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A.J.'s Chess Page(s) on A.- F.

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   Thanks for stopping by at my big Angel-Fire site!!!    .................    Be sure to check back often.   ..........   Drop me a line and tell me what you think!!    ...............................  >> 

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For 3-4 fours years now,  The National Chess Federation of FRANCE  has said that this is one of the finest chess web sites on the web. This is an honor ... that very few web sites have received!  (My thanks - and I hope you like this site.)  

 A nice banner. It was so cool I had to keep it. (A left-over from my first fairly crude pages that I published on Angel-Fire.)  (h-p_banner.gif, 19KB)

 Welcome to my Web site! 

This is just a baby,  (Well, this WAS true when I first wrote those words, but maybe 
not true today!)
;  but this is going to be my chess page(s) on AngelFire. 

 I have other chess pages (web sites) out there on the web, but I want every one ... 
 to be different and unique!! 
I have an unbelievable 50MB of storage space. 
(Angel-Fire has arbitrarily  {unfairly}  reduced this to 20 MB now.)
 (There is no telling what I can do with that!!!) 

  {I first penned the above words in like late 1999.}  

 I promise to bring you all the best in chess. 

  Stay tuned. It will be fun to watch these pages grow.  

I need your help!!  I have many bills that are directly connected to my many Internet sites. (ISP services, software needed to create the pages that you seem to like, phone bills, a monthly bill for my main web site, etc.) Would you consider sending a donation? I suggest 25-35 dollars a year. But even if you could only send a few dollars in an envelope, it would mean a great deal to me. 

(Another thing I could do with more money? Make this a paid site and get rid of the annoying pop-up ads!!) 
 Make this a better siteMake a donationSend something today!  

I also want to say   THANK-YOU   very much to all the people who have sent contributions!!!! 

A.J. Goldsby I   (E-mail me at "") 
P.O. Box  11718;  Pensacola, FL  32524

  Important Messages  

Feb. 16th, 2003:  After several straight computer crashes, I am finally back on line. (Apparently Windows '98 died on me. I had to upgrade to Windows XP.) Many of you sent me material, questions, ideas for new web pages, puzzles, great GM games, endgames, etc. Thanks to the computer crashes, much of this information is ... GONE!!  If you would like to re-send it, I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I will not be able to retrieve this information. I really need your help here - many of you sent some nice stuff. 

March, 2005: Part of this site had to be dumped. I reloaded a lot of stuff, however this has thrown off many of the page counters. If you have visited a page before, and noticed it had a lot of hits, and now you visit the same page, and the counter is at a very low number, this is the reason why.  

The end of July, 2005: This {index} page receives a badly needed overhaul, a ton of old stuff was simply deleted. 

 May, 2013:  I don't add much new stuff to this site anymore, as ... A.) It is almost full.  (and)  B.) I have my two domains. (First domain. Second domain.) 

 Things of special note on this web site: 

  •    The World's Greatest and Best Annotated (Internet) Chess Game!  [see it]  

  •    Many of my own games, very heavily annotated. 

  •    Some of the best "Non-GM" games ever played. 

  •    "Thematic Games." 

  •    Up-coming Local Events of note. 

 (See my site map for more details.) 

  (Building a web page can be very frustrating!) 

  Click  HERE  to see my latest effort.  

  (This will change every time I post a new web page.)   

 If you would like to contact me, click  here

I would especially appreciate it if you would visit my other chess pages. Then  you  tell me what you would like to see here!! 


Free Web Counter
Free Web Counter


 (In approximately May of 2005, the old counter failed. {And I think that it had more than 15,000 hits.} On July 16th, it was replaced with a new counter.)  
  June 20th, 2012: Apparently another counter stopped working ... it had over a quarter of a million hits on it ... it was replaced with the one above. 


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This page was last updated on 06/20/15. 

 I am actively seeking private and/or corporate sponsors for my web-sites. 
   I have  (I think)  some of the best chess content on the web.  
 I hope you would at least consider supporting this effort in any way possible. 


 Send support and donations to:  

  A.J. Goldsby I 
P.O. Box  11718
Pensacola, FL  32524 

U.S. Dollars only!

 Or send me an  e-mail  and tell me what you think. 

 (The main counter on this page has gone down several times, so this is here as a back-up.) 

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 Nothing on these web pages may be copied, reproduced, or re-transmitted in any form 
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