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Pharoah Sanders discography 1973

Session 1, 11.03.1973, BOSTON, JAZZ WORKSHOP

The dates of Boston shows are unsure. Two different versions of the tapes from this particular show circulate as Boston 11.03.1973 or simply Boston 1973 (half of Myth with radio announcement, Summun, Black Unity, Thembi, Greeting to Saud + short part of Love Is Everywhere with fadeout) and Boston 13 or 14.03.1974 (whole Myth, Summun, Black Unity (without the finishing Pharoah's solo part), unknown title + full version of Love Is Everywhere). The cuts on this second version (at the finishing part of Black Unity and between unknown title and Love Is Everywhere) are hardly audible so it seems that this is a complete version of the concert without any cuts.

Recently I received an email from Eric Jackson, the Boston Radio announcer who now has his shows on WGBH, which could clarify the problem.

Mr. Jackson writes:
"I am a Boston radio announcer. Between 1972 and 1977 I worked for WBCN. If they were radio broadcast, they were most likely done by WBCN and most likely I was the announcer.
As a point of interest, the broadcast from the Workshop were on Tuesday nights."

Only 2 dates from the 6 different circulating match this Tuesday criterium - March, 11 th 1973 and August, 4th, 1974. These dates are most probably accurate for 2 of the Boston shows. The date of the 3rd one remains unclear but it's probably close to the first Boston concert (the line-up is almost the same)

Pharoah Sanders ss, ts, perc, voc
Joe Bonner p
Calvin Hill b
John Blue dr
Lawrence Killian perc

1.Myth (Sanders) 17:32
2.Summun, Bukmun, Umyun (Sanders) 16:42
3.Black Unity (Sanders) 28:15
4.unknown title (Sanders) 16:03
5.Greeting to Saud (Sanders) 8:32
6.Love Is Everywhere (Sanders) 9:04

Private tape

Session 2, probably March 1973, JAZZ WORKSHOP, BOSTON

see the notes to the session above

This session circulates as 7.08.1974 and 13.03.1973

Pharoah Sanders ss, ts, perc, voc
Joe Bonner p
Calvin Hill b
Norman Connors dr
Lawrence Killian perc

1.Golden Lamp (Bonner) 25:35
2.Myth (Sanders) 12:28
3.The Gathering (Sanders) 14:00
4.Love Is Everywhere (Sanders) 20:36
5.Greeting to Saud (Sanders) 14:36
6.High Life (Sanders) + final radio announcement 8:06

Private tape

Sessions 3 - 6, Pharoah Sanders, The Ash Groove, Los Angeles 7.09, 9.09, 13.09.1973 and Wally Heider's, San Francisco, 13.09

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, shekere, voc, bells, perc
Joe Bonner p, cow horn, wood fl, voc, perc, harmonium
Calvin Hill b, tamboura, voc
Michael Carvin dr, perc, voc
Lawrence Killian conga, bell tree, perc, voc
John Blue perc, voc
Jimmy Hopps perc
Michael White vln
Sedratius Brown voc
Kenneth Nash perc

Comment by Ed Michael: Live sessions at The Ash Grove, Los Angeles on September 7/8/9, 1973, gave material for impulse AS-9261 (Elevation). I know that Elevation, Ore-Se-Rere, The Gathering, and Spiritual Blessings came from these dates. However, the names were changed and given later, so it's hard to tell, without reference to the tape boxes, which were the takes used, and what was actually called what. Here's a breakdown on what was recorded:

Sept 7 - first set: Elevation (43:40); Nigerian Tune (14:40); false start; second set: Elevation (30:00); The Gathering (20:00)

Sept 8 - first set: Elevation (48:00); second set Spiritual Blessings (20:00); Nigerian HiLife (22:30); Love Is Everywhere/Nigerian HiLife (17:30); The Gathering (10:00)

Sept 9 - first set: Elevation/Spritual Blessing (37:45); second set: Elevation/Bird Song (20:30); The Gathering/Blues (28:00); Creator Has a Master Plan/Love Is Everywhere (34:00); Light of Peace (Healing Song) (12:00)

A few days later, we were in San Francisco at Wally Heider's for sessions that were used for impulse AS-9261 (Elevation) and AS-9254 (Village of the Pharoahs), which also used material which Lee Young had recorded, about which I have no information at all. What I know is:

Sept 13 - Greetings to Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner); 1 take (13:00); untitled (soprano); 2 false starts, complete take (14:00); another untitled; 2 false starts; complete take (10:10)

The disc Elevation lists:

1. Elevation (Sanders) 18:01
2. Greeting to Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner) (Sanders) 4:07
3. Ore-se-rere (Nigerian Juju Hilife) (E. Obe) 5:36
4. The Gathering (Sanders) 13:51
5. Spiritual Blessing (Sanders) 5:41

with these date references:

Ore-Se-Rere, The Gathering - 7 Sept. 1973
Elevation, Spiritual Blessing - 9 Sept. 1973
Greeting to Saud - 13.09.1973

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - ELEVATION - Impulse Imp 9254, CD (Japan) Impulse MVCZ-121, AS-9261, in 2005 it's been released also worldwide on CD

Session 7, Keystone Korner, San Frnacisco, 11.09.1973

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, perc, voc
Joseph Bonner p
Calvin Hill b
Jimmy Hopps dr
Lawrence Killian dr, perc
Michael Carvin dr, perc
Sedatrius Brown voc

Set 1:

1.Elevation (Sanders) 23:59
2.Thembi (Sanders) 13:52
3.Black Unity (Sanders) 12:50
4.The Gathering (Sanders) 12:38
5.Love Is Everywhere (Sanders) 5:58

Set 2:

1.Spiritual Blessing (Sanders) 22:09
2.Summun, Bukmun, Umyun (Sanders) 12:30
3.Ore-Se-Rere (E.Obe) 12:13
4.Went Like It Came (Sanders) 13:12
5.Healing Song (Sanders) 14:04
6.After the Rain (Coltrane) 5:08
7.Unidentified title (Sanders) 7:20
8.Love Is Everywhere (Sanders) 7:06
9.Highlife (Sanders) 9:40

Private tape

Session 8, Pharoah Sanders, Wally Heider's, San Francisco, 14.09.1973

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, voc, perc
Sedatrius Brown voc, perc
Joe Bonner p, shakuhachi, fl, perc, voc
Calvin Hill b
Jimmy Hopps dr
Lawrence Killian conga, voc, perc
Kenneth Nash sakara ceramic dr, Indian Murdungom dr, perc, whistles
Kylo Kylo tamboura, perc

1.Village of the Pharoahs part 1 (Sanders) 7:13
2.Village of the Pharoahs part 2 (Sanders) 4:59
3.Village of the Pharoahs part 3 (Sanders) 4:49
4.Myth (Sanders) 1:43
5.Went Like It Came (Sanders) 5:06

Released on PHAROAH SANDERS - VILLAGE OF THE PHAROAHS, Impulse Imp 9254 as tracks 1-4 and 7

Complete listing for that date thanks to Ed Michael:

Sept 14 - blues (Went Like It Came); first take breaks down at 5:2x; second (9:55)(master); Myth; 1 complete take (17:25); another blues; 1 false start; complete take (12:04)

Seems that Myth concluded on the disc in 3 parts of the Village of the Pharoahs and Myth and from the master of Went Like It Came we have 5:11 min

CD reissue in Japan on Impulse UCCI-3008,

Released by VERVE for digital download (ITunes) on 13.06.2006

Session 9, Pharoah Sanders, USA, 1973

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, fl
Joe Bonner p
James Branch fl
Cecil McBee b
Norman Connors dr
Lawrence Killian perc
Mtume perc
Badal Roy perc

1. Love Is Everywhere (Sanders) 19:52
2. To John (Sanders) 20:42

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - LOVE IN US ALL - Impulse Imp 9280, reissued on CD in Japan on Impulse ASD-9280

Reissued on IMULSE as CD UCCI-9103

Session 10, Larry Young, Blue Rock Studio, NYC, 1973

Abdul Shahid dr
Jumma Santos tom-tom, cow bell, conga, whistle, tambourine, hi-hat
Howard T. King dr
James Flores dr
Stacey Edwards conga
Don Pate b
James Blood Ulmer g
Umar Abdul Muizz conga
Armen Halburian conga, bells, perc
Diedre Johnson cello
Juni Booth b
Art Gore dr, elp
Abdul Hakim bongos
Poppy La Boy perc
Cedric Lawson elp
Mystery Guest (Pharoah Sanders) saxophones, voc
Dennis Mourouse sax, el sax
Charles Magee eltp
Larry Young org, bongos, voc

1.Saudia (Young) 4:28
2.Alive (Young) 1:50
3.Hello Your Quietness (Islands) (Young) 10:02
4.Sunshine Fly Away (Young) 8:37
5.Khalid of Space Part Two (Welcome) (Young) 12:20

Released as LARRY YOUNG - LAWRENCE OF NEWARK - Perception PLP 34
CD version of this record was first released 2001 on Castle Music CMRCD288



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