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Harvester, from Merit Studios and DigiFX Interactive, Inc. Is the best horror game I have ever played. Many of you have been wondering what I have been up to since creating the Shivers2 website. Well, I have been hard at work creating this new site. Let me tell you alittle about Harvester.

Harvester is a game like no other. If you liked Gabriel Knight and Phantasmagoria, Harvester will blow you away. This game has ten times the gore of Phantas, the mystery of Gabriel Knight, PLUS tons of action scenes where you have to fight for your life. Harvester has live action video scenes that are combined with a thirdperson/Gabriel Knight1 perspective, so that you feel like you are controlling the action not just a video character. The game has multiple pathways for tons of replay value. And it has a unique game engine so that what you do in one part of Harvester affects events in other parts of the game. There is also a unique dialogue box that lets you type in keywords to ask the characters about and you can even type in your own words, although the characters will tell you you are speaking nonsense. GET THIS GAME!!! It is SO worth it. To learn more about the plot of Harvester, click the review button. (Notice: As of 3/23/99, this page will probably never be updated again other than the occasional link. If you would like to buy this game, the two best places to find it are Ebay and Used Game Trading Zone. Please visit my other pages for new gaming sites, fun links and game walkthroughs. This page will remain up for all who need it.)

What's It All About?(Requirements and A Collection of Reviews)

Controversy (Did you know Harvester is currently banned in several countries???)

Cool Screenshots!!!

Harvester Game Hints (Small Hints Only)

Harvester Puzzle Solutions (Complete Puzzle Solutions/Spoilers)

Cheat Codes (Warp to different Lodge Levels, Get all weapons)

Walkthrough (Written by me!!!)


Extras (How to view all the Harvester Video Files and Take Screenshots.)

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