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My Favorite Sites

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  Click HERE to go see some really cool chess cartoons and graphics!  (Maybe put some on your own web-site!!)

 Click  HERE  if you want to purchase a chess book ... or other chess stuff. 
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Here is a short list of my favorite sites on the World Wide Web. 

 (Click  HERE  to go to my preferred chess distributor.) 

  • The Microsoft Network - The place to go for Windows, software and lots of other stuff. Tons of patches and upgrades for MS software. There is not any S/W that isn't covered here. The mother of all sites. 

  • Yahoo! - Do you Yahoo? Most everyone does. Get free e-mail for life and much, much more! (You can also play chess here.) 

  • The U.S. Chess Federation website. - An absolute must on your Internet  shopping list for good chess sites. Rated #1 as satisfying the chess search desires (Up to 99%) of the average web-surfer. (Click HERE to purchase chess books and supplies.) 

  • [Other U.S. Chess Federation's sites and services.]
    (Click  here  to find out about how to receive the USCF's monthly magazine, Chess Life. Click  here  to read the articles in Chess Life that are available on-line. Click  HERE  to find out what USCF-rated tournaments are being played in your area. Click here to go to the USCF's new 'on-line' playing service called "U.S. Chess Live."  {Its FREE if you are already a member of USCF.} And click HERE to go to the U.S. Chess Federation's USCL "Event Calendar." 

  • U.S. Chess Live!  -  The new on-line chess-playing service for people who want to play live opponents! If you are already a member of the U.S. Chess Federation, its free!! 

  •   The OFFICIAL  CHESSBASE  Web Site!   -  This is the official website 
    for ChessBase and its many products. It is also home of: some of the best 
    chess news anywhere on the Internet; dozens of outstanding chess links; 
    and one of the BIGGEST and BEST FREE on-line chess databases!!! 
    Suffice it to say that I think this is one of the best chess web-sites on 
    the Internet!!!!!!

  • The Internet Chess Club - The busiest chess club on the Internet. 
    Also one of the most popular. But you have to pay for your fun.  :( 

  • The "Human Internet" - ( Another good place to go. 
    Free e-mail, practically anything you like to do or any hobby is covered 
    here. You can join for free, and then play chess on-line! (Its affiliated 
    with the "pogo" games network.) Their  "Chess Page"  is one of the 
    finest on the 'Net. 

  • The Chess Cafe - A very good place to go to get chess info and goodies. Al Lawrence, writing in the April, 2001 issue of 'Chess Life,' called this one, "A Feast of chess on the Internet!" More writings, games, netzines, book reviews, etc. You can't go wrong with this one!

  •  The "GM Chess" Web Site - A very good site to play and kick around. 
     Lots to see and do. Games to download and netzines to read. This is 
     also a COMMERCIAL site, i.e. you have to pay for a lot of their services. 
     BUT ...  there is enough free stuff here to recommend their inclusion. 

  •  GM Robert Byrne's chess column's on-line.  Read his column 
     on-line, visit the archives, or download the games.

  •  THE ... Bobby Fischer web site  -  A site that is totally and 
     completely dedicated to the great one. All you ever wanted to know 
     about Bobby. Cross-tables and links to all of Fischer's most 
     important events. Links to all of his articles and interviews. 
     Replay and download his games. All this and more! Check it out!!!   

  • A COMPLETE LIST  of all the winners of the U.S. Championships.

  •  A.J.'s "Cool Sites" Page - (From my Yahoo/GeoCities web-site.) My 
     list of  chess connections and hyperlinks to the best chess web pages 
     on the Internet. I am 1000% sure you will find something here that is to 
     your liking!! Check it out & enjoy!
     (This page was recently {in April 2001} completely re-done!!)

    (More new sites coming your way.) 

  • A.J.'s Geo-Cities Chess Web-Site - Check out my very cool website for chess. Right now, this is my biggest website, but that can change quickly. Maybe one day this one will be just as good or better. Or maybe just a whole lot different.  

  • A.J.'s Domain - My domain ... much here to see and do, its 99% chess.  

  •   A.J.'s Geo-Cities [Computer] website. - A web-site devoted completely to computers,  
      web-page building & stuff like that. This web page(s) are the result of my being a Computer 
      Consultant in my local area. 
      (I have held dozens of computer-related jobs, including being the Sales Manager for 
       3 different, local computer companies.) On this page I hope to offer dozens of 
       computer tips, including tips on web-page building, all the silly problems I have had   
       to solve building my web pages, what programs I use in building my web pages, 
      (& tips on using these programs, like MS Paint); Front-Page tips, how to build a web   
       page and know NOTHING about HTML!!, and lots more.  

  •   A.J.'s "Chess Down-loads" web site - A good little place to check out, there is now  (Dec. 2001), LOTS of stuff to see and do! Initially created to hold all of my Downloads, I have added a great deal of material to this web site. This site is also now (2003) home to literally hundreds of annotated games. 

  •   A.J.'s "Games4" Home Page  -  A newer site. It was initially created when I thought I had corrupted this one beyond repair, but then I decided,  (after I had repaired this directory); to make it the home of my  END-GAME SCHOOL!!!!  (It also has my page dedicated to PAUL MORPHY!) 

  •   The Human Home Page.  A site created in October of 2002. 
    There is a TON of stuff to see and do now. ALL the games from the Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz Match are here ... and they are DEEPLY ANNOTATED.  You must check this one out. (Soon, I plan to have ALL the games of the matches between Garry Kasparov and DEEP BLUE here... and they will be annotated as well.) 

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