Chinese Version of Mortal Quest. 
Instead of rolling on the Random Terrain Table 5 Times, Players 
just use the China Encounter Table (Rare type Table). 
Use the regular Spell Deck. 
Note that the Trait Charge here is replaced by the term Kai. 
Also the trait Settlement is replaced by the term Honor. 
The Terrain based Traits of Wild, Honor, Under, and Aquatic when 
applicable are noted by [---]

1D70	Encounter:
1	Giant Buddha Statue: Priest XX: Gain Luck [W]
2	River Dragon (6/+16/+9) Scales Fast [A]
3	Confucian Sage: Lore XX: Info [H]
4	Disguised Demon (3/+9/+11) Ambusher [W]
5	Play Go Master: Wits XX DM -3: Progress [H]
6	Jade Warriors (4/+10/+6) Armored and Stone [U]
7	Luck Dragon: Magic XX: Gain Luck [W]
8	Flaming Mountain: Pathfinder XX: Backtrack [W]
9	White Bone Demon (Undead 4/+14/+7) [W]
10	Disaster: Climb XX: Delay [W]
11	Yellow Wind Demon (Air 3/+10/+9) Fast [W]
12	Celestial Bureaucracy: Lore XX: Delay [H]
13	Black Bear Demon (Beast 4/+12/+8) [W]
14	Procession of the Jade Emperor: Backtrack
15	Flesh Eating Demons (Fire 5/+15/+8) [W]
16	River of Quicksand: Strength XX: Death [A]
17	Goblins (Men 4/+7/+8) Range+3 [W]
18	Predicament: Strong XX: Separated [W]
19	Ogre Magi (Giant Mage 5/+13/+8) [W]
20	Flight of the Dragon King: Favor Foes
21	Animal Spirits: Music XX: Blessed [W]
22	Impassable River: Lore XX: Backtrack [A]
23	Seductive Spider Spirits: Detect XX: Death 
24	Kingdom of Women: Music XX: Delay
25	Evil Magician (Mage 2/+4/+6) Zap+3 [H]
26	Calamity: Priest XX: Demoralized [H]
27	Carp Demon (Aquatic 3/+8/+8) Scales [A]
28	Hidden Monastery: Detect XX: Healed [W]
29	Green Lion Demon (Beast 4/+11/+10) [W]
30	Visited by the Goddess of Mercy: Healed 
31	Scorpion Demon (Poison 3/+10/+8) Shell [W]
32	Zen Disciples on Pilgrimage: Music XX: Blessed [W]
33	Dream Demon: Wits XX: Death [H]
34	Cloud Travel: Music XX: Progress [W]
35	Nine Headed Bird Demon (Beast 7/+15/+7) [W] 
36	Tricked by the Monkey King: Wits XX: Lose 1 Relic [W]
37	Rebels (4/+8/+9) Ambushers [H]
38	Guardian Foo Dogs (4/+14/+9) Fast Stone Indifferent [H]
39	Barbarians (4/+10/+8) Ranged+4 Fast [W]
40	Captured: Stealth XX: Delayed [H]
41	Bamboo Forest: Pathfinding XX: Lost [W]
42	Hopping Zombies (Regenerating Undead 3/+5/+6) Slow [H]
43	Humble Village: Pay 1 Gold: Resupply 
44	Water Ghost (Spirit 3/+9/+8) [A]
45	Thriving Town: Pay 2 Gold: Resupply and Mounted 
46	Headless Ghost (Spirit 3/+7/+7) Ambusher [H]
47	Fortress: Lore XX: Recruit or Quest [H]
48	Panda Warrior: Give Food: Ally (Fight Kai Strong) 
49	Major City: Pay 3 Gold: Medicinals and Well Equipped [H]
50	Celestial Tiger (Spirit Beast Mage 7/+17/+10) Fast [W]
51	Aided by Goddess: Music XX: Blessed [W]
52	Triad Thugs (Men 4/+7/+8) Tactics [H]
53	Return Traitor: Track XX: (Man 2/+5/+7): Reward [W]
54	Sun Ravens: Track XX: Guide [W]
55	Evil Dojo: Master & Disciples (Men 6/+16/+8) [H]
56	Moon Hares: Give Food: Gain Luck
57	Quirky Miniboss Squad (Men 7/+17/+9) Kai+4 [H]
58	Martial Artist: Recruit Hero with Fight
59	Bronze Body Warrior (Man 8/+18/+8) Metallic [H]
60	Old Master: Recruit Hero with Mage
61	Evil Eunuch Magistrate and Henchmen (4/+9/+7) [H]
62	Tree Demon (Plant Mage 6/14/+8) Armored [W]
63	Hopping Vampire (Undead 4/+8/+8) [H]
64	Holy Man: Recruit Hero with Priest
65	Werecat (Shapeshifter 3/+10/+10) Ambusher Fast [W]
66	Fung Fu Mummies (Regenerating Undead 5/+13/+8) Fast Kai [U]
67	Mountain Dragon (Mage 8/+17/+8) Scales Fast Breath+3 [U]
68	Witchy Woman (Mage 3/+5/+8) Zap+3: Cursed [W]
69	Corrupt General and Soldiers (Men 6/+15/+7) Range+4 [W]
70	Evil Bat Queen (Mage 3/+6/+9)[W]

There is only one Major Foe: 
Yama King (Demon Mage 9/+21/+11) Zap+4 [U] 

Hero:			Traits
Kung Fu Master		Fight+3 Swift+2 Climb Tough Lore Wits Kai
Drunken Master		Fight+3 Swift+2 Tough+2 Kai Stealth Strong
Shaolin Monk		Fight+2 Strong+2 Swift+2 Climb Tough Lore Kai
General			Fight+2 Strong Honor Tactics+2 Rider Lore Wits Kai
Admiral			Fight+2 Aquatic Honor Tactics+2 Lore Wits
Imperial Agent		Fight+2 Honor Wits+2 Lore+2 Music Detect Rider
Horse Warrior		Fight+2 Rider+2 Armor Swift Wild Tough Heal Music
Sword Master		Fight+4 Rider Swift+2 Strong Kai Honor
One-Armed Swordsman	Fight+3 Honor Kai Heal Tough Lore Wits Strong
Wuxia Swordsman		Fight+2 Armor Swift Strong Kai Stealth Tactics Rider Tough
Warlord			Fight+2 Strong+2 Armor+2 Tactics+2 Kai Rider
Legendary Archer	Range+4 Strong Fight Detect Climb Foresee Swift
Rebel Folk Hero		Fight+2 Stealth Climb Tactics Lore Swift Heal Kai Wits
Wizard Sage		Mage+3 Honor Foresee+2 Lore+3 Wits
Wu-Jen			Mage+2 Zap+3 Foresee Lore+2 Wits Swift
Sorcerer		Mage+3 Zap+2 Foresee Lore+2 Strong Tough 
Spirit Medium		Mage+2 Heal Music Detect+3 Foresee Honor Wits
Seer			Mage Foresee+4 Wits Lore Music Detect+2
Gu Witch		Mage+2 Foresee Poison Lore Wits Detect Heal Stealth Kai
Physician		Mage Heal+3 Detect Rider Honor Wits Lore Swift
Shaman			Priest+2 Mage Heal+2 Wild Foresee Stealth Detect Music
Confucian Priest	Priest+2 Honor Lore+2 (Slay Undead) Wits+2 Music Heal 
Buddhist Monk		Priest+3 Honor Lore+2 Wits Music Heal Detect
Daoist Monk		Priest Mage Honor Lore Wits+3 Music Heal Detect 
Cult Master		Priest+2 Mage Lore+2 Foresee Music Wits Detect Honor
Warrior Monk		Priest Fight+2 Climb Strong Swift Kai Stealth Detect Tough
Spiritual Warrior	Priest Fight+2 Foresee Kai Heal Wits Tough Strong Swift  
Demon Hunter		Priest Mage Fight+2 (Slay Demon) Wits Rider Detect Swift Tough
Exorcist		Priest Fight (Slay Spirit) Foresee Detect+2 Lore+2 Rider Wits 
Acrobat			Swift+3 Climb+2 Detect Rider Range Fight Music

Relic:			Notes:
Spirit Fusion Pot	Once per Turn Create Ally: (Animated Fight+4)
Cauldron 		Get +1 to all Spell Rolls	
Heavenly Book		Priest+1
I Ching			Mage+1
Oracle Bones		Foresee+1		
Great Seal		Honor+1
Ancient Script		Discard to draw 3 Magic Cards: Keep 1
Herb of Immortality	Discard to Revive Hero killed this Turn
Coin Sword		Fight+1 Armor+1
Spirit Sword		Fight+2 (Slay Spirits)
Jade Sword		Fight+2 Swift+1
Phoenix Sword		(Fire) Fight+2 Tough+2		
Wish Jewel		Discard for Wish Spell
Auspicious Pearl	Aquatic+1
Luminous Gemstone	Discard for Light Spell
Crescent Blade		Fight+2 Kai+1
Bronze Vessel		Get +1 to a Blessing Rolls
Healing Elixir		Discard for Heal+4
Flying Guillotine	Fight+1 (Slay Men)
Blood Sword		Fight+3
Heavens Sword		Fight+2 Honor+1
Secret Scroll		Discard to draw 3 Magic Cards: Keep 1 Spell
Kung Fu Manual		Get Fight+5 vs Major Foe
Sacred Scroll		Discard to draw 3 Magic Cards: Keep 1 Blessing
Celestial Sword		Fight+2 Strong+3


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