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I've thought of updating the look of this site, but the homepage just looks too cool for me to put up a cover page. So what I'm going to do is give you a What's New page that will contain updated site info and other links to new pages I might have done. I'm also going to make it easier on the eyes than this homepage. So, click here:

What's New!

If you're looking for fun websites, this is the place to be. Here's a quick glimpse of my entire site:

Weird Web Meat

Carrigon's Horror and Goth Sims

FREE Tarot Card Reading

Game Cheater's Clubhouse

Halloween Midi Jukebox

Twisted Little Christmas Jukebox

Shivers2 Strategy Guide

Harvester Strategy Guide

Realms Of The Haunting Strategy Guide

Carrigon's CFIDS/FM/CFS/ME Information Page

Carrigon's CFS/CFIDS and Psychic Ability Forum

Carrigon's Plastic Canvas Pattern Page

Click the tour on my Geoguide above and you can see my whole site.

Okay, before I give you some great links, here's some info on me.

I'm a horror writer. I'm Wiccan. I collect Tarot cards. I'm 33 years old, single, and love computer games and psx games. I like heavy metal, hard rock, and industrial. I'm also a Plastic Canvas and stationery designer. My Plastic Canvas page is new. I'm hoping to just keep putting up current projects that I'm working on and give out free patterns. And yeah, I live in the CFIDS Zone . If you'd like to write to me, here's the link:

The Magic 8-Ball

The Magic 8 Ball says... TRY AGAIN

Who were you in your past life?

To know the answer - just type in the DAY, MONTH, and YEAR you were born in your PRESENT life.

For example:
October 16, 1955 would be entered as - Day:16 Month:10 Year:55

Day:    Month:   Year: 

If you are not happy with the results of your reading, please don't email me about it. This program was the hard work of Natalie V. Zubar. She accepts no responsibility for anything you might feel as a result of this program. It is for entertainment purposes only. Just a few quick words about Natalie. This woman is one of the most brilliant women in the world today. She speaks NINE human languages and created several computer programming ones. Natalie has an MD in Physics and lives in the Ukraine in the former Soviet Union. This small program is just a tiny sample of her work. She's really amazing. One of her hobbies is watching The X-Files, but I think she's brilliant enough to be an X-File all her own :)

Would you like a Tarot Card (Psychic Reading) right now?

Try my NEW Java Tarot Reading!!! It's totally FREE. Just click the Tarot Card below:

Java Tarot is a small program by T. Betts that runs right in your web browser. I only recommend it with Netscape 3.0 or higher or Explorer 3.0 or higher. The program takes alittle time to load, so please be patient. Once it loads, scroll your browser window over to the right so you can see where to type in your answers, and then just follow the instructions on the page. If you like the reading, you can drop me some email. If you can't get it to work after following the tips on the page and trying to reload the page (sometimes web traffic can make it not work, so reload), please do not email me for tech support on it and do not email me if you don't like the reading. This psychic reading is for entertainment purposes only and neither I nor T. Betts take any responsibility for anything you might feel as a result of the reading. Now, Enjoy!!

Ever notice how when a new game first comes out the price is incredibly high? Usually between $30 and $50. Well, you DON'T have to pay full price ever! Here are two of the best places to get the newest titles at HALF or BELOW full price:

Ebay Online Auction (Just click computers, games, do a search for the title you want.)

Used Game Trading Zone (Tons of great games for trade, including the latest titles, and old favorites.)

Some of the best games I've played:

People often write to me and ask what games I would recommend, since I'm known for writing walkthroughs. Some of the games I recommend are a few years old, but who cares, they're still tons of fun, even with outdated interfaces. You can find any of these titles through Ebay and Used Game Trading Zone. So here's a list of some of my favorites:

Harvester is the BEST Game I have ever played. Click the flame to learn why (Site includes a walkthrough written by ME):

If you liked Harvester, Realms Of The Haunting (from Interplay/Gremlin) is just as good or even better. Many people refused to buy it because of the lack of cheat codes and very little health. But my NEW site has the most complete walkthrough on the Web. It's got all the monster locations, combat strategy, and puzzle solutions. ROTH takes place in a spooky old house full of monsters and ghosts. There are twenty chapters/levels to play and tons of different monsters for each level, so you're never bored. ROTH combines action with an interesting adventure plot, so it's definitely NOT just a shooter. Click the monster for my ROTH site:

My ROTH Walkthrough (Written by ME, so you know it's good!)

9 (Nine) It's like Shivers!

If you liked Shivers, you'll love 9 (Nine) from GT Interactive and Tribeca. There used to be a 9 (Nine) Mini-Site at GT Interactive's webpage, not sure if it's still there. 9 (Nine) takes place in a haunted hotel called the Last Resort, which you've just inherited. You have a machine to put together and to get its parts, you have to solve puzzles. The puzzles also unlock doors in the hotel. The graphics are beautiful and the puzzles are not only interesting, but alot of them are different for every game you play, so it has a high replayability. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith play an evil entity called the Toxic Twins and Cher is your psychic guide. It's a really cool game. To download my 9 (Nine) Walkthru, which I wrote myself :) click below.

9 (Nine) Walkthru

Here's a little secret you won't hear anywhere else. Amber: Journey's Beyond is a better game than Phantasmagoria (I still recommend Phantas, too, but Amber is even better). It's much more fun to play. It's kind of a short game, it really could have used a few more "worlds", but it truly captures the feel of a haunted house. If you want a good, scary haunted house game (play it at night), check out Amber. You won't be sorry. For those of you who need the Amber Walkthru, (I didn't write this one, just copied it off the web for you.) you can download it right here. Just click the link below.

Amber: Journey's Beyond Walkthru

Another really fun game is Timewarp of Dr. Brain from Sierra. It's filled with tons of logic puzzles and some of them are really hard. I still haven't finished the whole thing. If you are having trouble with the Caveman Rock Novice Level, I have complete solutions for it here:

Caveman Rock Solutions By Victoria Lippincott

Many Sierra titles, some of them quite old, are excellent. I highly recommend the following:

The entire Space Quest series, especially SQ 6--The Spinal Frontier. If you feel like a great space comedy/adventure, this series is the best!

The Laura Bow Series. There are only two titles: Colonel's Bequest and Dagger of Amon Ra. These titles are very old, the interfaces are totally outdated, but the stories as just as good or even better than Gabriel Knight. You can only get these titles from the Roberta Williams Anthology cd. The cd also includes the King's Quest series. If you liked Gabriel Knight, Laura Bow was the original concept. Sierra later abandoned her for Gabriel. Why? We'll never know. If you love mysteries, Laura Bow is the best! Her stories are set in the 1920's, the days of the Flapper. Bequest takes place in a spooky southern mansion and Dagger takes place in a museum where you're trapped with a killer. Don't miss these incredible games!

Gabriel Knight, both one and two are also excellent. Three will be out sometime this year! Also recommended from Sierra are:

Shivers (Still a favorite of mine. I can never get enough of the museum!)

Looking for some tips on Shivers2: Harvest of Souls from Sierra? Check out my Shivers2 website.

Phantasmagoria one, (I heard two wasn't so good.)

King's Quest 8--Mask of Eternity (There's a demo at Sierra's site. Nice and creepy with plenty of action and puzzles.)


All the Sierra Hoyle games

And last, but not least, Half-Life. For my NEW Half-Life Uplink Demo Walkthrough go here:

Carrigon's Half-Life Uplink Demo Walkthrough

In general, most of the Sierra games are great. Remember, you can get any of these titles dirt cheap from Ebay Online Auction or Used Game Trading Zone.

Other titles, not from Sierra, I recommend are Zork Nemesis. Zork Grand Inquisitor is also supposed to be good, but I haven't tried it. 7th Guest (still one of the best haunted houses), it's sequel 11th Hour wasn't as good. For good shooters, I recommend, Tomb Raider, Duke3d, Doom, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Quake, Halflife, Unreal. Also recommended, The Muppets cd--Muppets Inside and The Simpson's Virtual Springfield.

If you have small children up to about seven years old, I highly recommend CandyLand from Hasbro - Interactive CD ROMs . In fact, I recommend all of the Hasbro CD Games. There's Star Wars Monopoly and Clue. Clue sounds good. You get twelve mysteries to solve and Star Wars Monopoly has real Star Wars movie clips in it. All the games we grew up playing as board games are now interactive CD's. Pick one up, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Now, let's talk about Playstation games! The best PSX titles I've played are:

Resident Evil, all three parts

Silent Hill

Clock Tower

Dino Crisis was okay, but not as good as RE

Echo Night, good story, bad graphics

I'm a big fan of Survival Horror games. For more on PSX stuff, you should visit my What's New! Page.

Some Great Web Entertainment Sites:

CD List by Music Format ('s site where you can listen to full length music cd's for FREE. Also has links to Internet Radio sites.)

MUSICVIDEOS.COM (Watch the latest music vid's right on your pc!) Books, Music & More! (Best place for ordering books online.)

A Virtual Present (Send someone a Virtual Present for FREE!)

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards (The best Free site to send cards from!)

GameSpot (Where I go for the latest gaming info.)

The Mining Co. (If you're looking for info on anything, the Mining Co. has collections of sites with tons of links. It's a goldmine.)

Talkspot - Interactive Broadcasting (They have live internet radio shows with interviews of the latest game designers to the latest authors. Their archives are full of shows. It's a great site.)

For more recommended websites, be sure to check out my Weird Web Meat page. If you're looking for Strange and Unusual web links, this is the page for you. The page has been fully updated with all new links.

Looking for a few good walkthrough and game cheat sites? Try my Game Cheaters Clubhouse. I've got the best walkthrough links and a few downloadable walkthroughs I wrote myself. Check it out.

Check out my Halloween Midi Jukebox!!!

<!-- if we are here there is no plug-in support --><IMG SRC="file:///C|/America Online 4.0/AOLTEMP/guillotine.gif" ALT="This is a still image of a Parable Thing" ></B>

If all you're seeing is a box next to the animated haunted house gif, then you need the Thing PlugIn. Things is the coolest new plugin for your browser. It makes your icons come alive with sound and movement when you click on them. You have to see it to believe it, so go over to:

THINGWORLD! And make your pages come alive!

Yeah, the Christmas Page is still up there. Why? Because it's a cool page, that's why. If you liked my Halloween Jukebox, check out my Christmas page. It's a scream.

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