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Mortal Quest Rules     Main Rules
Sea & Settlements     Encounter Tables
Wilderness Terrains    Encounter Tables
Dungeons    Encounter Tables
Rare Terrains    Encounter Tables
Japan Variant    Encounter Tables + Card Lists
China Variant    Encounter Tables + Card Lists


-The party will occasionally acquire Mounts.  
-These synergize with the Rider Trait: A Hero with Rider+X will 
Get Fight+X, Strong+X, and Swift+X if he is mounted. 
-All Land type Mounts can only travel in Wilderness except for Mountains 
And Swamps. They cannot be used in Sky or Dungeons. When entering 
Terrain impassable to Mounts they are simply set free. 
-When in Settlements they will be Stabled and can be Retrieved. 
-At Sea they can be stored on Ships, but if the Ship sinks, they will be Lost. 
-When Mounted and having a Climbing Encounter, you must Backtrack. 
-Riding Horses: Also give an extra Swiftness+1.
-Warhorses: Also give an extra Fight+1. 
-Donkeys, Mules, Draft Horses: No extra Bonuses.
-Unicorns: Extra Swiftness+1 and Fight+1
-Centaurs: Extra Fight+2 

Every time you go to sea it is assumed you have acquired passage on a Ship. 
When Adventuring underwater, it is assumed you have found a magical 
Means of breathing underwater. There is also a 50% you have wrangled Sea Mounts.  

1D6	Sea Mount:		Notes:
1	Hippocampus		Extra Swiftness+1
2	Giant Sea Horses	No Extra Bonus
3	Manta Rays 		Extra Swiftness+2
4	Giant Crabs		Extra Fight +1
5	Were Sharks		Extra Fight +2
6	Giant Eels		Extra Swiftness+1 and Fight+1 

Every time you get the Air Travel or Sky Shard Terrains it is assumed you have 
Secured a mode of Flying Transportation. It is also assumed you lose it once 
The Terrain is resolved. 

1D10	Type:			Notes: 
1	Pegasi			Extra Swiftness+2
2	Hippogryphs		Extra Swiftness+1 and Fight+1
3 	Gryphons		Extra Fight+2
4	Flying Machine		Big Artificer Relic: Helicopter
5	Flying Ship		With Crew Ally (Fight Range Swift)
6	Magic Carpet		Big Enough for All. Extra Swiftness +2
7	Flying Discs		Dark Elf Relics. Extra Swiftness +1
8	Luck Dragon		Gain Luck before every Encounter
9	Personal Clouds		Divine Origin. Extra Swiftness+1
10	Flying Chariot		Pulled by Horses. Extra Swiftness +2
11	Giant Eagles		Carried. Uncomfortable. Allies (Fight+2)
12	Gliders			Some Skill Required
13	Ornithopter		Big Technomancer Relic: Flapping Wings
14	Enchanted Sled		Pulled by Reindeer. Extra Swiftness +3
15	Hot Air Balloon		Slow. Goblin Origin
16	Fairy Dust		Fey Magic
17	Broomsticks		Relics. Witchcraft. Extra Swiftness +2
18	Zeppelin		With Crew Ally (Fight Range Swift)
19	Tame Roc		On the Back of. Ally (Fight+2) 
20	Pterodactyls		Surprisingly Docile. Extra Swiftness +1


1D20	Quest
1	Defeat Brigands: Journey then Track XX then (Men 3/+8/+9) Range+3
2	Deliver Message: Journey then Swift XX then Climb XX
3	Rescue Children: Journey then Stealth XX then Fight Witch (Mage 2/+6/+8) 
4	Defeat Rebels: Journey then Track XX then (Men 4/+12/+10) Range+4
5	Damsel in Distress. Journey then Stealth XX then Fight Dragon (Fire 5/+15/+9) Fast
6	Subdue Madman: Journey then Track XX then (Man 2/+5/+6) 
7	Capture Escaped Prisoner: Journey then Track XX DM -2 then (Man 2/+7/+9)
8	Escort Pilgrims: Journey then Defend from Bandits (Men 3/+8/+8) Range+3
9	Find Traitor: Journey then Wits XX then Defeat Random Castle Defender
10	Avenge Noble Murder. Journey then Track XX then Fight Knave (Man 2/+7/+10)
11	Free Prisoner: Journey then Climb XX then Fight Guards (Men 3/+6/+6) 
12	Heal Holy Man: Journey then Swift XX then Lore XX then Heal XX
13	Seek Questing Beast: Journey then Swift XX then Track XX
14	Save Baby from Fey: Journey then Track XX then Wits XX DM -2
15	Deliver Holy Relic: Journey then Swift XX 
16	Escort Official: Journey then Defend from Assassin (Man 2/+7/+11)
17	Find Escaped Animal: Journey then Track XX then Strength XX
18	Return Stolen Gold: Journey then Track XX then Fight Thief (Man 2/+6/+10)
19	Return Stolen Relic: Journey then Track XX then Fight Wizard (Mage 2/+5/+7)
20	Escort Merchants: Journey then Defend from Raiders (Men 4/+10/+8) Range+3

Determine a Random Basic Wilderness. (Roll 1D10 on the Wilderness Terrain Table)
Next turn resolve 1D6 Encounters in that Wilderness, then you may complete the Quest. 
If you fail any of the Quest Challenges or Combats you can attempt the same 
Quest again on the following turn. 

Before embarking on the Quest roll 2 times on the Quest Provisions Table and 
Add 1 to your roll each time.
Upon completion of the Quest roll 3 times on the Quest Provisions Table.

1D6	Reward:
1	2D6 Gold or Recruit
2	One Random Relic
3	Blessed or Medicinals
4	Well Equipped or Adventure Gear
5	Resupply or Mounted 
6	Gain Luck or Extra Ammo
7	Info or Recruit


1D20	Event:
1	Lost: Backtrack
2	Poor Weather: Delay
3	Fool’s Gold: Lose all your Gold
4	Hunger: Starve
5	Drink: Thirst
6	Lost Provisions: Lose all your Food
7	Answered Prayer: Blessed
8	Good Omen: Morale Boost
9	Confusion: Separated
10	Talk to Locals: Info
11	Fate Smiles Upon You: Gain Luck
12	Safe Place: Rest
13	Find Provisions: Resupply
14	Mishap: Accident
15	Pick Up a Penny: Gain 1 Gold
16	Patrol: Wits XX: Imprisoned or (Men 4/+10/+8)
17	Roll on Stranger Event Table (Reroll if in Dungeon) 
18	Roll on Hero Hunter Table
19+	Roll on Rare Event Table

1D10	Event:
1	Wise Man: Ally (Lore Wits Detect)
2	Fellow Traveler: Recruit
3	Goodly Mage: Magic Source
4	Hag: Cursed
5	Peddler: Cost 1 Gold: Medicinal, Well Equipped, or Adventure Gear
6	Guide for Hire: Cost 1 Gold: Guide
7	Sellswords: Cost 2 Gold: Ally (Fight Armor Strong)
8	Sage: Info
9	Fortune Teller: Change Fate
10	Dwarf Smith: Cost 3 Gold: Relic

1D10	Foe:
1	Invisible Stalker (Spirit 3/+10/+8) Ambusher
2	Hell Hounds (Demon Beasts 3/+13/+10) Fast
3	Doppelganger: Death then (Shapeshifter 3/+8/+12) Ambusher
4	Ninjas (Men 4/+12/+10) Range +4 Ambusher
5	Succubus Detect XX: Death or (Demon 3/+9/+15) Ambusher
6	Grim Reaper: Swift XX DM -2: Death
7	Assassin: Detect XX: Death or (Man 2/+11/+9) Ambusher
8	Trickster: Detect XX: Discard 1 Relic
9	Bounty Hunters (Men 4/+12/+10) Fast Range+4 Ambushers
10	Terminator (Animated Regenerating 6/+14/+9) Metallic Range+4

1D20	Event:
1	Astral Conjunction: Magic Source
2	Prophesy: Quest 
3	Gathering: Favor Foe
4	Magic Vortex: Nullify
5	Found Object: Relic
6	Called Home: Lose 1 Random Hero
7	Pestilence: Disease
8	Breakage: Discard 1 Relic
9	Devil with Contract: Gain +2 to all tests next turn then Death
10	Benevolent Demigod: Gain Relic or Quest or Recruit or Blessed
11	Evil Darkness: Favor Foe
12	Fates Intervene: Change Fate
13	Ragnarok Approaches: Backtrack
14	Planeswalker: Guide
15	Divine Protection: Blessed
16+	Tracked Down: Roll on Hero Hunter Table

-The Devil at the end of next turn permanently Kills one Random Hero. 


-After finishing up on Otherworldly Warlocks RPG, I wasn’t really done with it. 
Deep down I wanted to turn it into a Board Game. I got to reuse the 
Encounter Tables and lots of the Ideas. I had two other main outside 
Influences in the Design of this game. The first is an old TSR Gem called 
“Knights of Camelot” One of my favorite designs ever. The other is 
“Talisman” in all its Glory. I was only familiar with the original, so I had to 
Research all the amazing Fourth Edition Expansion Material. It is indeed Epic. 
-I will sum up the main differences between Mortal Quest and Talisman: 
1. Character Focus: You control a party of Six, not just One Hero. 
2. Deck Reduction: Only 3 Decks. Tokens and Encounter Tables substitute. 
3. Victory Condition: Defeat Major Foe only but there are over thirty of them.
4. Expansions: Every Encounter Table is effectively an expansion in MQ.
5. Combat: MQ is more complicated, but should be more satisfying.
6. Movement: Extremely Frustrating in Talisman, not so in MQ.
7. Challenges in MQ: Introduces a rudimentary Skill System.
8. Hero Stats change in Talisman, whereas the Heroes change in MQ.
9. Player Interaction: Admittedly more in Talisman, Opponents roll for Foes in MQ. 
10. Randomness: Arguably things feel less so in MQ. A little more coherent.  
11. Turn Length: Much Longer in MQ. As long as 15 Minutes if clearing a Dungeon. 

-The Decision to separate Japan and China as variants was mostly for aesthetic 
reasons. Also they each have their own extensive Hero and Relic Decks which the 
player would have to make, otherwise it is the same ruleset. The Japan and China 
Encounter Tables are still accessible from the Rare Encounter Table. If you do 
have the Decks made up then you can recruit from them while playing the regular game. 
-The Regular game aesthetically is a Mix of Sword and Sorcery, High Fantasy, 
Arthurian Legend, with a smattering of Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Gothic, 
Ancient History, Arabian Adventures, and Steampunk. It seems to work ok, but 
I thought adding Japan and China might dilute everything too much. 



-Fly: This Hero can Fly. This gives an automatic bonus of Climb+3
For design purposes Flying counts as 3 Trait slots. 
-Sky: A Terrain Bonus like Aquatic. It applies only to aerial Terrains such as
found in the Air Travel and Sky Shard Encounter Tables. 
-Followers: Similar to Allies except they are renewed at the beginning of every 
turn. Like Allies they provide 3 Traits and can soak up a casualty.
As Casualties, Allies do not contribute their Trait bonuses.  
For design purposes Followers counts as 3 Trait slots. 
-Alchemy: Gain 1 Gold every turn
-Potions: Gain 1 Relic Potion every turn
-Salves: Gain 1 Med Token every turn
-Flasks: Gain 1 Ammon Token every turn
-Fire: Draw 1 Fire Spell every Turn
-Air: Draw 1 Air Spell every Turn
-Water: Draw 1 Water Spell every Turn
-Earth: Draw 1 Earth Spell every Turn
-Spirit: Draw 1 Spirit Spell every Turn
-Sight: Draw 1 Sight Spell every Turn
-Mind: Draw 1 Mind Spell every Turn
-Death: Draw 1 Death Spell every Turn
-Call: Draw 1 Call Spell every Turn
-Transform: Draw 1 Transform Spell every Turn
-Holy: Draw 1 Holy Bless every Turn
-Estate: Gain 1 Gold every Turn

Hero:			Traits:
Aeronaut		Sky+2 Fight Lore Swift+2 Range+2 Detect Mech
Sky Pirate		Sky Fight+2 Steal Stealth Swift Range+2 Detect Mech
Hawkman Adventurer	Fly Sky+2 Fight+2 Swift Range Detect
Captain of the Guards	Guard Followers (Armor Fight Strong) Armor+2 Fight+2 Tactics+2 Tough
Beast Master		Beast Followers (Detect Swift Fight) Fight+2 Strong+2 Swift Tough Wild
Fey Warden		Fey Followers (Wild Mage Stealth) Mage Range Fight Swift Stealth+2 Lore 
Shaman			Spirit Followers (Lore Detect Zap) Mage Priest Lore+2 Detect Music Spirit 
Alchemist		Mage Alchemy Potions Salves Flasks Lore+2 Detect Heal Wits 
Aeromancer		Mage Air Fly Zap Lore Sky Swift Detect
Hydromancer		Mage Water Zap+2 Lore Swift Aquatic Detect Heal
Geomancer		Mage Earth Zap+2 Lore Strong Under Detect Armor Tough
Pyromancer		Mage Fire Zap+3 Lore Tough+2 Swift Detect
Seer			Mage Sight Lore+2 Detect+3 Wits Foresee+2
Mentalist		Mind+2 Zap+2 Detect+2 Wits Foresee Strong Tough
Macabre			Mage Death Zap+2 Foresee Wits Lore Settlement Detect Tough
Summoner		Mage+2 Zap Call Tactics Lore Wits Detect Strong Tough
Enchanter  		Mage+2 Zap Transform Lore Wits Detect Foresee Stealth Music
Templar			Holy Fight+2 Armor+2 Rider Tough Estate Strong Charge


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