Shivers2: Harvest of Souls

A Strategy/Solution Guide

This site is NOT a walkthru. Why? Because Shivers2 is not only a really big game, but half the fun is exploring all the different locations. What this site will do for you is give you solutions and strategies to every puzzle in the game and a location guide of each item in the game. Wherever possible, a gif will be available for a solution. If you are stuck, this is the site for you. A few quick tips: To open the bank vault, flip the zebra. If you get a south number, but the zebra on the TOP!!! If you are having trouble at the end of the game, make sure you have BOTH the tape and batteries in the recorder BEFORE clicking it on the sand!!! The chess pieces will only show up after you go back to the garage and click on the note above the chessboard!!! If Nora won't appear for you after placing the music box, go back to the kiva and click on the broken skull!!! Everything else is contained in these pages. (Notice: As of 3/23/99, this site will no longer be updated except for the occasional link. If you would like to buy this game, the two best places to find it are Ebay and Used Game Trading Zone. Please visit my other pages for new gaming sites, fun links and game walkthroughs. This page will remain up for all who need it.)

Just The Facts, Ma'am!(Puzzle Solutions)

Where's The Beef???(Item Locations)

X-Files(Q & A)

What's The Skinny?(Review and Requirements)

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Copyright/Disclaimer: This site was created solely by me, Carrigon , and it is maintained solely by me, copyright 1997. It is an "unofficial" Sierra game site. Most of the graphics on this website are probably copyrighted by Sierra. All of the puzzle solutions contained at this site are the result of many gamer's efforts and have appeared both at Sierra's Message Boards and AOL's Message Boards. I am not affiliated with Sierra in any way and am NOT tech support. If you need tech support for Shivers2 or any other Sierra game, please contact Sierra's website. This game site is a FREE website. It's purpose is to give you all the information you need to finish Shivers2. If you use anything from this site, please put a LINK back to me!!! This site was created using Netscape Navigator Gold . Thank you for visiting this site.

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