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Pharoah Sanders discography 1974

Session 1, probably 04.08.1974, JAZZ WORKSHOP, BOSTON

Another, third date from Boston, this time with Leon Thomas on vocals.

Pharoah Sanders reeds, voc, perc
Leon Thomas voc, perc
prob. Joe Bonner p
Reginald Fields aka Shooby-Doo b
Tony Green dr
Lawrence Killian perc

1.Quiet World (Sanders-Thomas)? - 17:09
2.Boom Boom (Hooker)/C.C. Rider (trad) 15:04
3.Sun in Aquarius (Sanders-L.L.Smith) 14:04
4.One Big Mansion (Sanders-Thomas)? 15:15
5.Let Us Go into the House of the Lord (Sanders) 19:15
6.Elevation (Sanders) (inc) 7:44

The info about the musicians on this night from Tony Green, the drummer in the Pharoah band at this time. Here's how Tony Green remembers the event:

"1973-1974 I toured with Pharoah as his drummer and among the gigs I did with him the Workshop in Boston during that period was one of them. I remember that gig because we were in the Workshop and Miles Davis was playing the adjacent room at Palls Mall, so it's highly possible that the unknown drummer and bass player was myself and Reginald Fields who was from Detroit where Pharoah lived at that time. That group at the time was Joe Boner, Reginald Fields (aka Shooby-Doo), Lawrence Killian, Tony Green, Leon Thomas and of course, Pharoah. Reginald was replaced by Steve Neil after joining Sun-Ra and I was replaced by Greg Bandy after joining Gil Scott-Herons Midnight Band."

Miles Davis played with his group at Paul's Mall in the beginning of August, 1974. This is the most probable date for this Pahroah group concert

Private tape



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