Leah Greathouse. (Note: Rebecca Greenwell who averaged 32.6 ppg last season will miss this season due to an ACL injury).


Owensboro Catholic won the first half 32-31 but Eastern rallied to capture the second half by a score of 47-38.  Jade Spaulding was named MVP for Eastern and scored 25 points including three three point baskets.  Jalin Abernathy and 5-9 So. Madie Hoffman added 14 and 11 points respectively.  Laura Riney was named MVP for Owensboro Catholic and scored 17 points including four three point baskets.  Destiny Howard, Mary Kate Clemens, and Leah Greathouse added 16, 15, and 11 points



Louisville Eastern      31  47 – 78

Owensboro Catholic  32  38 – 70


Eastern (78) – Abernathy 14, Nash 3, Kimbro 3, Spaulding 25, Taylor 5, Bradley 4, Johnson 4, Fone 7, Hoffman 11, Dye 2.


Owensboro Catholic (70) – Clemens 15, Garvin 5, Howard 16, Riney 17, Greathouse 11, Polston 3, Hodges 3.


Mercy Academy 83  Glasgow 60


Mercy coach Mark Evans started the following lineup: 5-11 Sr. Courtney Roush, 5-10 Sr. Christine Roush, 6-0 Fr. Malerie Martin, 5-7 Jr. Kayla Richardson, and 5-8 Jr. Whitney Hartlage.  Glasgow coach Justin Stinson countered with 5-9 Sr. Haley Perkins, 5-7 Jr. Kennedy Bailey, 6-1 So. Shalika Smith, 5-4 Sr. Shelby Ray, and 5-4 Jr. Kelsey Greer.


Mercy utilized their relentless pressure defense to win the first half 44-32 and the second half 39-28.  The score is a bit misleading as Glasgow has a good team and battled hard the entire way but Mercy can be a special team when they get on a roll.  Whitney Hartlage was named MVP for Mercy and scored 31 points including five three point baskets.  Kayla Richardson and Christine Roush added 19 and 16 points respectively.  Shalika Smith was named MVP for Glasgow and scored 14 points.  Haley Perkins and talented 5-11 8th grader Breanna Glover added 13 and 10 points respectively.


Mercy      44  39 – 83

Glasgow  32  28 – 60


Mercy (83) – Co. Roush 7, Ch. Roush 16, Martin 3, Richardson 19, Hartlage 31, Dircksen 4, Stilger 3.


Glasgow (60) – Perkins 13, Bailey 7, Smith 14, Ray 9, Greer 6, Glover 10, Alexander 1.




This was an excellent two days of basketball with a lot of talent on display this weekend.  Marion County is loaded and appears to be a team on a mission.  Mercy is hard to handle and has the ability to impose their will on teams with their pressure defense and when their shots are falling are hard to beat.  Several of the teams are capable of contending for regional championships and state honors.  Clay County looked better than ever today and Glasgow has a very solid team.  Holy Cross is a veteran,talented team and Coach Jody Charleston brings a lot of enthusiasm to the Eastern program.  Nelson County has a solid team and Sacred Heart will greatly improve throughout the year. Bullitt East will be improved with the return of Nikole Isabel.  LaRue County has some good talent  and Male hopefully will have the services of Andrea Owen who injured her ankle today.  Owensboro Catholic will be faced with the prospect of finding scorers with the loss of Rebecca Greenwell.


Most of the players on display are well known with well deserved reputations but A.J. Lewis (Nelson County) is very underrated and has a solid all around game.  Cheyenne Madden (Clay County) transferred from North Laurel and looked at home in the paint for the Lady Tigers.  Destiny Howard (Owensboro Catholic) shows a lot of potential and Jade Spaulding (Eastern) was a scoring machine today.  8th grader Breanna Glover (Glasgow) is strong, athletic, and talented and should have a great future.  Whitney Hartlage (Mercy) was unconscious today, scoring from everywhere on the floor.




A special thanks to Rick Bolus and Chris Stallings for the hospitality extended me during this event.  Also a special thanks to the Bullitt East Lady Chargers basketball team who worked the scoreboard, clock, and scoresheet this weekend and provided an extra set of “eyes” for me during this event.

Posted by REH at 3:45 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 20 November 2011 3:49 PM EST
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