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Welcome to the "Unofficial" Realms Of The Haunting (ROTH) Strategy/Solution Guide. About two years ago, Interplay and Gremlin released ROTH. The game received amazing reviews and was even called "game of the year" by many. And yet, sales of this incredible game dropped dramatically. Why? The simple fact that there are NO cheat codes for this game and you get very little health. Many gamers, myself included, refused to pay about fifty dollars for a game with no cheat codes. Guess we're all spoiled :) But when you look at how long this game is, Twenty Chapters/Levels!!! You can understand why some of us didn't want to buy a game we either didn't think we could finish, or just plain didn't want our gaming experience to be such a chore. We play for fun, not to be masocistic. Well, my fellow gamers, it's been a few years, you can now pick up ROTH dirt cheap at Ebay and Used Game Trading Zone . Or if you simply stuck it on a shelf because it seemed too hard to finish, it's time to dust it off (they're talking about making a sequel now). Just because ROTH is a few years old doesn't make it any less fantastic to play. You get Twenty levels, tons of different monsters, so you're never bored, magical weapons, and just enough video to move things along. See my review below to learn more. My walkthrough is the most thorough on the Net. It gives you all the monster locations, kill strategy, and all the puzzle solutions. Everything you need for maximum survival is here. And my Extras page now includes a new HEALTH CHEAT FILE!!! You no longer have to worry about low health. So, come have some fun!

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Walkthrough (Written by me!!!)




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Extras (Health Cheat File, Ammo Cheat File, Saved game files)

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Copyright/Disclaimer: This site was created solely by me, Carrigon , and it is maintained solely by me, copyright 1999. It is an "unofficial" Interplay/Gremlin game site. Most of the graphics on this website are probably copyrighted by Interplay/Gremlin. I have tried to give copyright credit where it is due. The walkthrough at this site was written by me. I am not affiliated with Interplay/Gremlin in any way and am NOT tech support. If you need tech support for ROTH, please contact Interplay/Gremlin websites. This game site is a FREE website. It's purpose is to give you all the information you need to finish Realms Of The Haunting and make the game more enjoyable. If you want to use any information or graphics from this site, please put a link up to this page!!! Thanks.

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