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  Click HERE to go see some really cool chess cartoons and graphics!  (Maybe put some on your own web-site!!)

 Click  HERE  if you want to purchase a chess book ... or other chess stuff. 
  (Tell them where you found this link.) 


 Two of the greatest chess players knock heads in maybe the greatest chess match of all time!   (fisch-spass_cart.gif, 27 KB)

(Thanks to Randall Lane for a scan of this classic Fischer-Spassky cartoon!) 
Click HERE to go to the web-site (Cowderoy Graphics); where I got this cool cartoon.
  (I was in High School when this match was played ... it was one of the most exciting times  
of my life. Maybe for the first time, chess was front page news.)  

 Here I plan on having a web page devoted to some of my best chess games. 
 They will be thoroughly annotated. And they won't be available anywhere else. 


 (Until more games are published here, perhaps you should 
go to my Geo-Cities chess web site,  and check out my 
game  Stephen Muhammed - A.J. Goldsby I.


  Click  HERE  -  to see maybe my   BEST EVER  

  (I sacrifice more pieces here in one game ... )  


 Click  HERE  to see my game, 
  Moshe Khatena - A.J. Goldsby I 


 Click  HERE  to see my  BRILLIANCY PRIZE 
 winner against  Rick Aeria


Click  HERE  to see my great game  vs.   Leo Denton 
  from the 1997 Alabama State Championship. 


 Click  HERE  to see how I stack up against a GM


 Click  HERE  to see one of my best combinations ever. 
Davidson - Goldsby;  U.S. Open, 1990.


 Click  HERE  to see me stomp  Fritz 8.0 


   (Go to my Geo-Cities  web-site  by clicking on the link,  
 then navigate to my  "Annotated Games"  page.) 

(I also have many of my own games on other web 
sites. Click HERE to see one.) 

My annotations of all of  GM Larry
Christiansen's  games from the 2002
U.S. Championships in Seattle, WA.

  Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby I  

  Copyright (c) A.J. Goldsby, 1993 - 2008.  

  Copyright    A.J. Goldsby, 2010.  All rights reserved.  

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