Japanese Version of Mortal Quest. 
Instead of rolling on the Random Terrain Table 5 Times, Players 
just use the Japan Encounter Table (Rare type Table). 
Note that the Trait Charge here is replaced by the term Kai. 
Also the trait Settlement is replaced by the term Honor. 
Use the regular Spell Deck. 
The Terrain based Traits of Wild, Honor, Under, and Aquatic when 
applicable are noted by [---]

1D60	Encounter:
1	Shinto Temple: Blessed
2	Avoid Bandits: Pathfinding XX: (Men 4/+6/+8) Ambushers [W]
3	Dojo: Wooden Sword Contest: Fight XX: Prize [H]
4	White Ape Men (Beasts 4/+9/+8) [W]
5	Shrine: Lore XX: Blessed [H]
6	Tengu Bird Men (Mage 4/+14/+9): Relic Sword [W]
7	Tea Ceremony: Lore XX: Delay [H]
8	Savage Buso Ghouls (Undead 3/+10/+6) [H]
9	Bull Headed Crab Sea Devil (Composite 4/+9/+7) Armored [A]
10	Typhoon Dragon: Climb XX: Blast [A]
11	Yo Kai Nature Spirits: Music XX: Gain Luck [W]
12	Mercenary Ronin: Pay 3 Gold: Ally (Fight Kai Armor)
13	Dog Headed Demon (Mage 4/+10/+8) [W]
14	Peasants: Music XX: Resupply [H]
15	Big Mouthed Mountain Hag: Wits XX: Cursed [W]
16	Geisha Assassin: Detect XX: Death [H]
17	Lucky Cat: Music XX: Gain Luck [H]
18	Yakuza Enforcers: Give All Gold or (Men 4/+8/+8)[H]
19	River Sprite: Music XX: Drink + Guide [A]
20	Kappa Turtle Men (3/+9/+7) Shell Ambushers [A]
21	Flying Scroll: Lore XX: Progress [H]
22	Blue Skinned Oni Demon (5/+14/+7) [W]
23	Little Nue (Composite 2/+3/+8) [W]
24	Kitsune Fox Woman: Wits XX: Death [W]
25	Big Man: Wits XX: Ally (Fight Strong Armor) [H]
26	Ninja Assassins (3/+11/+9) Ambushers [H]
27	Long Necked Vampire Demoness (3/+10/+5) [H]
28	Samurai Warriors: Wits XX: (4/+13/+8) Range+4 Armored [H]
29	Snow Woman: Music XX: Freeze [W]
30	Wicked Gaki Spirits: Give Food or (Spirit 3/+9/+7)[H]
31	Giant Snake (Beast Poison 4/+12/+6) [W]
32	Dragon Turtle (8/+16/+5) Armored and Shell Indifferent [A]
33	Onryo Ghost: Quest
34	Earthquake Beetle: Swift XX: Blast [W]
35	Vengeful Yurei Ghost Woman (Spirit 3/+11/+9) [H]
36	Necromancer (Undead Mage 4/+12/+7) [W] Treasure
37	Giant Nekomata Cat (Beast Mage 5/+13/+11) [U] Treasure Relic
38	Hideous Giant Skeleton (Spirit 6/+16/+7) [W]
39	Rice Paddies: Nothing
40	Giant Spider Princess (Poison Mage 7/+17/+13) [W] Treasure
41	Small Village: Pay 1 Gold: Resupply
42	Large Village: Pay 2 Gold: Well Equipped or Mounted
43	Famine: Tough XX: Starve [W]
44	Ghost Town: Pay 1 Gold: Medicinals or Resupply
45	Prosperous Town: Pay 2 Gold: Adventure Gear or Relic Potion
46	Major City: Pay 3 Gold: Mounted or Recruit
47	Castle: Wits XX: Healed or Well Equipped [H]
48	Countryside: Survival XX: Starve [H]
49	Time of War: Favor Foes
50	Battlefield: Detect XX: Well Equipped + Loot [W]
51	Wako Pirates (Men 3/+8/+8) [A]
52	Mountain: Climb XX: Backtrack [W]
53	Maiden Spirit: Music XX: (Spirit 3/+9/+6) [H] 
54	Master Swordsmith: Pay 3 Gold: Relic Sword
55	Kue Demon Ghost (4/+11/+7)  [W]
56	Merchant: Pay 2 Gold: Mounted or Medicinals
57	Wanderer: Wits XX: Recruit [H]
58	Sage: Lore XX: Info [H]
59	Challenged to Duel: Fight XX DM -1: Casualty [H]  
60	Raging River: Strong XX: Separated [A]

There is only one Major Foe: 
Infernal Monarch (Demon Mage 10/+20/+10) Zap+5 [U] 

Hero: 			Traits: 
Sword Samurai		Fight+2 Armor+2 Range Strong Kai Rider Martyr Honor 
Lance Samurai		Fight+2 Armor+2 Range Kai Rider+2 Martyr Honor 
Bow Samurai		Fight+2 Armor+2 Range+2 Kai Rider Martyr Honor 
Tetsubo Samurai		Fight+2 Armor+2 Strong+2 Kai Rider Martyr Honor 
Ninja Assassin		Fight+2 Stealth+3 (Slay Men) Swift Range Climb Tactics
Ninja Warrior		Fight+2 Stealth+2 Armor Swift Range Climb Tactics Kai
Jutsu Ninja		Mage+2 Fight+2 Swift Climb Tactics Range Stealth+2
Zen Kai Warrior		Fight+3 Zap+2 Swift Kai+2 Strong Tough
Masterless Ronin	Fight+2 Armor Range Strong Stealth Wild Kai Rider Swift
Bushi Soldier		Fight+2 Armor Tough+2 Range Detect Stealth Rider Tactics
Ashigaru Gunner		Range+3 Fight Armor Tough Stealth Tactics Climb Swift
Tattooed Man		Fight+2 Mage Zap Kai Detect Wits Swift Stealth
Fire Shugenja		Mage+2 Zap+4 Lore+2 Wits Foresee
Earth Shugenja		Mage+2 Zap+3 Lore+2 Wits Foresee Armor
Air Shugenja		Mage+2 Zap+3 Lore+2 Wits Foresee Swift
Water Shugenja		Mage+2 Zap+3 Lore+2 Wits Foresee Stealth
Void Shugenja		Mage+3 Zap+3 Lore+2 Wits Foresee
Naga Warrior		Fight+2 Armor+2 Range+2 Swift+2 Strong Tough
Geisha 			Fight Heal+2 (Slay Men) Stealth+2 Music Lore Wits Detect
Magistrate		Lore+3 Wits+3 Music Detect Stealth Honor 
Sword Master		Fight+3 Swift+2 Kai Tactics Strong Stealth Dual Wield
Tactician		Fight Tactics+3 Foresee+2 Detect+3 Rider
Yojimbo			Range+4 Fight Rider Stealth Climb Swift Wild
Scout			Stealth+2 Fight Range Rider Wild Swift+2 Detect Climb
Courtier		Stealth+2 Honor Music+2 Heal Detect Wits+2 Lore
Shinto Priest		Priest+3 Honor Music Lore+2 Heal Wits Foresee
Warrior Priest		Priest+2 Fight+2 Armor Heal+2 Lore Wits Music
Mystic Monk		Priest+2 Mage+1 Lore Heal Music Honor Wits Foresee Detect
Monk Warrior 		Priest+1 Fight+2 Strong Swift+2 Tough Climb Stealth Tough
Yakuza Enforcer		Fight+2 Strong+2 Stealth Swift Honor Detect Tough Wits
Sumo Warrior		Fight+2 Strong+3 Tough+2 Swift Honor Kai
Wako Pirate		Fight+2 AquaticClimb Swift Detect Stealth+2 Tough Dual Wield

Relic:				Notes:
Emperors Seal			Honor +2
Daikyu (Great Bow)		Range +2
Fine Wakizashi  		Fight +1
Fine Katana			Fight +2
Crystal Katana			Fight +1 Swift +1
Jade Katana			Fight +2 Strong +1 
Imperial Katana			Fight +2 Honor +1
Serpent Shurikens		Range +5 Poison (Single Use)
Magic War Fan			Fight +1 Armor +1
Magic Kabuto (Helmet)		Armor +1 Tactics +1
Fine Armor			Armor +1
Imperial Armor			Armor +2 Honor +1
Dragon Scale Armor		Armor +2 Fight +1
Jade Armor			Armor +2 Strong +1
War Banner			Tactics +1
Magic Gong			Music +1 Priest +1
Magic Bell			Music +1 Mage +1


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