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Pharoah Sanders discography 1978

Session 1, Pharoah Sanders & Norman Connors with the Starship Orchestra, Montreux Jazz Festival, 22.07.1978

Pharoah Sanders ts 3-5
Norman Connors dr, tymp, perc
Duke Jones tp
Buzzy Jones ts, ss, fl
Bobby Lyle p 3-5
Jacques Burvick kbds
Billy McCoy p, elp
Greg Hill g
Alex Blake elb
Petro Bass perc, conga
Lawrence Killian perc, conga

1.Babylon (McCoy) 8:40
2.Beyond a Dream (Kenny Cox) 10:23
3.Montreux Suite (Sanders-Connors-Cox-Lyle) 52:47

Lots of mess with this date. The official Beyond a Dream has 2 opening tunus of the Starship Orchestra without Pharoah and then 3 tunes entitled:

3.Montreux Overture (Sanders) 4:35
4.The End of the Beginning (Lyle) 4:55
5.Casino Latino (Sanders) 15:25

which are in fact excerpts of a long 52:06 suite (entitled to cause more confusion SWEET on Montreux database site) of the whole Pharoah/Norman band. The bootleg MEDITATION has full Pharoah/Connors part of the set, giving the name of the suite as THE CREATOR HAS A MASTER PLAN which is of course only the editors wish. The whole listing of the concert is given above. Below the listings from both - official and bootleg recordings.


Side one:

1.Babylon (McCoy) 8:40
2.Beyond a Dream (Kenny Cox) 10:23
3.Montreux Overture (Sanders) 4:35

Side two:

1.The End of the Beginning (Lyle) 4:55
2.Casino Latino (Sanders) 15:25


1.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders) 52:06

Session 2, Paris, unknown exact date

Pharoah Sanders ts, voc
Waheem Young p
unidentified b
Greg Bandy dr

set 1:

1.You've Got to Have Freedom (Sanders) 20:24
2.Soul Eyes (Waldron) 8:11
3.The Creator Has a Master Plan/Love Will Find a Way (Sanders-Thomas) 8:05
4.Blues 13:58

set 2:

1.Tenor intro 2:49
2.Think about the One part 1 (Sanders) 7:31
3.Think about the One part 2 (Sanders) 6:55
4.Think about the One part 3 (Sanders) 11:51
5.Blues 19:09
6.The Creator Has a Master Plan/Love Will Find a Way (Sanders-Thomas) 5:51

Private tape

Session 3, Hilton Ruiz Quintet, Sound Ideas Studio, NYC, 9.12.1978

Hilton Ruiz p
Slide Hampton tb
Pharoah Sanders ts
Reggie Workman b
Idris Muhammad dr

1.Swing One (Ruiz) 10:25
2.Blues for Tommy Tucker (Ruiz) 10:50
3.Fantasia (Ruiz) 18:57

Released as HILTON RUIZ – FANTASIA (Dedicated to Rasahn Roland Kirk)– Denon YX 7548 ND(Jap. Lp)

Session 4, Ed Kelly & Pharoah Sanders, Bear West Studios, San Francisco, December 1978

Ed Kelly p
Pharoah Sanders ss, ts
Peter Barshay b
Eddie Marshall dr
Marvin Williams string arr. on #1 and 4
Joanne Nichol 1st vln on #1 and 4
Cecilia Twain 2nd vln on #1 and 4
Marsha Gonick viola on #1 and 4
Joseph Herbert cello on #1 and 4
Junius Simmons g on #1 and 4
Larry Blackshere marimbas on# 2
Babatunde congas on#2 and 4
Faye Kelly voc on#2
Kerilyn Kelly voc on#2
Terrance Kelly voc on#2
Don Ramsey as on#4
Anthony Sidney tb on#4
Harley White bars on#4
Larry Jones tp on#4
Oscar Williams tp on#4

1.Rainbow Song (Kelly) 4:19
2.Newborn (Sanders) 4:23
3.You Send Me (Cooke) 8:50
4.Pippin (Kelly) 4:34
5.Answer My Love (Sigman-Rauch-Winkler) 4:42
6.You’ve Got to Have Freedom (Sanders) 7:27

Released as Ed Kelly & Friend – Theresa 106
Reissued as part of ED KELLY & PHAROAH SANDERS – Evidence ECD 22056-2 (other tracks on this CD without Pharoah)


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