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Pharoah Sanders discography 1971

Session 1, Pharoah Sanders octet, The Record Plant, NYC, 12.01.1971

Pharoah Sanders ts, afl, brass bell, bailophone, maracas, cow horn, fifes
Lonnie Liston Smith p, ring cymbals, shouts, bailophone
Cecil McBee b, bird effects
Roy Haynes dr
Chief Bey Afr. perc
Majid Shabazz Afr. perc
Anthony Wiles Afr. perc.
Nat Bettis Afr. perc

1.Love (McBee) 5:12
2.Morning Prayer (take 1) (Liston Smith/Sanders) 18:21
3.Morning Prayer (take 2 - master) (Liston Smith/Sanders) 15:05

There were recorded two complete takes of what was then called Morning Prayer, which was divided, on disc, as Morning Prayer and Bailophone Dance (Ed Michael).

Original master of MP appears on the disc THEMBI like that:

- Morning Prayer (Liston Smith/Sanders) 9:11
- Bailophone Dance (Sanders) 5:43

1, 3 released on PHAROAH SANDERS - THEMBI - Impulse IMPD 253

2 remains unreleased

Session 2, 21.02.1971, Carnegie Hall, NYC,

Alice Coltrane harp, p, perc
Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, fl, perc, fifes
Archie Shepp ts, ss, perc
Jimmmy Garrison b
Cecil McBee b
Clifford Jarvis dr
Ed Blackwell dr
Tulsi tamboura
Kumar Kramer harmonium

1.Journey in Satchidananda (A.Coltrane) 12:55*
2.Shiva-Loca (A.Coltrane) 14:15*
3.Africa (J.Coltrane) 28:03
4.Leo (J.Coltrane) 20:25*

Private tape
Ed Michael, producer of this and many other recordings of Pharoah, Alice and John coltrane writes on his web site: "This was a recording made at a concert to celebrate Swami Satchidananda's birthday, presented by Sid Bernstein, which also featured The Rascals and Laura Nyro. Amazingly, it remains unissued."
In addition he says: "These were running times from my stopwatch at the concert, so may not be absolutely precise. The whole thing does exist. It was recorded on 4-track tape, and Alice Coltrane has a copy of the 4-track, and, if I am not mistaken, the original master as well."

Lenghts of the asterixed tunes - Ed Michael

Session 3, 23.03. or 23.04.1971, Berkeley, Ca

Alice Coltrane, p, harp
Archie Shepp reeds
Pharoah sanders or Frank Lowe reeds
rest unknown

1.Journey in Satchidananda (Alice Coltrane) 11:47
2.unidentified 7:36
3.Africa (John Coltrane) 25:33

Date unsure. It is not sure who play the second saxophone. Different sources give different indications

private tape

Session 4, 18.07.1971, Nice, France

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, fl, tamb, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith p
Cecil McBee b
Jimmy Hopps dr
Lawrence Killian bongo

1.Jamil (Sanders) 22:55
2.Unknown title (Sanders) 19:30
3.Let Us Go into the House of the Lord (Sanders) 25:13

Private tape

Session 5, 07.1971, Oyster Club, Nice, France

Pharoah Sanders ts, ss, fl, tamb, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith p
Cecil McBee b
Jimmy Hopps dr
Lawrence Killian bongo

1.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders-Thomas) 29:00
2.unidentified 7:45
3.unidentified 27:57

private tape

Session 6, Pharoah Sanders nonet, 24.11.1971, A & R Recording Studios, New York City

Pharoah Sanders ts, balaphone
Hannibal Marvin Peterson tp
Carlos Garnett ts
Joe Bonner p
Cecil McBee b
Stanley Clarke b
Norman Connors dr
Billy Hart dr
Lawrence Killian congas, talking dr, balaphone

1.Black Unity (Sanders) 37:21

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - BLACK UNITY - Impulse IMPD 192

Session 7, Pharoah Sanders, 8.12.1971

Pharoah Sanders ss, bells,
Joe Bonner p
Cecil McBee b
Stanley Clarke b
Norman Connors dr
Lawrence Killian cga, perc
Marvin Peterson perc

1.Mansion Worlds (Sanders) 9:12


Reissued on CD in Japan on Impulse UCCI-3008

Released by VERVE for digital download (ITunes) on 13.06.2006

Session 8, Pharoah Sanders, The East, Brooklyn, NYC, 1971

Pharoah Sanders ts
Harold Vick ts, voc
Hannibal Marvin Peterson tp
Carlos Garnett fl, voc
Stanley Clarke b
Cecil McBee b
Joe Bonner p, harmonium
Norman Connors dr
Billy Hart dr
Lawrence Killian congas, balaphone

1. Healing Song (Sanders-Bonner) 20:41
2. Lumkili (Part 1) (Sanders) 2:20
3.Lumkili (Part 2) (Sanders) 5:10
4. Memories of Coltrane (Sanders) 18:25

Released as PHAROAH SANDERS - LIVE AT THE EAST - Impulse Imp 9227

Reissued on CD in Japan, Impulse UCCU-9016



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