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  This is a page dedicated to upcoming local events in this area. You  MUST  be a member of your respective state organization AND have your event listed in  CHESS LIFE  to be listed here.    I will also list unrated and/or regional events ... as I see fit.     I retain the right to refuse or ignore an event.  If you announce an event here, and fail to hold it ... or fail to rate a USCF-sanctioned event; you will be refused any further listings on this page. 

DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way officially involved with most of the organizations that stage these events, and I have no legal control over any of the events listed here.  I bear no responsibility for the short-comings of any event, or the failure of any tournament announced here. This is done as a public service. (An example of a failure is for an organizer to fail to pay out prize funds ... as advertised.)  

Click HERE to see news and announcements of events for Mobile, AL.  

Click HERE  to see the results of any chess event (for Pensacola) that was listed on this page.  


Meeting times for the  PENSACOLA CHESS CLUB:  

The P.C.C. meets at the "Books-A-Million" on (#6235) North Davis Highway. (Near University Mall.) 

Thursdays - We usually start around 6:00 PM. (And we are often there until closing, which is 10 or 11 PM.) 
Sundays - The meetings usually start at 2:00 PM in the afternoon ... and we are there until the last person leaves ... which is usually around 9:00 PM.) 

  Upcoming Events:  

  • We plan on having many events in the coming year, please watch this page for more details.  






The tournament site for many of our {previous} events events was:  
The Baptist Hospital
[Their website, directions from Google, MapQuest.]  
1000 W. Moreno Street; Pensacola, FL 32501  (434-4011) 

Contact:  A.J. Goldsby I; (TD)  P.O. Box 11718 , Pensacola , FL / 32524  (E-mail me.)  

Phone: (850) 477-6753 

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