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Thematic Games

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 This is a page that will continue my teaching efforts on (& off) the Internet. 
(I first had this idea back in July of 2001. I did not create this web page until February, 2002.)

  Pawns tend to gather in clumps ....... (them-gms_1.jpg, 03 KB)
"Pawn Clusters ..."

I have seen many games over the years. Sometimes just ONE GAME ...
more than any other vehicle, exemplifies a certain idea. These particular
games are absolutely the  BEST  vehicles to express these ideas. This page
will bring you those games ... or the links to those games, if I have already
annotated them. An outstanding idea, 11 games are here!! 

  1. Inept development.  -  What is the price of Black mixing ideas in the opening?
    What happens when Black  fails  to develop his pieces QUICKLY and
    EFFICIENTLY ... and  with a plan? When he violates most (or all) of the precepts
    of correct opening play? A THOROUGHLY annotated game, for your enjoyment.

  2. White gets attacked, right out of the opening.  -  How does White play seemingly 
    good moves, yet fall under a HUGE attack, right out of the opening? The answers 
    will help you to become a better player!! Another DEEPLY annotated game! 

  3. Mixing ideas, preventing your opponent from developing.  -  How do you 
    PREVENT your opponent from developing? What are the penalties for MIXING 
    (different) IDEAS? Another thoroughly annotated game for your enjoyment. 
     (Click  HERE  to see this game in a js-replay format.)  

  4. The HIGH PRICE of wasting tempo's. -  Actually this game teaches MANY things. 
    What is the cost of WASTING too much time in the opening? What is the best way 
    to REFUTE a gambit? What is the effect of an IN-BETWEEN move? (zwisch) 
    Would you like to know what the BEST lines are for Black in the Evan's Gambit? 
    ALL of these questions are answered in this game. This is a VERY thoroughly 
    annotated game for your enjoyment. With a small opening survey, too! 

  5. White attacks the Black King.  -  What is the best and quickest way to attack Black's
    King? What are some of the VERY common THEMES and IDEAS that lead to a 
    quick attack on the Black King? A very entertaining attack in the French Defense. 
    (A good game to study to sharpen your tactics. Also a very good game to illustrate 

  6. White attacks Black's King on the Kingside. Three  VERY good games.  ALL ... 
    feature the VELIMIROVIC ATTACK of the Sozin Variation of the  Sicilian  Defense
    BOTH, (all 3 actually); feature castling on opposite sides of the board ---> followed 
    by an all-out attack by White.  All  3 (!!)  games feature some of the most awesome 
    and really stunning chess moves ever played on a chess-board. (!!!!!) 
    For the game,  Ostapenko - Yartsev;  U.S.S.R, 1969 ... click  HERE.  
    For the game,  J. Szmetan - G. Garcia-Gonzalez;  Malaga, 1976 ...  click  HERE
    For the game,  GM D. Velimirovic - GM I. Csom;  IBM Open, Amsterdam, 1974; ...
    you must click  HERE

  7. White attacks Black's King in a double - QP opening - What is the correct 
    method for attacking the King, when both sides castle on the King-side ... 
    especially in a double-Queen's Pawn opening?  A perfect model game by the 
    former U.S. Champion!!! A game that also stands up VERY well to computer-
    assisted analysis. (This game is NOT what you think!!) 

  8. Black attacks WHITE's KING in the King's Indian Defense!   -  Perhaps the 
    BEST game I have ever found for showing the correct method and ideas ... 
    and to illustrate the common themes in the K.I.D. A thoroughly annotated game 
    for your entertainment, education and enjoyment. A GREAT game, too!! 
      (It is here, a forgotten masterpiece by ... BOBBY FISCHER!!!)  

  9. White attacks Black in the Pirc Defense.   -   One of the best games for showing 
    good attacking methods ... how does White attack Black's King in the Pirc or 
    Hyper-Modern Defenses? What are the more common attacking ideas for 
    White to attack the Black King, when both sides have castled on the K-side? 
    All of the above, and how does White attack Black's King, when the Black King 
    has a 'fianchettoed' Bishop? Another DEEPLY annotated game for you to enjoy! 
      (It is finally here!)  ANOTHER great game by  BOBBY FISCHER!!   

  10. White, "castles into it."   - Can you castle too soon? Can you castle into an attack? 
    (The answer is yes. See # 5, above) A great game, by the great Botvinnik. He was 
    beaten horribly in a particular line by Mikenas. (I think.) Keres repeats the same line, 
    looking (maybe) for an easy and quick win. Botvinnik instead wins a 'quickie.'
    FILE  AGAINST YOUR OWN KING!!!!   (It's here!)    
    (This is one of my oldest - and most popular - "face-to-face" lessons.)  

  11. A combination based on a weak back rank and a passed pawn.
    I sent out a survey and this game won - as the best combination/most amazing 
    move of the whole group. A great lesson on tactics!! 

  12.  Rook - and - Pawn endings  - What are the MOST common ideas on a Rook and 
     Pawn ending? What is the value of an open file in a R+P ending? Why is a Rook 
     so effective on the 7th Rank in a R+P endgame? What is the value of an active King 
     in a R+P ending? See one of THE MOST HEAVILY and CAREFULLY ANNOTATED 
     (1-page) games on the Internet!! Great instruction. This is also, in my opinion, THE 
     BEST R+P END-GAME EVER PLAYED. Good stuff here. You must check it out!

  13. Defense  -  Can good defense win a chess game? What do you do when your 
    opponent starts attacking your King ... AND NEVER EVEN CASTLES? How do you 
    play such a position? See a good win vs. a strong IM from the ICC / Dos Hermanos 
    tournament. This is also a very efficient ending. Check it out!!  

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