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Annotated Games


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Good Annotated Games

These could be anything from slightly annotated games ...
 to very deeply annotated games. And they will be ONLY on this web site. 

If you would like to see more  annotated games,  go to my  "Thematic Games" Page
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  1. NM Alexander Shashin  -  GM Vicktor Korchnoi
    Leningrad (City) Championships,  Leningrad/RUS;  1973. 

  2. NM Gregorio Idigoras - GM Oscar Panno
    Mar del Plata, ARG;  1955. (Added June, 2003.) 

  3. GM J.R. Capablanca - GM A. Alekhine;
    World Championship Match, Game # 11. Buenos Aries, ARG; 1927.

  4. GM Larry Evans - GM Arthur Bisguiser
    U.S. Championship (This game is in js-replay format.)
    New York, NY (USA) 1959

  5. Two ... almost unknown players from Russia ... (both are Masters) ... 
     play one of the most brilliant games of the whole of the decade of the 1960's!
      Ostapenko - Yartsev; USSR, 1969.
    One of the most deeply annotated games you will find on the Internet. 

  6. Jorge Szmetan - Guillermo Garcia-Gonzales
    Malaga, 1976. A brilliant Sicilian ... one of the most amazing sacrifices! 

  7. GM Robert J. ("Bobby") Fischer - GM Pal Benko 
    U.S.A. Championship (Tournament);  New York, NY; USA
    One of the most brilliant and shocking games ever played... 
    this 'quickie' is scored over a player who was easily in the World's 'Top 100!!!'
    Even more shocking was Bobby won EVERY GAME HE PLAYED in this event!!

  8. A great game played by two players who would BOTH play for the W.C.S. ... 
     GM Vicktor Korchnoi (2680) - GM Robert J. Fischer (2750)
     World Blitz Championships;Herceg Novi, (YUG) 1970.

  9. A fascinating game from a fairly recent event. (November 21st, 2004.)  
    IM Jay Bonin (2300) - GM Gata Kamsky (2675);  
    123rd New York Masters Tournament. / New York, NY / USA;  2004. 
    White crushes a higher-rated player in a Grunfeld Defence.  (Check it out!) 

  10. GM S. Ganguly - GM Gata Kamsky33rd World Open / Philadelphia, PA (USA) 2005. 
    He's baaaaack! And he's taking no prisoner's, either.  ---> An interesting and tough contest.  

  11. (Next?!?)  ---> A new game goes here. 

This is  NOT  all of the annotated games that are available on this site ... 
 but just a small sampling. (So surf around and see what you can find!!) 

   Interesting games from my other websites.   

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