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Pharoah Sanders discography 1968

Sesssion 1, Pharoah Sanders, Renaissance Ballroom, New York City, 21.01.1968

Pharoah Sanders ts
Albert Ayler ts
unknown ts
unknown as
Chris Capers tp
Dave Burrell p
Sirone b
Roger Blank dr

1.Venus/Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt (Sanders) 22:59

recorded for Jihad

Issued on Albert Ayler HOLY GHOST 9-CD box-set on Revenant Records RVN213CD as part of disc 6

Session 2, The Jazz Composer's Orchestra, RCA Victor Studio, NYC, 8.05.1968

Michael Mantler comp, cond
Stephen Furtado flh
Lloyd Michels flh
Bob Northern frh
Julius Watkins frh
Jimmy Knepper tb
Jack Jeffers btb
Howard Johnson tu
Bob Donovan as
Frank Wess as
Lew Tabackin ts
George Barrow ts
Pharoah Sanders ts
Steve Marcus ss
Al Gibbons ss
Charles Davis bars
Carla Bley p
Ron Carter b
Charlie Haden b
Reggie Workman b
Eddie Gomez b
Steve Swallow b
Beaver Harris dr

1. Preview (Mantler) 3:29

Pharoah doesn't play on other tracka of this album


Session 3, Alice Coltrane Quartet, 29.01.1968, Coltrane Studio, Dix Hills, New York

Alice Coltrane p
Pharoah Sanders ts, fl, bcl
Jimmy Garrison b
Ben Riley dr
John Coltrane voice 2

1.Lord, Help Me to Be (A. Coltrane) 7:30
2.The Sun (A. Coltrane) 4:01
3.Ohnedaruth (A. Coltrane) 7:49


Pharoah doesn't play on the other selections of this title Tracks 1 and 2 also on ALICE AND JOHN COLTRANE - COSMIC MUSIC Impulse MVCI-23095 (jap.) , AS-9418 (lp)

Session 4, Dave Burrell Quintet, 2.06, 9.09.1968, NYC

Dave Burrell p, arr
Sunny Murray dr
Sirone b
Bobby Kapp dr
Pharoah Sanders tamb

1. West Side Story Medley (Bernstein) 19:35
2. Oozi Oozi (Burrell) 3:07
3. Bittersweet Reminiscence (Burrell) 2:10
4. Bobby and Si (Burrell) 2:10
5. Dave Blue (Burrell) 2:35
6. Margie Pargie (Burrell) 2:58
7. East Side Colors (Burrell) 15:15
8. Theme Stream (Burrell) 15:23

DAVE BURRELL � HIGH WON, HIGH TWO � Black Lion 760 206

Session 5, Gary Bartz Sextet, 19.06.1968, Plaza Sound Studios, NYC

Gary Bartz as
Charles Tolliver tp
Pharoah Sanders ts
Stanley Cowell p
Reggie Workman b
Freddie Waits dr

1.Another Earth (Bartz) 23:46


Pharoah does not play on the other titles of this album

Session 6, 20.07.1968, Antibes Jazz Festival,

There are some problems with the statement of the real dates of original recordings from this time. This especially concerns the 20 July and 22 July performances.
The tape circulating as Antibes 68 or Antibes 20 July 68 of over 100 min. lenght is in fact a combination of 21 and 24 July performances.
There are 2 other shorter tapes (about 45 min each) with the dates 20 or 22 July. The first tape of quiet poor quality consists of 2 longer fragments - the first one comes from the french radio transmission and is a quartet recording with Lonnie Liston Smith jr on piano, Norris Jones (Sirone) on bass and Majeed Shabazz on drums. This is just a fragment of a longer performance and the titles played by the group are Venus and Creator. The second part is much longer (ca 37 min) - a quintet performance with the musicians mentioned above + a bongo player.
This 37 min. fragment + closing announcement and applause is also the main part of the second tape of a much better quality. This tape has also an additional shorter fragment different than this one on the first tape but also played in quartet. Consequently - it seems we have here to do with 2 different performances. If the dates given below are correct? I don't know. Maybe this question finds its answer someday ;)

Pharoah Sanders ts, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith p
Sirone b
Majeed Shabazz dr

1.Unknown title 7:11
2.Venus (Sanders) 7:15
3.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders) 3:51

Private tape

Session 7, 21.07.1968, Juan Les Pins, Early Bird Jazz Club,

Pharoah Sanders ts
Michel Roques ts
prob. Lonnie Liston Smith p
Norris Jones (Sirone) b
Majeed Shabazz dr

1.Unknown title 16:57
2.Sunny (Hebb-Laurent) 5:44
3.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders-Thoams)16:07
4.Unknown title 6:09

Private tape

Session 8, 22.07.1968, Antibes

Pharoah Sanders ts, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith p
Sirone b
Majeed Shabazz dr
unidentified bongo player

1.Unknown title 9:30
2.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders) 20:34
3.Colors (Sanders) + final announcement 6:24

Private tape

Session 9, 24.07.1968 Nice, La Chunga Jazz Club ,

Pharoah Sanders ts
prob. Lonnie Liston Smith p
Norris Jones (Sirone) b
Majeed Shabazz dr

1.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders-Thomas) 28:49
2.Colors (Sanders-Thomas) 4:45
3.Time Was (Luna de la Fuente-Prado-Russell) 9:11
4.unidentified 11:11
5.unidentified 12:24
6.The Creator Has a Master Plan (Sanders-Thomas) 4:31

audience recording

Private tape

Session 10, 8.11.1968, Quasimodo Club, Berlin

Gunter Hampel Time Is Now with Sonny Sharrock and Pharoah Sanders, ca 90 min

Gunter Hampel, vib, fl
John McLaughlin g
Arjen Gorter b
Laurie Allen dr
Pharoah Sanders reeds
Sonny Sharrock g

1.Unknown title 45:50
2.Unknown title 34:30
3.Unknown title 11:25

Private tape

Session 11, 9.11.1968, Berlin

Don Cherry Eternal Rhythm Orchestra,

1.Reward (Cherry) 38:47

Don Cherry tp, gamelan
Maffy Falay tp
Albert Mangelsdorf tb
Eje Thelin tb
Pharoah Sanders ts, fl
Bernt Rosengren ts, fl
Sonny Sharrock g
Arild Andersen b
Jacques Thollot dr
Karl-Heinz Berger vib
Joachim Kuehn p

Private tape

Session 12, 9.11.1968, Berlin, blues jam

Don Ellis tp
Maynard Ferguson tp
Albert Mangelsdorf tb
Tony Scott cl
Pharoah Sanders ts
Pony Poindexter as
Fritz Pauer p
Hans Rettenbacher b
Billie Brooks dr

1.unidentified blues 35:42

Private tape

Session 13, Latin Jazz Quintet, probably the late 60's,

Pharoah Sanders ts
Melvin Lastie cor
Lonnie Hillyer tp
Jack Jeffers tb
Kiane Zawadi tb
Harold Vick ts
Hugh Brody ss
Chuck Rainey elb
Alex Lane b
Cornell Dupree elg
Stanley Johnson p
George Gould p
Ray Armando perc
John Griggs perc
Ray Lucas perc
Earl Williams perc
Pete Jackson perc
Virgil Jones tp, flh
Bill Ellington b
Jerry Patterson elg
Tommy Derrick perc
Juan Amalbert perc

1.The Dues Payer
3.Midnight Montuno
4.Treasure of Sierra Madre
5.Shake a Lady
7.P's and Q's
8.Oh! Pharoah Speak

Released as The Latin Jazz Quintet - Oh! Pharoah Speak - Trip 8008

There is another issue of this record with only 6 songs - Spotlight on Pharoah Sanders with Latin Jazz Quintet - Upfront 150

The exact date is unknown. The Latin Jazz Quintet with Juan Amalbert as a leader is the same Latin Jazz Quintet that recorded 2 dates with Dolphy in the beginning of the 60s. And this sound!! It's a very large quintet, of course.



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