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The communion of two voices, souls, the communion of two worlds which ends in mystical vanishing of the primal sound...

How could I describe the opening phrases of Selflessness recorded by John Coltrane’s group in October 1965? Kulu Se Mama... The lost path leads you to your roots, to the quietly moving belly of your mother. Mother Earth. A very black mother. And Om where in the beautiful Chaos you find suddenly your own fate, the thread of the holly sound which leads you to the past and back, to the future, so quickly through the woods, seas, lakes where the lotus flowers are blooming their dreams in their neverending sleep. The thread of Ariadni which let us go out from the Minoian Labyrinth, from every LABYRINTH.

How could one describe a SOUND?

The music of Pharoah Sanders has its roots in the deepest caverns of the human soul where the joy meets the anger, where the sun becomes the moon, where the DIVINE is visible as clearly as a green leave of the olive tree, covered with dew-drops in the first rays of the rising sun. The Creator has a master plan.

Pharoah with Coltrane

Pharoah with William Henderson

Pharoah with Sonny Sharrock

Pharoah alone

Pharoah playing

Pharoah singing and dancing



Dyonysos drinking wine, Indra drinking soma.



Let the music speaks for itself, said once John Coltrane.

I'm not a talker. I don't talk that much. I let my music speak for itself, said once Pharoah.



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